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Charity Bridge for Special Olympics 17th April 2019

I would like to thank you all very much for your support with our Charity Bridge night for Special Olympics.  We raised €8,080 in total which was a terrific amount.

Thank you to those who gave donations, donated prizes for our super Raffle, who baked for the supper, who helped on the morning preparing the supper, and those who helped on the night clearing the tables and serving the supper and selling raffle tickets.  Thanks also to those who ‘delivered’ the prizes around the room which helped the Raffle go smoothly and quickly.  Thanks to Anne Marie and Rob who took photographs.  Thank you to the Committee for all their help in preparing for the night.

Maurice and Hilary – a thank you for running the bridge and getting results out so quickly and thanks to the ‘movers’ of the boards and collectors of the pre-paid tickets.

As you can see from the above it really is a team effort.

♠   ♣ 

Scorer: Maurice O'Leary
Scorer: Maurice O'Leary
Merrion Room
Scorer: Maurice O'Leary
Scorer: Maurice O'Leary
Scorer: Maurice O'Leary
RDS Library
Director: Maurice O’Leary
Scorer: Maurice O'Leary
Wed 19th Jun 2019
Wednesday Bridge
RDS Library 7:30pm
Volunteer partner: Eilis Walsh
Director: Maurice O’Leary
Wed 26th Jun 2019
Wednesday Bridge
RDS Library 7:30pm
♣ Supper in Samuel Madden from 5:30pm
Director: Maurice O’Leary
Scorer: Maurice O'Leary
Steward: Volenteer Partner Joan Hayes
Wed 3rd Jul 2019
Wednesday Bridge
RDS Library 7:30pm
Director: Maurice O’Leary
Wed 10th Jul 2019
Wednesday Bridge
RDS Library 7:30pm
Volunteer partner
Director: Maurice O’Leary
Wed 17th Jul 2019
Wednesday Bridge
RDS Library 7:30pm
Director: Maurice O’Leary
Wed 24th Jul 2019
Wednesday Bridge
RDS Library 7:30pm
♣ Supper in Samuel Madden from 5:30pm
Director: Maurice O’Leary
Welcome to RDS Bridge Club
New Committee 2019 to 2020


Welcome to our new Committee under the guidance of President Alan Lennox.  Contact details are on the website under:  Information / Committee.


Alan Lennox


Cecily O’Donovan


Arthur Ryan

Committee members:

Marie Hutton

Susan Leonard

Catherine O’Leary

Past President:

Pat Cowley

Presentation of cheque to Anita Carty of Special Olympics
Presentation of cheque to Anita Carty of Special Olympics
2019 Spring Lamb Drive
2019 Spring Lamb Drive

Winners Michael Fitzgibbon and Sheila Horkan with Pat Cowley President

Charity Bridge Night 2019 - On the day preparing
  • 1
  • 2
  • 4
Charity Bridge night 2019 At bridge and some prize winners
  • 2019 5
  • 2019 Charity Night
  • 2019 Charity Night
  • 2019 Charity Night 12
  • 2019 Charity Night 13
  • 2019 Charity Night 14
  • 2019 Charity Night 15
  • 2019 Charity Night 17
  • 2019 Charity Night
  • 2019 Charity Night 3
  • 2019 Charity Night 4
  • 2019 Charity Night 5
  • 2019 Charity Night 6
  • 2019 Charity Night 7
  • 2019 Charity Night 8
  • 2019 Charity Night 9
  • 2019 Charity Night Maurice and Hilary
2019 President's Prize
  • 2019 president s prize
  • 2019 president s prize i
  • 2019 president s prize ii
  • 2019 president s prize iii
  • 2019 president s prize iv
  • 2019 president s prize v
  • 2019 president s prize vi
2019 President's Prize
1st Prize: Betty Cody and Michael Fitzgibbon
2nd Prize:   Terry Dolan and Roger Jupp
3rd Prize: Kathleen D. O'Connor and Nancy Malone
4th Prize: Elizabeth Egan and Maureen Nolan
5th Prize: Sé and Kathleen O'Connor
6th Prize: Josephine Fitzpatrick and Denise Sampson
1st Session: Colette and Alan Lennox
2nd Session: Joan Lewis and Sheila Horkan
Charity Bridge 17th April in aid of Special Olympics Ireland

Our Charity Night this year will be run in aid of Special Olympics Ireland Eastern Region. They provide year round sports training and competition to over 2,100 people with an intellectual disability.   91 Irish athletes from all over Ireland are currently attending the World Games in Abu Dhabi.  Our money will go towards the training of one athlete, as well as clothing gear for some others.   I chose this as our charity as I have been doing some voluntary work with Special Olympics for a number of years.  I see how athletes thrive by being involved in sport and benefit from the input of many volunteers.  See the link below for further information about Special Olympics:

I hope you can all play on the night and support this event.  We also need your help in other ways. 

For example:

  1. Take a publicity flier (available at bridge) and ask your friends to come.  Tickets for the bridge will be available at bridge if you want to buy them in advance or take some to sell to your friends.
  2. Donate a prize for the raffle.  They may be brought along to bridge any Wednesday.
  3. Help on the day:  For example, in the morning of the 17th we need help to set up the supper, tables etc.  On the night, we need help to welcome guests, sell raffle tickets, serve the supper, help with tidy up.  RDS staff are there also and are most helpful all day.  Some of our bridge players could help with moving the boards.
  4. Supper:  as last year we ask members to volunteer to bake!  To simplify this, we ask if you could do a tray bake of one of the following:
  • lemon drizzle
  • banana bread or fruit cake,
  • chocolate brownies or chocolate biscuit cake
  • shortbread

If you can help with any of the above, please let me know.

Mobile:  086 3241198


We will have a Sections for Novices and Intermediates.

2019 RDS Perpetual Trophy
  • 2019 RDS Perpetual Trophy
  • 2019 rds perpetual trophy i
  • 2019 rds perpetual trophy iv

2019 RDS Perpetual Trophy:

1st:  Sheila Horkan and Betty Cody

2nd: Joan Lewis and Graeme Williams

3rd: Kathleen D. O’Connor and Nancy Malone

4th Jean Kelly and Marcella Maugham

2019 4Fun Team. 2nd Place
2019 4Fun Team.  2nd Place
2018 Christmas Party
  • 2018 christmas party
  • 2018 christmas party 10
  • 2018 christmas party 3
  • 2018 christmas party 4
  • 2018 christmas party 11
  • 2018 christmas party 5
  • 2018 christmas party 6
  • 2018 christmas party 7
  • 2018 christmas party 8
  • 2018 christmas party 9

End of year results for 2018 in Turkey Competition and Christmas Party night:

The Turkey Competition this year was very kindly sponsored by Aisling White, daughter of the late Maeve White.  Aisling was at our Christmas Party to present her prizes.  Two Competitions were run and the results are as follows:

Green Section:

Brown Section:


1st:  Terry Dolan and Eilis Walsh

2nd: Roger Jupp and Graeme Williams

3rd: Joan Lewis and Helen O’Neill



1st: Elsa Ranalow and Sheila Hillis

2nd: Olive O’Driscoll and Cecily O’Donovan

3rd:  Betty Cody and Sheila Horkan



Results of bridge at Christmas Party night:

1st:  Graeme Williams and Joan Lewis

2nd:  Eilis Walsh and Margot Doyle

3rd: Sheila Horkan and Betty Cody

2018 Turkey Competition Winners. Aisling White sponsored the prizes.
  • 2018 turkey competition winners
  • 2018 turkey competiton winners

Bridge Lessons for beginners have started again for the second term.  If you know of anyone who would like to join the class, please let Pat Cowley know.  They are open to RDS members.  If you have some knowledge of bridge, but regard yourself as almost a beginner, then you could probably benefit from the classes.  Dermot O’Brien is the teacher and classes take place in the RDS on Wednesdays from 5.00 to 7.0-0 p.m.  The cost is €100.

Gwen Morgan Competition 2018 Results and photos
  • 4th place olive o driscoll
  • 5th place mary mccarthy
  • 6th place sheila horkan
  • Joint 2nd josephine fitzpatrick
  • Sheila hillis presenting prize to winner creeda fitzgibbon with pat cowley president in centre

Congratulations to Creeda Fitzgibbon winner of this year’s Gwen Morgan individual competition.  Sheila Hillis, daughter of Gwen Morgan, is presenting the prize with Pat Cowley President of the Bridge Club.

Joint 2nd place:  Alice Tunney and Josephine Fitzpatrick

4th place:  Olive O’Driscoll

5th place:  Mary McCarthy

6th place:  Sheila Horkan

Marie Owens Competition 2018

Congratulations to the winners of the Marie Owens Competition Elsa Ranalow and Sheila Hillis.

2nd Place:  Betty Cody and Sheila Horkan.

Joint 3rd Place:  Graeme Williams, Terry Dolan and Denise Sampson, Joan Hayes

1st Session prize:  Anne Marie Feeney and Phil Harnett

2nd Session:  Michael Fitzgibbon and Roger Jupp

Photos of Marie Owens Competition Winners 2018
  • 2018 Marie Owens 1st Session
  • 2018 Marie Owens 2nd Session
  • 2018 Marie Owens Joint 3rd
  • 2018 Marie Owens Joint 3rd place
  • 2018 Marie Owens Runners up
  • 2018 Marie Owens Winners
Latest News
Latest News


The 4Fun Team bridge took place on Friday 26th October in the Library.  Thank you to Maurice O’Leary for directing the competition.  One of the RDS teams won their Section. The team was:  Sheila Horkan, Michael Cassidy, Joan Casey and Maeve Cassidy (Railway Union).   Picture shows Sheila and Maeve with Dublin South Region President Brid Kemple.


♠   ♣ 



Please note that the November Supper will take place a week earlier than usual and will be on Wednesday 21st November.



Bridge lessons for beginners will start in September for RDS members.  If you know of anyone who may be interested, please let me know. 

The details are as follows:

  • Teacher:  Dermot O’Brien
  • Time and Place:  from 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 in the Library on Wednesdays
  • Duration of course:  A 10 week term starting Wednesday 12th September followed by another 10 lessons after Christmas
  • Cost:  €100 per person per term
  • If interested please contact:  Pat Cowley 086 3241198 OR Moya Murphy 087 6152531

We hope to encourage more RDS members to take up bridge and perhaps join our club in the future.

♠   ♣ 

The AGM was held on Wednesday 16th May 2018.  For the names of the new Committee for 2018-2019 see the panel to the left with Committee listed under Information.

Well done to Terry Dolan who is the Player of the Year.  

Well done to Graeme Williams' team who won the Fanagan League Section A Division 1.  Two teams were joint first going in to the last round and the RDS came from 3rd position to win.  The team over the year were:  Terry Dolan, Sheila Hillis, Roger Jupp, Se O'Connor, Elsa Ranalow and Graeme Williams (Captain).  See photo below.

A Novices' team was entered for the first time in the Fanagan League.  They came 3rd out of 5 teams in their section.  The team were:  Pat Cannon, Arthur Ryan, Susan Leonard, Barbara McAllister, Peter Kieran, Frances Gardiner and Peter McDonald.  Well done to all.

Charity Night in aid of Headway - Brain Injury Services & Support

The amount raised has now risen to €7,620.  Well done everyone who supported this Charity Evening.  A great team effort led by our President Moya Murphy!  See photos below.

♠ ♥ ♦ ♣ 

2018 President’s Prize results:

Congratulations to Denise Sampson and Josephine Fitzpatrick who were the winners in the President’s Prize. 

2nd prize:  Gladys Factor and Sheila Hillis

3rd prize:  Betty Cody and Sheila Horkan

4th prize:  Phil Harnett and Creeda Fitzgibbon

5th prize:  Terry Dolan and Pat Cowley

6th prize:  Pat Cannon and Arthur Ryan

1st Session prize:  Therese Wilson and Maureen Nolan

2nd Session prize:  Margot Doyle and Eilis Walsh

♠   ♣ 

Please put your name down on the Stand-By List.  This means we are all guaranteed a game.  

♠   ♣ 

As part of the experiment to have a Section for people who wish to play at a faster pace we will try this variation for the next few weeks.
It will not apply to 2 week competitions or the CBAI Sims night.
The section will be limited to exactly 5 tables - no half table will be allowed.
The movement has to be a Howell to give a fair result.
8 rounds of 3 boards so you meet 8 of your 9 opponents.
There are SEATED POSITIONS at TABLE 1 N/S and 2 N/S.
If there are less than 7 tables for the rest of the members, the experiment will be suspended for that week and all players will play in one section.


For any further information on the above please contact Moya Murphy or Pat Cowley.  Details of the Committee can be found under 'Information' button.

Competition Winners 2017 - 2018

See below for photographs:



2018 Fanagan League winners
2018 Fanagan League winners
2018 Charity Night for Headway
  • 2018 charity bridge headway
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 10jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 11jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 12pg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 13jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 1jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 2jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 3jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 4jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 5jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 6jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 7jpg
  • 2018 charity bridge headway 8jpg
2018 President's Prize
  • 2018 Pesidents Prize 6th place
  • 2018 president s prize 1st place
  • 2018 Presidents Prize 1st Session
  • 2018 Presidents Prize 2nd place
  • 2018 Presidents Prize 2nd Session
  • 2018 Presidents Prize 3rd place
  • 2018 Presidents Prize 4th place
  • 2018 Prize Prize 5th place
2018 Perpetual Trophy presented by Moya Murphy President and Professor Owen Lewis Vice President RDS
  • 1st session prize maeve macken and mary burke
  • 2nd place se o connor partner roger jupp
  • 2nd session prize betty cody partner sheila horkan
  • 3rd place ena hyland and sheila hillis
  • 4th place juliet and eamonn kelly
  • Winner terry dolan partner kathleen d. o connor . presented by professor owen lewis and moya murphy
Christmas Party 2017
  • Club/20171213 182344 1517162877785 1
  • 20171213 182422 1517162877724 1
  • 20171213 182436 1517162877661
  • 20171213 182444 1517162877465 1
  • 20171213 182444 1517162877465 1
  • 20171213 182522 1517162747505
  • 20171213 182549 1517162747424
  • 20171213 182554 1517162747355
  • 20171213 182607 1517162747287
  • 20171213 182624 1517162747180
  • 20171213 182635 1517162567752 1
  • 20171213 182652 1517162567675 1
  • 20171213 182736 1517162567543 2
  • 20171213 182803 1517162567332 2
  • 2017 12 13
Christmas Party Bridge winners
  • 2017 christmas party. betty cody and sheila horkan 2nd north south
  • 2017 christmas party. creeda and sheila hillis 1st north south
  • 2017 christmas party. maureen noan and celeste kenny 3rd north south
  • 2017 christmas party. susan benson and elaine hartigan 1st east west
  • 2017 christmas party
  • 2017 christmas party 4

Christmas Party winners

Turkey Competition
  • 2017 eamon and juliet kelly 3rd in turkey competition
  • 2017 olive o driscoll and cecily o donovan 5th in turkey competition
  • 2017 roger jupp partner michael fitzgibbon 1st in turkey competition
  • 2017 sheila hillis and elsa ranalow 2nd in turkey competiton
  • 2017 sheila horkan and betty cody 4th in turkey competition

Winners of the Turkey Competition

Gwen Morgan Trophy
Gwen Morgan Trophy

Winner of Gwen Morgan Individual Trophy Joan Lewis with President Moya Murphy

Marie Owens Trophy
Marie Owens Trophy

Winners of the Marie Owens Trophy Nancy Malone and Kathleen D. O'Connor receiving the trophy from President Moya Murphy

President Dublin South Region 2017-2018
President Dublin South Region 2017-2018

Sheila Horkan,  President of the Dublin South Region of the CBAI, 2017-2018,  with Moya Murphy,  President of the RDS Bridge Club at the AGM of the DSR held Friday 26 May 2017

It is with great pleasure that we announce that one of our members,  Mrs Sheila Horkan,  has been elected President of the Dublin South Region of the CBAI for the year 2017 - 2018. Sheila is a hardworking and active supporter of bridge and its development in Ireland. She was previously the Secretary of the Dublin South Region,  and in addition to the RDS Bridge Club,  Sheila is also a member of the Regent and Bankers Bridge Clubs. She is well known to the Board of the RDS,  having been a member of several of its Committees. Additonally, since becoming a Committee Member of our own RDS Bridge Club last year,  Sheila's advice,  assistance and unselfish support of the club and its activities has been outstanding.  On behalf of all her fellow bridge players, we wish Sheila every success in the coming year.  Photograph below.....

Fanagan League 2016 - 2017
  • Fanagans 1 - 2017
  • Fanagans 2 - 2017

Fanagan League :

Intermediate A Division 3 Winners 2016-2017

Graeme Williams (Captain).  Elsa Ranalow,  Roger Jupp,  Sheila Hillis,  Se O'Connor, Terry Dolan


East / West Winners -  Open Pairs Competition on the final Night

Graeme Williams and Terry Dolan

Charity Night 2017
  • Charity 2017 10
  • Charity 2017 1
  • Charity 2017 2
  • Charity 2017 3
  • Charity 2017 4
  • Charity 2017 5
  • CHarity 2017 6
  • Charity 2017 7
  • Charity 2017 8
  • Charity 2017 9

Charity Night 

Our Charity Night in Aid of The Royal Hospital Donnybrook, which was held on Wednesday 17 April 2017 in the Concert Hall of the RDS, was an outstanding success.  We had 63 tables (252 playing guests) - a record attendance - and raised 8,275 euro for the Royal Hospital Donnybrook.  A huge thank you to all our members for their support,  and to the committee and all our volunteers for their stirling work and advance preparations which ensured the success of the night

President's Prize 2017
President's Prize 2017

Roger Jupp, President, with Betty Cody who won the President's Prize with Sheila Horkan

Perpetual Trophy Jan 2017
Perpetual Trophy Jan 2017

Presentation of the Perpetual Trophy by Professor Eoin Lewis, Vice-President of the RDS, to the 2017 winners Phil Harnett and Sheila Hillis.

Gwen Morgan Nov 2016
Gwen Morgan Nov 2016

Sheila Hillis winner of the Gwen Morgan Trophy with Roger Jupp

Marie Owen Oct 2016
Marie Owen Oct 2016

Congratulations to Sheila Horkan and Graeme Williams winners of this year's Marie Owen Competition

Player Of The Year 2018-2019

Final Result  
Sheila Horkan 355
Josephine Fitzpatrick 333
Joan Lewis 325
Joan Hayes 310
Betty Cody 300
Kathleen D O'Connor 295
Terry Dolan 291
Creeda Fitzgibbon 285
Se O'Connor 283
Nancy Malone 279
Player of the Year 2019
Player of the Year 2019

Sheila Horkan accepting the Player of the Year Trophy for 2018 to 2019 from outgoing President Pat Cowley

Our Club

The Bridge Club is open to all members of the RDS.  We play on Wednesday evenings at 7.30 p.m.  All grades of bridge are welcome.  A volunteer partner is always available (except on Competition nights).  If you would like more information, please contact the President Pat Cowley or Hon. Sec. Sarah Hardiman.

Pat:  086 324 1198

Sarah: 083 849 5530

Enjoy The Game
Enjoy The Game

Be Good To Your Partner

Well done Moya on a great year as President 2017 to 2018
Well done Moya on a great year as President 2017 to 2018