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24th Jul 2021 12:09 BST
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Welcome to Regis Bridge Club
Monday morning Relaxed sessions to continue for the future

Following a committee meeting, held taking note of social distancing protocols, the committee have decided to extend the Monday morning relaxed sessions indefinitely. As before, these sessions will last no more than 2 hours, use simple systems and will play between 16 and 20 Boards, all for the bargain price of £1 per session. We hope that as many of our members as feel able will join us for these events.

To join these sessions click on the link on the right hand side of the page. 

Colin O’Hara

Bournemouth 2021 update

A number of people have been asking me what the current position is concerning Bournemouth 2021 in light of the continuing pandemic. We have been in contact with the hotel and they have reluctantly agreed that, whatever the situation is nationally concerning social distancing rules, because of the size and age profile of our group it is impractical for us to meet as planned in April and therefore Bournemouth 2021 is cancelled. Longer term, we have agreed to make a provisional booking with the Hotel for the period 29th April to 2nd May 2022. We are going to email those individuals affected by this decision and have set a date of 21st February 2021 to get in touch with them.

Regis Bridge Club status update

As the country moves closer to reopening your committee met today (13 June 2021) to discuss the possibility of reopening face to face Bridge sessions on a Tuesday evening at the Cricket club. Our RealBridge sessions have been successful in helping to recreate the social aspect of both the Bridge Club and the game, and augmented by the Monday morning relaxed sessions, we have seen a number of our former regulars online. However, there is a core of players who have not joined us online and who we have missed playing against.. Their reasons for not playing are many and well considered and the committee recognise that until we see those members live at the Club, we will not achieve the level of friendly competition that Regis Bridge Club has been known for over the past twenty plus years.

Accordingly, we have agreed that we will restart face to face sessions at the Club no earlier than six weeks following the removal of legal restrictions concerning social distancing. This hiatus will give us the chance to carry out proper risk assessments and develop post COVID protocols to minimise the possibility of transmission of the virus whilst attending the Club. We will use information from other Clubs in the area who reopen for business to inform us of the most effective way forward. 

We will continue to use the RealBridge system for the time being and will discuss with our other BOA member Clubs to agree the way forward once restrictions have been removed. We do anticipate that we will continue to use RealBridge for the relaxed morning sessions referred to in the news item above for the foreseeable future. 

We have also agreed that, for the remainder of the Club year, ending in March 2022, we will not require a membership subscription from our members. We will revert to an annual fee in April 2022 assuming we have returned to greater normality.

Welcome to Regis Bridge Club

"Regis Bridge Club" is the principal duplicate bridge club in Dunstable, So named from when it first opened in "Houghton Regis", a small town on the outskirts of Dunstable, Bedfordshire. The Club has invested in the ArcScorer wireless scoring system and can provide a result on the night immediately after completion of the last board played.

Although not currently affiliated to the EBU, duplicate evenings follow the rules laid down by the governing body. You can be assured of a competitive but friendly evening playing duplicate bridge.

Daytime Bridge at Dunstable Bowls Club
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This article is designed to let members know of a service provided by our former chairman Peter Pratt, ably assisted by Lesley Howard and myself. Peter currently runs a morning Bridge Group two days a week, Monday for supervised play and Wednesday for gentle duplicate. ..........

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Notifying members when there is adverse weather
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There is currently no Club policy on how to notify members if adverse weather causes us to cancel an event night. ..........

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UNICEF Sim Pairs Tuesday 26th

I am pleased to report that the UNICEF Sim pairs event raised £229 for this worthy cause. Thank you to those who took part in support of this event

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