RDS Bridge Club
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The Bridge Club is open to all members of the RDS.  We play on Wednesday evenings at 7:30 pm in the RDS Library.  All grades of bridge players are welcome.  Guests are also welcome to play bridge during the months of June, July and August.

If you would like more information about playing in the Club, please contact either the President, Marcella Maughan (087 975 7207) or the Honorary Secretary, Ann Kenneally  (086 304 5548).

Need a Bridge Partner?

There are a number of ways to find a Bridge partner in the RDS. They include:

1. Using the printed Members' Contact List.

2. We have a What's App group to facilitate finding a partner if needed.  If you wish to be on this list please contact Cecily O'Donovan (085 767 0115) 

Enjoy The Game
Enjoy The Game

Please be polite to your partner and to your opponents

RDS Bridge Club AGM - Wednesday 31st May 2023
  • AGM 2023 Outgoing Committee
  • AGM 2023 Outgoing President
  • AGM 2023 Player of the Year Joan Casey

The RDS Bridge Club held its AGM on Wednesday 31st May at 7pm.

The business of the AGM was managed expertly by Marcella, Ann and Veronica and all the reports and elections of new committee were approved by the members.

The Player of the Year award was presented to Joan Casey.

Marcella was thanked and presented with a small award in recognition of her work during the year.

The AGM was preceded by an excellent dinner in the restaurant and was followed by bridge.

Bridge will continue all summer and is open to all. We encourage members to invite friends to come and play over the summer months.


Robin Donovan Trophy - Wednesday 17th May

After a tightly contested competition, with three teams finishing on 83 Victory Points, the CBAI tie-break rules came into play.

Rank Team Captain & members
1st 7 Marcella Maughan, Marie Hutton, Josephine Fitzpatrick & Denise Sampson
2nd 6 Mary Masterson, Creeda Fitzgibbon, Anita Begley & Noreen Fehily
3rd 10 Graeme Williams, Kathleen D O'Connor, Veronica Donoghue & Mary Whelan


Tie break rule: If more than two teams are tied and have all met in direct competition then they are ranked according to the number of V.P.s obtained against each other
The details are available on the results page Robin Donovan Trophy results

RDS Team wins the Fanagan league

Congratulations to the RDS team that won their Fanagan League final match on Sunday 14th May 2023 and came 1st overall in the Senior Intermediate division.

Well done to Captain Pat Cowley and Cecily O'Donovan, Patricia Brady, Eilis Walsh and Moya Murphy who all played a part in the season.

The Fanagan League is a Team of 4 competition organised by the Dublin South region of the CBAI.


Spring Lamb Drive - Wednesday 3rd May 2023

Our penultimate competition of the season was the Spring Lamb Drive on Wednesday 3rd May 2023

Congratulations go to Roger Jupp & Kathleen O'Connor who were well ahead of the rest of the flock with a magnificent score of 68%

Graeme Williams & Anne Mulligan came in second - well done!

Charity Night Wednesday 12th April 2023

Our Charity Night was held on Wednesday 12th April 2023 in favour of the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

Thank you to everyone who attended and/or donated to the charity with over € 5,000 raised 

It was a great success with 28 tables

Thank you also to John Dardis, President of the RDS, and to Niamh Wingate, Irish Blind Dogs for the Blind, who spoke on the night and helped to make the occasion memorable.


President's Prize 1st & 8th March 2023

The second round of the President's Prize was held on Wednesday 8th March 2023

Congratulations to the winners, Elsa Ranalow & Sheila Hillis who just managed to preserve their lead from the first round, despite a valiant effort by the runners-up, Phil Harnett & Michael Fitzgibbon, to overtake them.

1st Elsa Ranalow & Sheila Hillis
2nd Phil Harnet & Michael Fitzgibbon
3rd Betty Cody & Sheila Horkan
4th Marie Hutton & Alan Lennox
Session 1 Eamon & Juliet Kelly
Session 2 Denise Sampson & Josephine Fitzpatrick


CBAI SIMS Pairs - 8 Feb 2023

At the moment, results from 57 clubs and 1,029 pairs have uploaded results and 2 pairs from the RDS Bridge Club are in the top 10 !

Congratulations to Elsa Ranalow & Kathleen O'Connor (7th), Phil Harnett & Sheila Hillis (8th)

You can access the overall results on the SIMs website

CBAI SIMs Pair result Wed 8th February 2023

The commentary booklet is available here

005231 Commentary CBAI 2023 Wednesday 8th February

and also on the SIMS Pairs results page

The final results will not be known for a week or so until all the participating clubs have uploaded their results

RDS Perpetual Trophy 2023

Congratulations to the Mary McCarthy & Kate Bambrick, winners of the RDS Perpetual Trophy which was played on Wednesday 18th and Wednesday 25th January 2023

1st Mary McCarthy & Kate Bambrick
2nd Moya Murphy & Mary MacAodha
3rd Veronica Donoghue & Mary Whelan
Session 1 Marcella Maughan & Phil Harnet
Session 2 Se & Kathleen O'Connor


Christmas Party

Our Christmas party was a great success, thanks to all our members who came, as promised, on the evening, despite the bitter weather.  The dinner was delicious and we played

bridge afterwards in the library for a short time.  Our winners were Betty Cody and Sheila Horkans and the runner ups were Pat Cowley and Paul Twomey. 

A Happy and Healthy Christmas and New Year to all our bridge members

We will resume bridge on Wednesday, 4th January 2023 at 7.30 pm.  

Celtic Nations SIMS Pairs - 7 Dec 2022

This is the first time that the CBAI has entered clubs in the Celtic Nations Simultaneous Pairs joining clubs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The proceeds raised by the CBAI will go to Irish Junior bridge.

Congratulations to Michael Fitzgbbon & Monica Ryan who are ranked 3rd in the Celtic Nations Sims Pairs and also to Kate Bambrick & Mary McCarthy ranked 12th and to Denise Sampson & Josephine Fitzpatrick ranked 15th - out of 241 pairs from 15 different clubs.

You can access the overall results here on the SIMs website

Celtic Nations SIMs Pairs result Wed 7th December 2022

The commentary booklet is available here

006372 Celtic Nations 2022 Wednesday Commentary

and also on the SIMS Pairs results page

The final results will not be known for a day or so until all the participating clubs have uploaded their results

Maeve White Turkey Drive Competition 30th Nov 2022

Congratulations to the winners of the Maeve White Turkey Drive competition on Wednesday 30th November 2022.

1st Eilis Walsh & Kathleen O'Connor
2nd Sheila Hillis & Elsa Ranalow
3rd Kathleen D O'Connor & Joan Hayes
Gwen Morgan Individual 16th Nov 2022
Gwen Morgan Individual 16th Nov 2022

Congratulations to Betty Cody on winning the Gwen Morgan Individual competition on Wednesday 16th November 2022.

The trophy was presented to Betty by Sheila Hillis, in memory of her late mother

1st Betty Cody
2nd Graeme Williams
3rd Juliet Kelly



IBU SIMS Pairs - 9 Nov 2022

Congratulations to Graeme Williams & Joan Lewis who are ranked 6th in the IBU Sims Pairs ands to Sheila Hillis & Elsa Ranalow ranked 12th - out of 763 pairs from 42 different clubs.

You can access the overall results here on the SIMs website

IBU SIMs Pair result Wed 9th November 2022

The commentary booklet is available here

006268 IBU Wednesday 2022 Commentary

and also on the SIMS Pairs results page

The final results will not be known for a day or so until all the participating clubs have uploaded their results

Marie Owens competition

The Marie Owens pairs competition was held on 12th and 19th October.

Congratulations to the winners, Michael Fitzgibbon & Betty Cody, who carried a healthy lead from the first session and claimed 1st place with a good showing in the second session.

Graeme Williams & Joan Lewis showed great consistency over the two sessions and were awarded with 2nd place. Phil Harnett & Sheila Hillis improved on their first round scores and were awarded with 3rd place overall

The session prizes go to Patricia Brady & Ann Tuohy and Colette Lennox & Mary Masterson

1st Michael Fitzgibbon & Betty Cody
2nd Graeme Williams & Joan Lewis
3rd Phil Harnett & Sheila Hillis
Session 1 Patricia Brady & Ann Tuohy
Session 2 Colette Lennox & Mary Masterson


Robin Donovan Trophy - Teams of 4
  • 2022 Robin O Donovan Trophy
  • Club/robin donovan trophy winners aug22

The first Robin Donovan Trophy competition was held on Wednesday 27th July 2022 and the Team winners were as follows:

1.  Alan and Colette Lennox & Se and Kathleen O'Connor
2.  Juliet and Eamonn Kelly & Valerie Hobson and Patricia Clarke
3.  Graeme Williams and Joan Lewis & Cecily O'Donovan and Patricia Brady



Committee 2022-2023

President Marcella Maughan, Hon. Secretary Ann Kenneally, Hon. Treasurer Veronica Donoghue, Past President Cecily O'Donovan, Mary Whelan and Paul Twomey 

Trophy Presentations at AGM June 2022
  • 2022 Gwen Morgan Eilis Walsh
  • 2022 Marie Owens Josephine Fitzpatrick and Denise Sampson
  • 2022 Perpetual Trophy Betty Cody and Sheila Horkan
  • 2022 Player of the Year Denise Sampson
  • 2022 Robin Donovan Trophy presented by Nuala Donovan
  • 2022 Trophies

President Cecily O'Donovan presented the trophies to the winners of the major competitions in the 2021-22 season during the AGM on 29th June 2022

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