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The EBU operates a National Grading Scheme which runs in tandem with the Master Points system. The NGS scheme now covers the last 2000 boards you have played resulting in a current assessment of your standard of play. The scheme is accessed from the EBU website under NGS & then clicking Nottinghamshire.

Click"Useful Links" for a short cut to the scheme


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Welcome to Retford Bridge Club
Welcome to the Website of Retford Bridge Club

Visitors & members are always welcome to our Club Nights on Tuesday evenings from Tuesday 7th Sep 2021 at Hallcroft Community Centre (6.55pm prompt start) with table fees currently £2 for members and visitors. Realbridge sessions on Wed pm (1.55 start) and Thursday pm ( 6.55pm) start.

Please note that the Club is temporarily closed for face-to-face play. However, a range of online Bridge opportunities is available and these are detailed further down this page.


Last updated : 16th Sep 2021 16:29 BST
Chris Fulton 1953-2021
Chris Fulton 1953-2021



Chris was an active member of Retford Bridge Club since 2008. Her bridge game developed quickly and she formed a formidable partnership with her husband and played to a high standard with other partners. Chris and Sandy were also successful co-hosts of bridge sessions on major cruises. The Club will be a duller place without her – not only because she was an engaging personality but also because she was an independent, forthright person who was sensitive, kind and supportive. Our hearts and thoughts are with Sandy and the family at this time for their loss.

Last updated : 14th Oct 2021 22:10 BST

The club remains closed for face-to-face bridge and several Realbridge sessions are hosted each week. However, there are a few members for whom playing online poses technical or accessibility issues of sufficient severity to prevent them from enjoying regular bridge similar to the convivial environment of the club. Although replacing the Tuesday Realbridge session with a face-to-face session at Hallcroft was unsuccessful, it has been decided to provide a facility at Hallcroft on Tuesdays at 7pm for those who would like to experience bridge in this way again. Unlike the two sessions run at the beginning of September, these "Tuesdays at Hallcroft" will be run in parallel and distinct from the Tuesday Realbridge.

The Tuesday Hallcroft sessions will run from 12 October and will continue for as long as there is demand, or until the club as a whole decides to resume official face-to-face bridge.

If you are interested in attending, please inform David Garside as far as possible in advance of the date so that he can arrange the appropriate facilities. The conditions for the "Tuesdays at Hallcroft" sessions will be as announced earlier for the September sessions.

Last updated : 9th Oct 2021 16:43 BST
Retford Bridge Club Annual Subscription

At the beginning of October, Retford Bridge Club invites club members to renew their membership, and payment of the annual membership fee is requested. Last year, with little prospect of playing Face to Face Bridge (F2FB), it was decided not to collect a membership fee, and to allow non-members to play on Realbridge as guests throughout the year.

Now, as we move towards a partial return to Face to Face Bridge, the Committee has decided to revert to its official policy on club membership—that is to say allowing guests to play up to three times in a year (October - September) as guests, and then asking them to enrol as club members and to pay the membership fee. The annual membership fee has been £20 for a number of years. This money can be gift-aided, which allows the club additional funds to support its ongoing costs, in particular with regard to F2FB.

However, given that a full return to F2FB is unlikely in the near future, the committee has decided to reduce the membership fee for 2021-2022 to £10. Table money for F2FB will remain £2 and the session fee for Realbridge will remain £1.50. It has been agreed to offer a 50% reduction on all fees for students U26.

We request that, where possible, membership fees are paid through bank transfer, referencing the payment with your surname plus 'Mem', for example: 'ABEL Mem'. Bank payment details are available on the website. Please contact Roger Stock by email ( if you wish to make a joint payment of table money and membership fee.

New members should contact Keith Abel ( to request a membership form, which may be returned electronically or in the post.

Keith would be grateful if any member who does not wish to renew their membership could inform him as soon as possible.

Last updated : 15th Sep 2021 09:36 BST
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REALBRIDGE - Tues at 6.55pm. Wed 2pm. Thurs 6.55pm.

Realbridge have advised for those of us who play on an iPad to use SAFARI as their browser. Google chrome may produce some strange results.

For Tuesday 6.55pm session, click below.


For Wednesday 1.55pm Session Click Below


For Thursday 6.55pm Session  Click Below


When you log in, enter first name and surname, ID is your EBU number (leave blank if you do not have an EBU number), ignore PW as it is embedded in link, and login.

You are then in the “lobby”. Click on a free seat, your partner can then join you.

Can only get to the lobby once Tournament Director has opened the session about 30 minutes before start.

See below for change in operation.

For Monday lesson click below, 


For Thursday lesoon click below,


Your first teaching session on RealBridge is FREE, subsequent sessions £5 payable to Sandy.

Initially will be supervised play.


New click and tap options for bidding and play
  • The former two-taps method has been removed and replaced with two different options for different devices.
  • Double-tap (tablet style) now emphasises the bid or card when selected with a single tap, as seen below. Tap the bid or card again to play. Tap elsewhere to cancel.

  • Double-click (mouse style) emphasises a bid or card when the cursor is moved over it. Two fast clicks are required to play a bid or card.
  • Any input style can be used on any device. For example, a desktop user can use tablet-style double-tap. The names are simply suggestions.



Last updated : 22nd Oct 2021 10:07 BST

The committee has decided to charge £1.50 per session which covers the cost of UMS (EBU fee), Realbridge and also other fees which the club has to pay for. This fee is in line with that charged by other clubs.

Ideally we would like members to pay in advance by bank transfer to the club's BUSINESS account, “The Retford Bridge Club”,code number 60-17-28, account number 06803946, and we suggest you pay in multiples of £1.50. NB note that the account has a The at the beginning.


By paying in advance you reduce the work for our treasurer who would otherwise have to invoice you at the end of each month. This is important so that Roger can trace who has paid. Alternatively, contact Roger Stock at for others ways to pay or any other committee member. Also email him on that address to let him know you have paid by bank transfer.

Last updated : 24th Feb 2021 11:20 GMT

The following events can now be played weekly at Retford BC

Monday/Tuesday: 6am Monday. Funbridge in exclusive events: 24 hands in 48 hours: PW Sandy

Monday 7pm: supervised play on realbridge, £5 to Sandy.

Tuesday: Duplicate Pairs 7pm on realbridge. £1.50 to Retford BC. Please be seated by 6.55pm.

Wednesday: Duplicate Pairs 2pm on realbridge. £1.50 to Retford BC. Please be seated by 1.55pm.

Wednesday: 6am Wednesday. Funbridge in exclusive events: 10 hands for less experienced players, occasional commentary: PW Sandy.

Wednesday/Thursday: 6am Wednesday. Funbridge in exclusive events: 24 hands in 48 hours: PW Sandy.

Thursday: Supervised Play 9.30am on realbridge. £5 to Sandy.

Thursday: Duplicate Pairs 7pm on realbridge. £1.50 to Retford BC. Please be seated by 6.55pm.

Saturday/Sunday: 6am Saturday. Funbridge: in exclusive events: 24 hands in 48 hours PW from Sandy.

Sunday: Funbridge 6am to midnight: 10 hands for less experienced players, in exclusive events, occasional commentary: PW Sandy.


Last updated : 5th May 2021 19:57 BST
Teaching programme

Sandy Fulton is doing assisted bridge sessions on line on realbridge for beginners and improvers. These are open to any member of Retford Bridge Club as well as any friends, relatives and anyone else who is keen to take up the game. 


Timings of sessions are:
Monday 6.55pm - 9pm.
Thursday 9.25am - 11.30am
Click realbridge purple teaching link on home page for Monday lesson.
Click realbridge orange teaching link on home page for Thursday lesson.
26th October 2021
Open Pairs
RB 6.55pm
Director: John Rolph
27th October 2021
Open Pairs
RB 1.55pm
Director: Roger Stock
28th October 2021
Open Pairs
RB 6.55pm
Director: Sandy Fulton
Hopkinson Cup
Director: Sandy Fulton
Hopkinson Cup
Director: Roger Stock
Hopkinson Cup
Director: Roger Stock