Saturday Supper
Director: Marietta Andree
Friday Gentle
Director: Annabel Burrows
Friday Afternoon
Director: Karen Milliner
Friday Evening
Director: Karen Milliner
Mini Swiss Pairs
Director: Richard Banbury
Wednesday Gentle
Director: Paul Hildersley
Weds PM Learning
Director: Margaret Page
Wednesday Evening
Director: Maxine Julius
Tuesday Learning Duplicate
Director: Simon Whiteside
Sat 15th Jun 2019
Director: Marietta
Host: No Host
Sun 16th Jun 2019
Sunday Coffee & Cakes
Director: Sally
Host: Esme Bailey
Mon 17th Jun 2019
Play & Learn (New Format)
Director: Margaret
Host: Sandy Hackett
Mon 17th Jun 2019
Monday Afternoon
Director: Steve
Host: Wanted
Mon 17th Jun 2019
Monday Evening
Director: Karen
Host: Wanted
Tue 18th Jun 2019
Learning Duplicate
Director: Simon
Host: Philip Ransley
Tue 18th Jun 2019
Tuesday Afternoon
Director: Sally
Host: Wanted
Tue 18th Jun 2019
Tuesday Gentle
Director: Maxine
Host: Anne East
Tue 18th Jun 2019
Tuesday Evening
Director: Joan
Host: Victor Lesk
Beginnersí Lesson Syllabus

The Beginner’s Syllabus is designed for those who wish to learn the game from scratch, with no prior knowledge assumed.  We closely follow the English Bridge Union recommended path to learning, starting with Minibridge. After 3 or 4 terms, students should be ready to join one of the Supervised Play sessions, and after 4 terms the Learning Duplicate sessions are available to those who are ready to start some (gently) competitive bridge.  The lesson schedule is shown below the cost is £160.00 per term and includes 2 free play vouchers to Attend Supervised Play


Beginners I

Term 1

Beginners II

Term 2

Beginners III

Term 3

Next Step

Term 4

1. Getting started with minibridge. 11. New suit responses and NT responses 21. Recap on bidding and play 31. 2NT openings and responses
2. Playing with trumps 12. Opener's rebid with a weak hand 22. Suit overcalls and responses 32. 2C openings and responses
3. Introducing declarer play 13. Opener's rebid with a strong hand 23.Take out doubles and responses 33. Slam bidding
4. Introducing defence 14. One-of-a-suit openings and NT rebids 24. 1NT overcalls and responses 34. Vunerabilty and 3-4 level Prempts 
5. Playing lesson 15. Revise opening bids & rebids 25. Practice session:  competitive auctions 35. Weak twos in 3 suits
6. Opening 1NT 16. Competition: 8 hands 26. 4-4-4-1 hands 36. Defence against pre-empts 
7. Responses to 1NT 17. Declarer play techniques 27. Stayman and responses 37. Recaps  pre-empts 
8. Playing lesson 18. Declarer play in NT 28. Defence - leads 38. Declarer Play Techniques
9. One-of-a-suit openings and limit raises 19. Declarer play with trumps 29. Defence- techniques 39. Defence Techniques
10. Playing lesson 20. Practice session: declarer play 30. Practice session:  defence 40. Defence to Opponents 1NT openings