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Our Longest Day bridge games at the Bridge Center have completed, but you still have time to make donations using this link:  RBA THE LONGEST DAY - FIGHT FOR ALZHEIMERS

For those who play online through BBO, please support RBA by either playing in one of our games (Richmond) or through Southeast/Knox or SE Carolina. To find these games, click on Virtual Clubs, then ACBL North America. You’ll find Richmond or one of the two other clubs listed. You can also search for these games in the search area. RBA gets a portion of your entry fee! 

The popular new Friday night game will be the second Friday AND THE FOUTH FRIDAY OF EACH MONTH at 6:30 PM.   Wine and cheese provided by RBA.  Additional snacks are welcomed.  Come and join the festivities!  




Welcome to Richmond Bridge Association
RBA Novice, Intermediate and Open Games.

Richmond Bridge Assocation (RBA)

1911 Bishop Road, Richmond, VA 23230

Welcome to the Richmond Bridge Association where opportunities are presented for minds to be challenged, friends made and fun to be had!  Please click on our games link and join us for a game in Richmond at our dedicated bridge building or at one of our surrounding bridge clubs!  We welcome you to the wonderful game of bridge!  Open to everyone for novice, intermediate and open games.

New Friendly Bridge Classes
New Friendly Bridge Classes



Bridge Center Fresh Look


New flooring, a new ceiling, new ceiling lights, new wainscoting, new kitchen cabinets, new two-tone blue scheme, new lighting in the women's bathroom, new whiteboard and bulletin boards - everything is fresh, bright and clean!  The remodeled kitchen has a new large refrigerator offering a variety of drinks, ice and water.  Come check it out. 


Find a Partner

If you need help finding a partner for any game at the Bridge Center:

Contact Tom Billups (804-241-2349 or


Jill Cave (804-690-6433 or,

and we will do our best to find one for you.

If you would like to volunteer to play with someone, please call.

Members can request partners for specific days in the Member area.

Goodwill Contact
In Memoriam

Govind Narayan (Jan)
Robert Nelson (Feb)
Bob Glick (March)
Ethel Kutteroff  (May)
Tony Graziano  (June)


Liz Martin (Jan)
Mary Sue Baron (Feb)
Roger Harris (Mar)
Eve McCray (Apr)
Briant Cummens (Apr)
Dick Hagenlocker (Apr)
Neil Moran (May)
Carole Stevens (June)
Roger Koury (July)
Mavis Hetherington (July)
Bessie Roupas (Nov)
Barbara Allen (Nov)
Barbara Skeete (Dec)


Barbara Hoffmann (Jan)
Joan Wingfield (Jan)
Colette Jones (Jan)
Virginia Cash (Feb)
Pat Beebe (Mar)
Carol Leedes (Apr)
Martha Haselbush (June)
Reva Edwards (July)
Steve Sperry (Aug)
Pam Farrar (Nov)
Chip Robertson (Nov)
Elise Moore (Nov)

Prior Years In Memoriam.pdf