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Season 2020/21
Welcome to Risborough & District Bridge Club
Re-opening of Risborough Club


 Risborough & District Bridge Club expects to re-open for face-to-face bridge on 5th October. It is planned to restart pairs sessions at the Community Centre (Brushwood Room) on Tuesdays from 5th October. The BBO pairs session will continue on Mondays (at 1.30 pm)  from the 4th October. On the second and fourth Wednesday evenings in each month  there will be a multiple team event. On the alternate Wenesdays we expect to stage an invitational  BBO team match as at present. Members have been invited to a Zoom meeting at 7.15 pm on 21st September 2021.

Attendees at face-to-face events wil be expected to be doubly vaccinated against Covid and not to be displaying any symptoms of the virus. 


Last updated : 19th Sep 2021 20:08 BST
Virtual Club for Risborough

The Risborough on-line bridge club for playing duplicate pairs  will continue as noted above while there is sufficient support.

 If you are interested and have not yet told me please contact me as soon as possible:

 ( - mobile 0787 668 4442) in order that I can enter your BBO user name  on the list of players authorised  to play (an essential security measure).

Last updated : 11th Sep 2021 12:10 BST
Competitions 2021

The annual competition for the Handicap Pairs was won by Hugh Guilford & Andrew Horton with a net score of (65.97 - 5.67) i.e 60.3%. Runners-up were Hugh Neill & Margie Hamley with a net score of 55.5%.

The session for the various pairs trophies was held on 20th July 2021. The Mixed Pairs was won by Margie Hamley and Hugh Neill (68.06%) and the Ladies Pairs by Marilla Speller & Barbara Oates (57.64%). The Mens' Pairs was a walkover for Andrew Horton & Hugh Guilford (60.42%).

The Open Pairs competitiion was won by Hugh Neill & Margie Hamley.

The final of the Teams Trophy was won by Judy Greenstein, Sheila Smith, Barbara Oates & Sue Mercer

The Geoff Roman (Slams) Trophy was won by Hugh Guilford

Last updated : 5th Sep 2021 12:55 BST
Annual Club Competitions 2020

The annual competition for the Handicap Pairs  held on Tuesday 18th August 2020 was won by Nick & Heather Green with a net score of 61.72% (59.72 + 2). Runners-up were Judy Greenstein & Jean Halward (net 60.42 - 1 = 59.42%). Handicaps were based on players' moving averages over their last five club events. 

The Teams Trophy was won by Andrew Horton, Peter Daly, Janet Joynson & Stephen Lowry, defeating Margie Hamley, Tony Hoare, Marion Baker & Stephen Shiu

The annual competitions for  the Ladies Pairs,  the Mixed Pairs and the Mens'Pairs  were held as one combined Internet  session on Tuesday 25th August.  Congratulatons to Alison Wilkinson & Marilla Speller for winning the Ladies' Pairs (58.89%) and to Inger Bunting & Philip Derbyshire (overall winners with 64.44%) for winning the Mixed Pairs. The Mens' Pairs were a walkover for Peter Daly & Andrew Horton (second overall with 60%).

The Handicap Trophy was won by Linda & George Burnett (net 57.42%). Runners-up were Barbara Oates & Peter Daly (net 53.37%)

The Wednesday ladder and the Geoff Roman (slams) Trophy were awarded to Hugh Guilford. The Open Pairs competion was unfinished.and no award was made.



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21st September 2021
Internet Pairs
1.30 pm
22nd September 2021
Internet Team Match
6.45 pm
28th September 2021
Internet Pairs
1.30 pm
Internet Team Match
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Internet Pairs
Internet Team Match
Scorer: bbo
Internet Pairs