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STOP and ALERT cards

Below you'll find a link to an interesting article by Fearghal O'Boyle giving guidelines on how to use the STOP and ALERT cards in the bidding box.

Article on using STOP ALERT

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Welcome to Ratoath Bridge Club

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the resumption of face to face bridge is a long way off.  So, we have created a virtual club to allow members (Ratoath, Ashbourne and Friends) to play on-line bridge

The game is run on the internet using the BridgeBase online (BBO) website,

We intend to hold our first game on Thursday 20th August 2020.

To be able to play, you must complete these four steps,

1. Create a BBO account, see this document - RBC How to create a BBO account.doc

2. Buy BBO dollars, it will cost 3 dollars to play, after some initial free trial games

See this document - RBC How to buy BBO dollars.doc

3. Send your name, contact number and BBO username to the club secretary (Eileen Gray 0872261393).

4. Register to play, on the night of the game, see this document -  RBC How to register for a game.doc

You should familiarise yourself with the BBO features, perhaps play some bridge solitaire games or ask your partner to join a casual table with you.

Youtube contains many videos on using/playing on BBO.

For Example, see this, Introduction to BBO Bridge

Any problems, please contact the Club Secretary Eileen Gray 0872261393



Congratulations to Miriam and Frank - well done!!!


If you are interested in learning the beautiful game of Bridge or in joining a local club (having previous knowledge of the game), please contact us and we will give you the information you need.

For more information you can contact the Club secretary for each Club - Ashbourne 086 1018937 and Ratoath 087 2261393.

Additional information from the Regional Committee on 01 8492280, 046 9028391 or 01 8251335North East Region

The CBAI 01 4929666 during office hours.


Committee 2019-2020

 President - Pat Moyles

Vice President - Alice O'Carroll

Treasurer - Jim Wilson

Secretary - Eileen Grey

Assistant Secretary - Joan O'Hare

Committee Members - John Fox (ex-officio), Maire Ryan, Susan Rutherford, Marie O'Beirne, Gerry Monaghan

Honoury Member - Ita Morris

Regional Fixtures 2019-2020

Link : Regional Fixtures List 2019-2020.doc

Our first Honoury Member

congratulations Ita!!

Reminder for opening bids

Members, can we please remind you that 12 points or more are needed to open on the first two boards of the evening.

Thank you

LAW 15 & leaving boards uncovered during play
Law 15

Law 15 Wrong Board or Hand

If players commence an auction on a board that they are not supposed to play at that turn, and that none of them have played, then the auction proceeds and they are awarded the result they achieve on the board.

And a gentle reminder to leave the boards uncovered on the table during play - that is to say, not covering the boards with the bidding boxes during play.

The purpose of this is to allow players to see their vulnerability both during bidding and during play. The boards should remain properly orientated.

2017 Laws - summary of major changes

2017 Laws - summary of major changes.pdf


Quick links to N.E. C.B.A.I. & C.B.A.I.

Contract Bridge Association of Ireland -

North East Region of the CBAI -

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Club Bridge
Director: John Fox
Scorer: Pat Moyles
Club Bridge
Director: John Fox
Scorer: Pat Moyles
Club Bridge
Director: John Fox
Scorer: Pat Moyles