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WEDNESDAY MORNING BRIDGE has begun in ASHBOURNE BRIDGE CLUB Wednesday mornings @ 10H00 in  Ashbourne/Donaghmore GAA.

A six week trial is taking place to see how well it is attended.  All Members and Visitors welcome!!  

Thank you for your support!

Upcoming Competitions


20th Novice & Intermediate Congress, Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone from 15 to 17 February 2019.  Entries via CBAI


Cavan Bridge Club hosts the Cullen Cup on Sunday February 17th 2019 @ 6h30 in the Farnham Arms's Hotel, Main Street, Cavan - entries to Peter on 086 8049531


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Welcome to Ratoath Bridge Club



Our friendly club plays in The Venue, Main street, Ratoath, Co. Meath every Thursday at 7:00pm sharp. We are convenient to Ashbourne, Dunboyne, Dunshaughlin, Kilbride, Skreen.

Parking is on street as availability allows. Visitors are very welcome. The playing fee is five Euro and the club is open Sep. to May.

Membership is thirty five Euro and the club secretary is Eileen.

Christmas Party & Noel Hayes Presentation

Photos from the Christmas Party and Noel Hayes Presentation are available through the tab on the top left of this page.

Updates to CBAI Rules & Regulations from 1 September 2018
Updates to CBAI Rules & Regulations from 1 September 2018

Briefing for all clubs on CBAI Rules and Regulations- Updates that take effect from 1st September 2018. This information covers the way we use Alerts and Announcements.

First of all the Laws of Duplicate Bridge covers this under Law 40. Under A 1(b) of  Law 40 it states each partnership has a duty to make its partnership understandings available to its opponents. The Regulating Authority specifies the manner in which this is done.
Our Regulating Authority is the CBAI. First and importantly at the start of every round each pair must inform the opponents of their basic system (e.g.) forcing club, strength of No Trump opening, 4 or 5-card majors) and their carding methods and in particular any unusual openings for which opponents may need to prepare.
A 5-card major is basically a natural system- so no alert is required if the the bid is a normal unlimited bid. When you state your system at the start it does not absolve you from the requirement to alert or announce any calls during the auction.  However 5-card majors do not require an alert whether or not they are pre-disclosed.  

More detailed description follows below:


You should announce your partner’s bid in the following three specific cases:

If partner opens a non-forcing 1C or 1D that can be made with 0, 1, 2 or 3 cards in the suit, you say ‘could be 0, 1, 2 or 3 cards' as appropriate.

If partner opens 1NT - you state the range e.g. ‘15-17’ or whatever the range is.

If you open 1NT and the next player passes and your partner makes a transfer response of 2D or 2H - you say ‘Transfer to Hearts’ or ‘Transfer to Spades’ as appropriate.

The announcement is solely for the benefit of the opponents and partner is not permitted to use any unauthorised information gained from hearing the announcement.


A forcing 1C opening bid needs to be alerted.

No Alert or Announcement is required for a 5-card Major suit opening bid.

No Alert or Announcement is required for a Strong Acol 2 Club opening bid.

No Alert or Announcement is required for a Stayman 2 Club response to a 1NT opening bid.

You should not Alert any call above the level of 3NT that occurs on or after the opener’s rebid. Instead the declaring side alert such calls after the final pass but before the opening lead has been selected while the defending side alert such calls after the opening lead has been selected but before it has been faced.


For the purposes of determining whether a double should be alerted or not, any double on the first or second round of bidding of a one or two level natural suit bid is deemed to be a TAKE OUT DOUBLE. All other doubles are deemed to be PENALTY DOUBLES. Any VARIATIONS must be ALERTED.

Committee 2018-2019

President - John Fox

Vice President - Pat Moyles

Treasurer - Jim Wilson

Secretary - Eileen Grey

Committee Members - Liz Mckeown (Ex-officio), Maire Ryan, Susan Rutherford, Joan O'Hare, Marie O'Beirne, Gerry Monahan

Hon. Member - Peg White

Regional Fixtures List 2018 to 2019

Link : Regional Fixtures List 2018 - 2019

LAW 15 & leaving boards uncovered during play
Law 15

Law 15 Wrong Board or Hand

If players commence an auction on a board that they are not supposed to play at that turn, and that none of them have played, then the auction proceeds and they are awarded the result they achieve on the board.

And a gentle reminder to leave the boards uncovered on the table during play - that is to say, not covering the boards with the bidding boxes during play.

The purpose of this is to allow players to see their vulnerability both during bidding and during play. The boards should remain properly orientated.

2017 Laws - summary of major changes

2017 Laws - summary of major changes.pdf


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Club Bridge
Director: John Fox
Scorer: Pat Moyles
Simultaneous Pairs
Director: John Fox
Scorer: Pat Moyles
Club Bridge
Director: Elizabeth Kane
Scorer: Pat Moyles
21st Feb 2019
Club Bridge
7p.m. sharp
Director: John Fox
Scorer: Pat Moyles
28th Feb 2019
Club Bridge
7p.m. sharp
Director: John Fox
Scorer: Pat Moyles
7th Mar 2019
President's Prize Draw
7p.m. sharp
Director: Eileen Hogan
Scorer: Pat Moyles