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We have introduced a new feature on the website to enable you to find a partner. Instructions were sent out to all members and can also be found by clicking here. These instructions are also displayed on the notice board at the club.


The club is available for private matches day & most evenings. The cost includes a great tea and a set of boards. Please Email Manager@richmondbridgeclub for availability

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I am delighted to tell you that the EBU have announced that we are yet again the best attended affiliated club in the country for the 9th year in succession. (2011-2019). Please see the ..........

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Competition Winners
TROPHY 2019-2020 2018-2019 2017-2018 2016-2017 2015-2016 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013 2011-2012 2010-2011 2009-10 2008-09  2007-08 2006-07 2005-06 2004-05 2003-04 2002-03 2001-02
Championship Pairs Pat Bohan & Fionn O'Leary Elisabeth Bingham & Soheila Munro Judi Lawson & Alan Cordery Dan O'Farrell & Maureen Dennison Helen Beattie & Allan Knott Anthony Moon & Pat Bohan Christain Dahoui & Cuneyt Sazer Margaret Page & Simon Whiteside Margaret Page & Simon Whiteside Dan O'Farrell & John Clark Bob Rowlands & Ting To Judi Lawson & Douglas Watkinson Mike Davis & Tony Moon Andrew Bamford & Angela McCready Richard Harris & Cliff Lambe Richard & Sue Millard Cliff Lambe & Richard Harris Ting To & Bob Rowlands Anila Bahal & Marietta Andree
Haseldine Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Jim Shaw & Peter Sheriff Frank Lyness & Peter Mackey Alan Cordery & Leo Wang Ala Swietochowski & Lyn Poole Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Graham Cottey & Lesley Yound Frances Balmer & Harriet Enthoven Bob Shilling & Jim Shaw Lesley Young & Graham Cottey Frank Lyness Graham Cottey & Lesley Young Bob Shilling & Jim Shaw Frank Lyness & John Parker Graham Cottey & Lesley Young Graham Cottey & Lesley Young Graham Cottey & Lesley Young
Club Teams      Helen Beattie, Mike Scoltock   Bernard Themis, Angela McCready Marietta Andree, Janet Cahm, Bernard Themis, Angela McCready Ting To, Alison Browne Mike Scoltock, Barry Myers Mike Scoltock, Barry Myers Mike Scoltock, Barry Myers Simon Whiteside, Kegham Bedrossian Anila Bahal, Phyliss Robertson Marietta Andree & Tony Pigou Richard Millard & Sue Millard Kegham Bedrossian & Marietta Andree Richard Millard & Sue Millard Helen Beattie & Ken Craigie Anila Bahal & Marietta Andree
Championship     Brian Powell & Nick Wilkinson We will know in May Leo Wang & Dan O' Farrell Margaret Page & Simon Whiteside Ted Booth & Dan O' Farrell G & R Rangarajan Helen Beattie, Trish Gilham Helen Beattie, Trish Gilham Helen Beattie, Trish Gilham David Arundel, Andrew Bannock Simon Whiteside, Ian Robertson Ian Robertson & Simon Whiteside Angela Mccready & Scott Mitchell Tricia Gilham & Margaret Grinter Chris Loughton & Kegham Bedrossian Hedy Law & Keith Law Ting To & Desikan Rangarajan
Tuesday Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Kegham Bedrossian Cuneyt Sazer Kegham Bedrossian Kegham Bedrossian Kegham Bedrossian Tony Moon Kegham Bedrossian Tony Moon Tony Moon Kegham Bedrossian Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Richard Harris Richard Harris Kegham Bedrossian    
Wednesday Gentle Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Joy & Nirmal Dutta Marianne Tudor-Craig David Carhart Tony Wilson                          
Friday Gentle Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Ian Taylor Philip Shine Mark Simpson Caroline Jackson                          
Tuesday Gentle Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Trevor Toolan Marianne Tudor-Craig Trevor Toolan Diana Wilson                          
Friday Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Tony Pigou Marietta Andree Marietta Andree Marietta Andree Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Tony Moon Simon Whiteside Ting To Kegham Bedrossian Ting To Tony Pigou Anila Bahal
Naomi Sinclair Ladies Pairs Anne Smith & Margaret Grinter K.Milliner & L.Young  Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Margaret Page & Helen Beattie Maureen Dennison & Sue Millard Margaret James & Jen Morgan Theo Isaacs & Judi Lawson Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Margaret Page & Alison Gayfer Kay Colton & Diana Withers Green Angela McCready & Maureen Dennison Angela Mccready & Maureen Dennison Margaret Page & Alison Gayfer Catherine Franklin, Francine Archdall Tricia Gilham & Helen Beattie Lou Lou Van Geuns & Maria Wiehe Marietta Andree & Margaret Grinter Cheryl Ould & Sue Millard Margaret Owen & Lilian Tanner
Alexandrou Mens Pairs  P. Hardyment & M. Bricknell A. Ahmed & S. Smocyznsk  Patrick Bohan & Fionn O'Leary Christopher Bonser & Jon North Richard Millard & Steve White Phil Devon & Ting To Trevor Hamlyn & Allan Knott Peter Bennett & Pip Smith Kegham Bedrossian & Tony Pigou Tony Moon & Bernard Themis Tony Moon & Pat Bohan T. Moon & B. Themis Richard Millard & Steve White Tony Pigou & Tony Richards Alan & Andrew Bamford Richard Harris & Cliff Lambe Alan & Andrew Bamford H Tahta & Jim Duffy Ken Craigie & John Samuels
Evening Mixed Pairs Champions T Hamlyn & J Taylor M. Andree & P. Bohan Leo Wang & Theo Isaacs Margaret Page & Patrick Bohan Marietta Andree & Bernard Themis Pat Bohan & Margaret Janet Cahm & Corneliu Rimbolu Marietta Andree, Leo Wang Derek Russell & Liane Barr James Trisha Gilham & Tony Moon Alison Gayfer & Tony Pigou & Margaret Grinter John Samuels & Jenni George Alison Gayfer & Mike Davis Bernard Themis & Angela McCready Tony Pigou & Margaret James Tony Pigou & Beryl Van Djck Ges Cocking & Beryl Van Djck Keith & Hedy Law
Individual A Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019 Not Played 2018 Not Played 2017 Ros Nanayakkara E Hertzman Ala Swietochowski Bob James Bernard Themis Maeve Impey Voytek Dudzinski Lianne Barr-James John Troiano Anila Bahal John Oates Alain Meath-Evans Laura Talomoni Ruth Bullough Jeannette Hyland
Individual B Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019 Not Played 2018 Not Played 2017   David Ruch William Harmer                        
Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019 Joan  Ainsworth
Monday Afternoon Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Simon Whiteside Ted Booth Ted Booth Ted Booth Leo Wang                    
Tuesday Afternoon Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Steve Davies Bernard Themis Angela McCready Colette Ray Dhun Batavalie Dan O' Farrell Ted Booth Ted Booth                  
Thursday Afternoon Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Andrew Franklin Bernard Themis Bernard Themis Sally Young Lyn Poole Maxine Julius Ted Booth Ted Booth                  
Wednesday Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Liane Barr-James Philip Devon Fionn O'Leary Phil Devon Phil Devon Phil Devon Allan Pratt Pip Smitham                  
Friday Afternoon Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  John Samuels Bernard Themis Bernard Themis Ted Booth Dan O' farrell Angelo Martelli Leo Wang                    
Friday Afternoon Pairs Ladder Not Played 2020 Not Played 2019  Angela McCready & John Samuels Lew Gray & Steve Davies Cathryn Barley & Nina Ruiz Robin Smith & Fred Brown Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm                        
Ladies Afternoon Cup Soheila Munro & Zita Crewe Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Soheila Munro & Elizabeth Bingham Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Maxine Julius & Anila Bahal Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm Loretta Howard & Margaret Owen                    
Men’s Afternoon Cup Bjorn Tiler & Niall Igoe P.Breakell & D.Wing  Peter Breakell & David Wing Trevor Hamlyn & Allan Knott Bernard Themis & Andrew Franklin John Stimson & Ben Hackenbroch Bjorn Tiller & David McDougall Alan Bamford & Murray Steinberg Ted Booth & Leo Wang                    
Mixed Afternoon Cup Nick Emslie & Michel Glen M. Andree & B. Themis Clarke Pitts & Cathy Barley Mike Bell & Liz Stevens Mike Skelly & Liz Bingham Angela McCready & Bernard Themis Richard & Sue Millard Marietta Andree & Simon Whiteside Maxine Julius & David Arundel                    
Phil Lee Cup Pairs S Long & V Smith V. Double & M. Moon  Sally Durant & Janet Leffler Kirsty Platt & Mark Simpson Roger Wade & Penny Higgins Margaret Grinter & Frankie Harper Hugh Lindsay & Eric Littlejohns Tim May & Barbara Beaumont Liz Scott & Ala Swietochowski                    
Lucja Turner  Pairs Cup A. Freeman & A Payne                                                                           Diana Wilson & Nadine Born Joy Dutta & Nirmal Dutta Derek Facer & Alix Paine Sally Young & Mala Bamford David Charleston & Francine Carville Annette Collette & Kathy Cunliffe                      
S. Durkin & L. Barrs-James Annette Collette & Kathy Cunliffe        
  Nadine Born & Diana Wilson        
Phil Lee Team Cup   Steve Mai, Kirsty Platts,  Lew Gray & Annabel Burrows Barbara Beaumont, Christine Smith Kathy Silver, Mary-Ann St Clair Ford, Sue Dodson, Sue Norgate John Brooks, Colin Gardner, Annabel Burrows, Johnny Madsen Steve Davies, Lew Gray                    
  Simon Young, John Simon Jeremy Hart & Sheila White Christine Morgan, Allan Pratt Sarah Potts & Sarah Harris Roland Halliwell, Jeremy Hart Gwilym Jones, Alice Webster Danielle Gosselin, Sheila White Johnny Madsen, Melba Moon        
Lucja Turner Teams Cup   Sally Long & Vittoria Smith  Eva Bakala & Mala Bamford Inger Beattie Pownall & Peter Domini Margaret Gilroy-Smith, Wendy Akers, David Cahart Lynne Riguet John Brooks, Colin Gardner, Daney Parker, Graham Goodwin                      
J & J Woodhead, G Clendinnen & P Harrison                
  Joy Heron & Pam Hall Sarah Potts & Sarah Harris Catherine Rogers & Walter Jenkins Fionn O'Leary and Daney Parker Sandy Wiggan Mark Scott Gwilym Jones, Alice Webster Diana Wilson, Nadine Born  
Gentle Ladies Champions     Sue Chinn & Susanna Van Langenberg                              
Gentle Mens Champions     Alun Ryle & Ian Lecky                              
Gentle Mixed Pairs C. Rainbow & F Loughbridge I.Beaty-Powell & P.Dominey Susanna Van Langenberg & Mark Alcock                              
Westminster Cup P Breakell & J Osmond A.Bhandari & A.Chughtai Leo Wang & Alan Cordery Marietta Andree & Janet Cahm David Wing & Margaret Page Nadia Koch & Peter Breakell Lorna Vestey & Roland Gronau                      
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