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Wednesday 13th, November
Members are reminded that guests are welcome to play on this night!



Information regarding workshops and tutored play (for members only) can now be found in the main menu (above) by clicking on [BRIDGE DEVELOPMENT].






Our club is located in an area mixed with businesses and local residents. The committee value good neighbourly relations and ask all members and guests to consider our neighbours when exiting the club.

Kindly observe the following:

 Leave via the lower door at garden level.

 Lower your voice outside.

 Say your goodbye's inside the club, not outside.

 Open the door with care (they're lighter than they look).

 Smoke in designated areas only and use the ashtrays provided.

Your full co-operation is appreciated!


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Regent Bridge Club

Ann Burns, Hon. Secretary,

Regent Bridge Club
(Masters Grades)
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Regent Academy Bridge Club

Carmel Murnin, Hon. Secretary,

Regent Academy Bridge Club
(Intermediate to Novice Grades)
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Ireland's Premier Bridge Club & Bridge Academy

Winners: Michael McAuliffe, Mamie MacCormac, Sheila Kelly, David Dunne


Winners: Kathleen Ingoldsby & Anna Murphy

About the Regent Bridge Club

The Regent Bridge Club was founded in 1925, seven years before the Contract Bridge Association of Ireland (CBAI) was formed in 1932.

The Regent has been synonymous with the promotion of top level bridge in Ireland and attracts a high standard of player. Our members play every Wednesday evening and we organise leagues for teams of four on Monday evenings.

We are located at 25 Waterloo Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, close to the city centre. The club offers five luxurious card playing rooms and a private bar for members and their guests.

About the Regent Academy

The Regent Academy was established in 2008 to meet the growing demand for bridge lessons and provide a first class playing facility for beginners to intermediate bridge players. Bridge classes usually run from September to December and January to March each year.

The Regent Academy is part of the Regent Bridge Club and is affiliated to the CBAI. Learners have the opportunity of applying for Academy membership at the completion of classes. The club is particularly suited for players who wish to improve their standard of play and advance to higher grades

The Academy has competitions each Thursday at 7.30pm. Visitors cannot play at the Academy during the bridge season from September to May inclusive but are welcome during the summer months of June-August.

Membership of the Regent Academy is in the first instance reserved to those who have taken classes at the club and is full at present. The waiting list for membership is reviewed after the annual deadline for membership renewals in November.

Tue 12th November 2019
Regent Workshop
Wed 13th November 2019
President's Charity
Thu 14th November 2019
Thurs Weekly Pairs
Mon 18th November 2019
Area Master League 2
Wed 20th November 2019
Wed Weekly Pairs
Thu 21st November 2019
Thurs Weekly Pairs
Wed 27th November 2019
Wed Weekly Pairs
Thu 28th November 2019
Thurs Weekly Pairs
Fri 29th November 2019
Audico Open Teams
Mon 2nd December 2019
Women & Intermediate League 3
IBU Sim Pairs A (Bar)
IBU Simultaneous Pairs
IBU Sim Pairs B (Hall)
IBU Simultaneous Pairs
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