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The  BCL site  now fully in operational.  BCL have indicated that they will extend all member's paid play periods by one month in view of the problems caused by the fire.  

Welcome to Ridgeway Bridge Club
Committe Update and Virtual F2F Bridge on BCL
The AGM, as you are no doubt aware,  was postponed and is now scheduled for a date in November 2021 by which time, hopefully, things will be back to normal.

Behind the scenes your Committee has been involved in a number of initiatives to keep our bridge club alive as below:

  1. Setting up arrangements on Bridge Club Live(BCL) so that there is a Ridgeway special session on Monday evenings commencing at 7pm but with a sign on between 6.45 to 7pm. There is a host pair each week so if you and a partner come you are guaranteed a game
  2. Continuation of try bridge for beginners albeit being run in virtual mode.
  3. Dealing with new member applications and registrations .
  4. Constantly updating our Club information on the Bridgewebs site.
  5. Submitting BCL scores to Bridgewebs and the EBU.

We would love to see more members playing at our virtual club - full details of how to join are below.  Many of our members play in the Social Bridge room which is for any day in the week. There are also rooms for more serious players and a coaching room.

With best wishes and stay safe,Yvette and the Committee


The main forms of membership are full membership and social membership. Full membership is costs more than social membership but still works out cheaper than  the club sessions at Cookhill and Feckenham. To play in the Monday virtual bridge sessions you need to be a full member and be on the Ridgeway members list for that session. If members do not want to play on the Monday BCL virtual session then they can play in the Social Bridge room at any time and many of our members who play online do enjoy playing in this room. You do not have to have a partner to play in this room as you can request to play with someone. There is also an MPS room where you can play either in the MPS section, where you can either go and sit at a table with another pair, as in the social bridge room and play as many boards as you want, or alternatively you can look for a table which needs another pair and sit down and play with strangers.  Alternatively, in the MPS Room you can enter the DIDO Tourney (which is a daily competition)  where you play sets of four boards against different opposition (the computer sorts the opposition for you).  You can play as many boards (up to 96) as you want each day in the MPS room.    You have to be a full member of BCL to play in this room. There is also a coaching room.


Enjoy your bridge and if you want help to join us on a Monday evening, please contact a committee member.

Ridgeway Bridge Club Monday evening sessions

You must be logged into BCL and have Ridgeway set as your club
To set RBC as your club, Log in to BCL then “click” here and follow the instructions on the page.
You need to be seated by the latest at 1855 to be certain you will play

  • The movements are automatic, you only need to press ‘ready’ when prompted. Sometimes the movement will take some time (minutes!), you may be waiting for another table to finish or for the computer to work some magic.
  • Be aware of the chat box bottom right of screen. This is where those overseeing can communicate with you!! (You can also communicate with your table. **Be aware- the WHOLE table can see your conversation**.)
  • If you are on before 1845 you will need to press ‘refresh’ at the top of the page after 1845 when the room opens.

How to access the online Face to Face Bridge Club
Fast Arrival to Bridge Club  

 Step 1 - Press button below

Monday - ROOM OPENS: 18:45 UK Local Time

  Play Bridge    

Seating Time: 15 minutes, Boards: 18
Room Name: RIGWAY 1-C-3

Step 2 - Screen saying Enter your F2F Clubroom – press enter

Step 3 - Says “Welcome” – press on the room which says Rigway 1-C-3

You will be in the Ridgeway Virtual Bridge Club!


  1. Sit down with your partner at a table – you will be on a table just with your partner – don’t worry- when the evening begins the server will automatically seat you on a table with another pair.
  2. Submit your SSD to your partner and partner confirms SSD
  3. Sit tight and wait for our evening to begin.  At 1900 or soon after (can be a few minutes as server sorts out movement and moves people) you will be moved automatically to a table with others on it.
  4. Once this has happened you can press ready and your evening’s bridge will start!

Enjoy the Bridge

Important Information


Membership Subscriptions - Thank you very much to all members who have already paid their subscriptions.  If you wrote a cheque for your subscription it is possible that it will be a little while before it is paid in due to the current restrictions on movement, but we will be banking the cheques in due course and your membership will be continuous.  For those who have not yet paid their subscription, then due to the unforseen circumstances we will be waiving the late payment of  £5.00 if your renewal is not completed by the 7th April, however you can send a cheque to our membership secretary, Sandy Cruickshank at the address on the top of your letter. Alternatively you can pay when bridge resumes.   
We are aware that those who have already paid will have paid their subscription expecting to be able to play bridge and with the Club being forced to close due to Covid-19 this is not possible, therefore when the current serious situation and lockdown comes to an end, and we are able to restart normal bridge club activity, the Committee will consider extending the period of membership for this year to reflect the closure.  
Please take all measures you can to stay well, and I look forward to seeing you at bridge in I hope, the not too distant future.  In the meantime perhaps we will meet on line!
With many thanks for your continued support,
Yvette, Duncan, Ann, David, Joan, Mike, Molly and Sandy





Club Venues

We are a friendly club with 3 duplicate sessions a week.

Visitors are welcome and may attend up to 6 sessions each year before being required to submit a membership application.

Monday evening and Wednesday afternoon sessions are usually 5 - 9 tables.

Our Thursday morning session is much smaller and offers a slightly more gentle experience with only about 3 - 5 tables.  Usually only 20 boards are played at this session so it is very relaxed whilst still competitive.  This is an ideal session for the bridge player wanting to try out duplicate bridge. 

Monday and Wednesday sessions are held at Cookhill Village Hall, whilst Thursday is held at Feckenham Village Hall. Refreshments are included within the table money which is £3 and £4 for visitors

We will be holding  a Ridgeway trophy  competition each year

There is a Host Rota provided for Mondays and Wednesdays but not Thursdays, Bank Holidays or Competition Nights 

Cookhill Village Hall has a large private car park and there is an adjacent free  car park at  Feckenham Village Hall

We are affiliated to the EBU( English Bridge Union)  and the WCBA( Worcestershire Contract Bridge Association)

Please see our information pages for more details and who to contact if you would like to know more.

We look forward to seeing you!

Telephone David or Joan on 01527 452556 if you would like further information.

Note See Directions and map on left hand margin under information  for Cookhill Village hall

Feckenham Village  Hall is situated in the High Street. Post code B96 6HN. and the car park is adjacent


Cookhill Village Hall External
Cookhill Village Hall External
Cookhll Village Hall Internal
Cookhll Village Hall Internal
Mon 10th May 2021
BCL Virtual session 6.45pm -7pm
BCL Virtual session 6.45pm -7pm
Scorer: Bridge Club Live
BCL Virtual session 6.45pm -7pm
Scorer: Bridge Club Live