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Duplicate Bridge Suspended

Duplicate Bridge has been suspended effective immediately at Club Rainbow because of the COVID-19 disease.

Please check back for an announcement as to when we will re-start.

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Mar 13, 2020 20:35 EDT
Welcome to Club Rainbow
Duplicate Bridge SUSPENDED
Duplicate Bridge SUSPENDED


Dear Bridge Players

This is an especially sad time for all of us because of the COVID-19 virus that is threatening to enter our lives at such a rapid pace. Recently, the question most asked was “Will we be suspending play at Club Rainbow?” My answer has always been, “Yes, it is just a matter of when”.

Even if we exercise all the recommended sanitary precautions such as frequently washing our hands, using hand sanitizers, and sneezing into our elbow,  the fact remains that we are all handling the same cards, boards, bidding boxes, chairs, tables, doors, etc. over a 3+ hour period every game. It is unfortunate that our demographics put us in the higher risk category for contracting the disease. If one of us unknowingly has, or is exposed, to the disease, we are all liable to get the disease and/or pass it on to our spouse, parents, loved ones, or friends. This  risk is growing exponentially every day.

So, for the question, “When will we be suspending play at Club Rainbow”, the answer is:


I wish everyone good health, and look forward to that time when we can all get back together again and play some duplicate bridge on the other side of this pandemic. Please check the website for an announcement of when we will resume play.


David Eddy

March 13, 2020




Pre-Dealt Boards & Hand Records

We will be using Pre-Dealt Boards for all games. These are randomly-dealt hands - no special guidance has been provided to the computer in how to make up the hands!

Hand Records will be available immediately after the game ends and will also be posted on this website in the Results.

Also posted in the results are travellers showing contracts as recorded by the BridgeMates, and hand-by-hand results for each pair. Please check it out - there is a lot of good stuff there!

Pre-Dealt Boards & Hand Records
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