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22nd Sep 2020 23:02 BST
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Dublin West's Bridge Club for Beginners and Masters Alike!


Michael Downes

Welcome to Roselawn Bridge Club

Concern has been raised by the CBAI about phone usage and various partner consultations during BBO sessions. Any result gained because of this will not improve your game and is only fool's gold , as they say. So, please stick to an honest result and be compliant with the rules of our game. Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation, Brendan.


The League commences on Sunday November 22nd. If any member wishes to organise a team at the various levels please contact Brendan. All levels can participate from Novice to Master. 


It appears that there will be no physical bridge be for an unknown period.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays @7.30 pm and also on Saturdays @1.00 pm Roselawn Bridge Club will be running it’s own Virtual Bridge online on BBO.   The T.D will be Brendan Doyle.

We hope to have 2 competitions – Masters A1;s.    A2’s,  B’s and novices numbers permitting.

The cost will be BBO $3.

If you wish to play in the these competitions please send your name and user name (from BBO registration) to Brendan mobile 0858701023 or email

For those who have not joined BBO log onto (or just type BBO into Google) and register you will also need to buy BBO$,

Instructions to play:-

  1. Log on to BBO your partner must log on at the same time
  2. Click on “all competitions”
  3. Click on “All Tournaments”
  4. Look for BAI club – Roselawn. 

Click on above and put in your partner’s username and send invite, when partner accepts your name will appear on players list.

I look forward to seeing you all ASAP in this new adventure . Brendan.



Just so you all know, we have registered the club with BBO to facilitate online bridge nights for our club members. 

In order to do this you must be a member of what we call "BBO" which stands for "Bridge Base Online" 

This is a website that is free to join. You must log on and create an account. Then send me the username you have used for the registration. 

Although it is free to create an account, in order to play as a club there is small fee associated I will provide more details on this at a later date as it is a work in progress. 

All of those interested need to be registered on 

Text me personally the username of the account you created in BBO. Keep the name as simple as possible as it's easier to remember ☺️ 

For now this is the only way to play club bridge and remain socially distant and safe! 

Thank you all, 

Brendan & Dylan

More Champions

Where will it end? Brendan with Rosaleen O'Loughlin and Marion O'Hanlon receiving their top ten All-Ireland prize from Siobhán. Great tournament for Roselawn Bridge Club.

More Champions
Roselawn Bridge Club Charity Night
Roselawn Bridge Club Charity Night

Roselawn Bridge Club hosted a very successful charity night for the autism support group "JUMP". We would like to sincerely thank all who supported this worthy cause. The picture above shows Brendan presenting a cheque for €800 to "JUMP" representative Emma who conveyed the great delight of her organisation for this wonderful gesture.  

The Champion 2019
The Champion 2019

Brendan presents the cup to 2019 Champion Michael McCartney. Just when things looked hopeless he pulled off a daring finesse on the very last board, that only a Derry man would attempt. This successful move ensured victory for a true champion. Well done Michael. 

Need a Partner?

Need a Partner?

It is not necessary to have a partner provided you arrive by 7:00pm we will gladly help match you with someone.  However if you arrive after  7:10pm we cannot guarantee you a partner. You may also call or text Brendan at 0858701023 the day beforehand if you are aware you will be without a partner.



Bridge is an absorbing card game that will make the long winter nights pass very quickly. RBC (Roselawn Bridge Club) will cater mainly for Beginner, Novice and B level players. However, all are most welcome and mixed level partnerships will be a unique feature! Further information is available in the "Information" tab on the left bar menu. So if you are free any Wed. night pop along to St Francis Xavier Senior Primary School. Click here for map. You will be made very welcome. Remember, we all have to start as beginners in any activity. Lessons can also be organised. It's never too late. Existing members should inform their friends about our new club. Ring Brendan on  0858701023 for further information.

Our Mission Statement
Our Mission Statement
We want this club to be an introduction, without fear, to the fascinating game of Bridge. Discussion, advice from "experienced" players etc. will be encouraged in a convivial athmosphere. The game can appear to be daunting at first but the objective of this club is to dispel these perceptions  and help people to continue a pastime that will be enjoyed all their lives.
Roselawn Club Championship 2018
Roselawn Club Championship 2018

The West was definetly awake when Peig Horkan snatched the Roselawn Club Championship for 2018. There was rejoicing all over Mayo at the news and this is taken as an omen that the Dubs will be put firmly in their place next September. Well done Peig. She is pictured above accepting her trophy from the debonair Brendan Doyle. The event was celebrated at the Mulberry Restaurant and the members enjoyed the food, the gaiety and the ambience of this great occasion. Entertainment was provided by the evergreen Billy Breen. Thank to all who helped in the organisation. More photos can be viewed by clicking here or in the Photo Archive. Click on the three vertical dots for slideshow.

Club Championship Dinner 2017
Club Championship Dinner 2017

A wonderful night was had by all at the Mulberry. Congratulations to the winner of our inaugaral Club Championship, Marian O'Hanlon! Great music was provided by the wonderful Billy Breen and the hootin' nannies! Marian is pictured above receiving the trophy from host Brendan (Who proved unusually difficult to airbrush). The other photos can be viewed and slidshowed in the Photo Archive in the left bar menu.


Grades for each night BBO


BBO Competition Results Detail.

For  detailed information in  Results, click on % beside your name. 


 Click "Movie" to view hands and bidding on the night ("Next" to replay )  & you can click on "Traveller" as well.


26th September 2020
Online BBO
Director: Brendan Doyle
28th September 2020
Online BBO
Director: Brendan Doyle
30th September 2020
St. Francis Xavier Primary School 7:15pm
Director: Brendan Doyle
2nd October 2020
St. Francis Xavier Primary School 7:00pm
Director: Brendan Doyle
BBO Friday
Director: Dylan Doyle
BBO Wednesday: Masters & A1's
Director: Dylan Doyle
BBO Wednesday: Novice, B's and A2's
Director: Dylan Doyle
BBO Monday
Director: Dylan Doyle