Railway Union Bridge Club
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President Mary Seaver


Welcome back to the new 2021/22 Bridge Season. We are now back in person in the hall on Monday nights from June 13th 2022 at 7.30pm.  (See information on our Summer Bridge Grand Prix below)  Thursday morning bridge is now on summer break. 

August Bank Holiday

There will be no bridge on 1st August Bank Holiday Monday

Railway Union Summer Grand Prix

A weekly leaderboard will be updated with points for being placed 1-5 provided score is greater than 50%.

There is no requirement to play with different partners.

Beginner bridge classes at RUBC:

RUBC will be running 10 beginner bridge classes at RUSC starting at the end of Sept 2022.

Classes will be on Thursday nights at 7.30.   Teacher: Anne Keating.

Anyone interested please contact



Realbridge Social lounge 

Fiona O 'Gorman will set up a table for any members who want a relaxed social  game. She can be contacted at 085-7575636  or email fionasogorman@gmail .com.  Please give Fiona 24 hour notice. You can play casually and meet your friends for FREE. Follow instructions on the website menu above or click hereI

Summer Grand Prix 7
Director: RU TD
Summer Grand Prix 6
Director: RU TD
Summer Grand Prix 5
Director: RU TD
Summer Grand Prix 4
Director: RU TD
15th Aug 2022
Summer Grand Prix 8
RU in person 7.30
Director: RU TD
22nd Aug 2022
Summer Grand Prix 9
RU in person 7.30
Director: RU TD
29th Aug 2022
Summer Grand Prix 10
RU in person 7.30
Director: RU TD
Summer Grand Prix Leaderboard

Summer Grand Prix

Position Name Total 20
1= Mervyn Whaley 18 5 4 2 0 4 0 3 7
1= Su Li 18 5 4 2 0 4 0 3 7
3 Graeme Williams 9.5 4 1   2 2.5 0   5
4= Colette Stokes 9 0 5       4 0 4
4= Sue Power 9 0 5       4 0 4
6 Jennifer Nolan 8.5 4       2.5 2   3
7= Eamonn Kelly 7   3 0 4       3
7= Margaret Moran 7 0 0 0 1 1   5 6
7= Paddy Moran 7 0 0 0 1 1   5 6
10= Anne Kelly 5   0 0   5 0 0 5
10= Anne-Marie Feeney 5   0 0   5 0 0 5
10= Arlene Hogan 5 0   0 0   5 0 5
10= Bernie O'Donnell 5 0 0 0 5   0 0 6
10= Caroline Crowley 5 0   5         2
10= Cassandra Byrne 5 0   5 0       3
10= Joan Casey 5     1 4       2
10= Marianne Gorman 5 0 0 0 5 0 0 0 7
10= Mary Kane 5     0     5 0 3
10= Yvonne Flanagan 5 2 0 0 0 0 3 0 7
20= Bernie Price 4 0 0 4 0 0   0 6
20= Caitriona Hensey 4           0 4 2
20= Juliet Kelly 4   3 1 0       3
20= Norma O'Dowd 4   0 4 0       3
20= Owen Hensey 4           0 4 2
25= Alan Lennox 3 0     3   0 0 4
25= Colette Lennox 3 0     3   0 0 4
25= Fiona O'Gorman 3           3 0 2
25= Jackie O'Neill 3 0 0 3 0       4
25= Judy Loomes 3 0 0 3 0       4
25= Julie Rowan 3 3 0       0 0 4
25= Mary Burke 3 3     0 0 0 0 5
25= Paula Kilbane 3   1   2       2
33= Mary Lynn 2.5       0 2.5 0   3
33= Pat Hickey 2.5   0 0 0 2.5 0 0 6
35= Eileen O'Regan 2 0 2 0         3
35= Eimer O'Rourke 2 0 2 0         3
35= Joan Lewis 2           2   1
35= Maeve Flanagan 2 2             1
35= Maeve O'Kennedy 2       0 0 0 2 4
35= Rita Lequerica 2       0 0 0 2 4
41= Anne Sommerville 1   0   0 0 1   4
41= Annette Callaghan 1 1             1
41= Ide Gavin 1 0 0 0       1 4
41= Marion Moran 1 1 0 0 0   0   5
41= Mary Rose Binchy 1           1   1
41= Orla Staunton 1 0 0 0       1 4
Welcome to Railway Union Bridge Club

Welcome to Railway Union Bridge Club, based in Sandymount, Dublin 4.

We are a very friendly and social club playing every Monday night at 7.30pm in the hall of Railway Union Sports Club at Park Ave, Sandymount, Dublin 4.

We are affiliated to the Contract Bridge Association Ireland (CBAI) and belong to the Dublin South Region, with many  of our members playing in leagues and competitions organised by the region.

Membership is currently closed but application forms are available from the club secretary at and your name will be placed on a waiting list. Alternatively you may download the form by going to Membership on the menu.

From Monday 21st Feb our club is  back to live bridge in the hall at 7.30. We are also offering a hybrid system so that members can play the same hands on BBO and results of both are amalgamated by our TD. 

 Thursday mornings  bridge will continue on BBO at 10am. and will break for the summer on May 26th.

On Monday night, guests can play max 3 x per year (except Major competitions). Guests not restricted on thursday morning. Please forward guest BBO user name and real name to to be put on our include list..

President's Annual End of Year Awards

Our end of year summer annual awards took place on Thursday 9th June.

 We were so delighted to be able to celebrate this event with a summer party for the first time in 3 years in the patio area of RUSC.

The initial presentation was to the winners of the Presidents Prize held on 3 Mondays in May.        

1st Prize – Fiona O’Gorman

2nd Prize – Ruth Maher.

3rd Prize – Phil Sweeney.

The summer awards winners are:

Player of the Year – Fiona O’Gorman.

Best Novice – Rosario Kealy.

Best Inter B1 – Liz Kevans.

Best Inter B2 – Paula Kilbane.

Best Inter A – Juliet Kelly

Most Improved Player – Phil Sweeney

Slam Bidder of the Year. – Fiona O Gorman.

Spirit of RUBC – Roisin Quigley.


  Fiona O'Gorman  - PP Winner        Phil Sweeney -  PP 3rd Place         Rosario Kealy - Best Novice                Paula Kilbane - Best B2


Phil Sweeney - Most Improved Player          Fiona O'Gorman  - Player of the Year     Juliet Kelly - Best A     


Fiona O'Gorman - Most Slams         Roisin Quigley - Spirit of RUBC


Mary thanked the committee for all their support and hard work throughout the year.

She reminded members that our summer games would be in person only.

The Summer Grand Prix would start on Monday 20th June and run for  10 weeks.



Congratulations to Fiona O'Gorman.


We would like to congratulate Fiona O’Gorman on becoming President of Dublin South Region Bridge at the AGM on Friday 27th May 2022.

 Fiona has served as President in RUBC and TD and we wish Fiona best of luck in her Presidency for the coming bridge season.


Dermot O'Brien, CEO of CBAI, congratulating Fiona

Presidents Prize

Presidents Prize


We had 12/13 tables each night and ran a hybrid competition with amalgamated results.

Many thanks to Roisin Quigley for doing the  leader board  each week and of course John Royd’s for running such a smooth competition. (See website for leader board)

Congratulations to our winners:  1st Prize:  Fiona O'Gorman

                                                            2nd Prize:  Ruth Maher

                                                             3rd Prize: Phil Sweeney

 Prizes will be awarded on June 9th at our summer party.



The 2022 John Burke Cup took place on 25th April.

The Competition was run in person and it was a draw for partners.

We had 8 tables and a big thank you to John Royds for running a smooth competition and to Mary Burke for being the spare partner.

There was great feedback from members, who were delighted to be back playing in the club!

Congratulations to the winners Fiona O’Gorman and Sheila Mc Donald.

2nd place:   Anne Sommerville and Tony Hayes.


Winners Fiona O'Gorman and Sheila Mc Donald                                                        2nd Prize Anne Sommerville and Tony Hayes

Easter Egg Competition

Our Easter Egg competition took place on Monday 11th April.

 Our TD ran a hybrid system with 4 tables face to face and 8.5 tables on BBO.

Congratulations to Caroline Crowley and Cassandra Byrne on winning the competition.

 Easter eggs delivered to all our winners in time for Easter.

Winner’s   1st    Caroline Crowley & Cassandra Byrne.

                  2nd   Graeme Williams & Jennifer Nolan

                  3rd   Norma Linehan & Annette Baron.

                   4th   Maeve Flanagan & Mary Seaver.

                    5th   Ide Gavin & Orla Staunton.

                    6th    Celia Magahy & Patricia McGeown.

                    7th   Colette & Alan Lennox.

Winners of Thursday morning Easter Egg competition.

                     1st   Anna Murphy & Anne Kelly.

                      2nd   Joan Lewis & Jennifer Nolan

Lambert cup success

Congratulations to Fiona O'Gorman  and partner on success at CBAI Lambert cup on saturday 9th april 2022.

This National competition was run face to face in Templeogue bridge centre for Area masters and Inter A's

Fiona and partner won the first session and came 3rd overall. A fantastic result!


Presidents Charity Night

Our 2022 Presidents Charity night was held on 7th March.

Railway Union Bridge Club is delighted to announce that  we raised €4,025 for Spinal Injuries Ireland.  Thank you to all our members and friends for supporting this great cause.

This year we ran a hybrid system, with 17 tables in total (4 tables in person and 13 tables online).

Phil O’Kelly, head of fundraising with Spinal Injuries Ireland expressed his gratitude to RUBC for the thoughtful and generous donation, and said that it is a huge help.


      Mary delivering cheque to Phil O’Kelly, Head of Fundraising with SII.


National Pairs Finals 19th March 2022

National Pairs Finals took place on Saturday 19th March on BBO and Railway members Eimer O'Rourke and Eileen O'Regan were lucky to secure a last minute slot in the Inter B Final and made the most of the opportunity to finish a fantastic 5th overall with 55.54%, very well done to both of them, doing their club and their region proud!

Mary Kane and her partner were also competing in the Inter A final where competition proved very tough but well done to Mary for qualifying to represent the region!

CBAI Simultaneous Pairs Feb 7th

Our club played in the CBAI simultaneous pairs on Monday 7th February.

Our members particularly enjoy this competition as they are ranked nationally with participating clubs.

As always, the hands were dealt by computer, with NO manual intervention and provided plenty of challenges. Paul Delaney, an expert commentator guided us through the maze in the hand commentary that was emailed  to members after the game.

We had 15.5 tables and many thanks our TD John for running such an enjoyable competition.

 Congratulations: The winners were Marion Moran and Sheila Mc Donald with a great score of 66.72%.  Sheila and Marion are ranked 18th nationally…. Fantastic ranking.

Teams results on Realbridge.10th/17th Jan 2022

Our 2022 team’s competition took place on the10th and 17th January on the Realbridge platform for the first time.

We had 64 players (16 teams) participating. The feedback from players was very positive.

Many thanks to John Royds for running the competition so smoothly. He was aptly described as superman behind the Scenes!

Also, a big thank you Fiona O’Gorman who spent lots of hours assisting people with IT issues and ran a trial run Realbridge event for members new to this platform. Thanks to Rita Mc Alinden for co-ordinating the entrants.

Teams Competition 10th & 17th January 2022 results


   Paula Clancy           Pat Hickey            Juliet Kelly          Eamonn Kelly

1st Place
Team 8 Paula Clancy, Pat Hickey, Juliet and Eamonn Kelly  152.97 VPs
2nd Place
Team 3 Marianne Gorman, Bernie O'Donnell, Anne Kelly, Anne-Marie Feeney  145.51 VPs
3rd Place
Team 13 Sue Power, Colette Stokes, Niamh Harty, Rachel Connellan  137.36 VPs

1st Session winners
Team 5 Roisin Quigley, Tony Hayes, Marian White, Nora Pat Stewart  69.59 VPs

2nd Session winners.
Team 4 Sheila McDonald, Marion Moran, Anna Murphy, Cassandra Byrne  73.93 VPs

Congratulations to all our winners. Paula Clancy's team who have won for the 2nd year in a row.  3 members of team winning last year and Pat Hickey playing this year. A great achievement!

The teams cup is on its way once we get it engraved.


Thursday Morning Christmas Bridge.

  Our final event of 2021 was our Christmas Thursday morning bridge party on 16th Dec.2021 which was played on  Realbridge platform.

Thanks to our TD Fiona O’Gorman for running a smooth competition as always.

As per usual our Railway members got into the festive spirit with prizes won for

Best Christmas outfit:          Maeve Flanagan.

Xmas tree in background:     Colette Stokes.

Making 3NT on the nose:      Graeme Williams. 

Winning a trick with 2C:         Miriam Dumbledon.

Lovely to see one another, play bridge and wish each other a Happy Christmas.   

Christmas Catch Up

Christmas catch-up

 Our Christmas get together this year was held on Friday 10th December @ 5pm, outdoors in the patio area of RUSC.  We had the shelter of the awning, and warmth of the patio heaters. The Christmas  music, lights and lanterns created a lovely atmosphere.

While enjoying mulled wine and mince pies our members chatted and caught up with friends all delighted to see familiar faces.

When everyone was nicely warmed with mulled wine we had some prize giving.


Mary Kane received the Joe Moran trophy from Fiona O’ Gorman, Vice President of DSR. Mary and her partner came 1st in the DSR Inter A competition on 4th Dec.

Next up our president Mary presented prizes for the turkey tournament. 1st prize (turkey voucher) to Owen O’Meara, 2nd prize Tony Hayes (Ham) hand delivered and 3rd Prize to Rita Mc Alinden (pudding) Roisin Quigley received a bottle of wine for being the earliest to register in the TT competition.


 A fun Quiz followed with some bridge questions and Christmas trivia.

Fiona O’GormanRuth Maher and Miriam Dumbleton (new member Question) won in the bridge quiz.


Best Hat prize won by Avril Barry.                Best jumper won by Colette Stokes.             Sparkliest Outfit Won by Cathy Hogan



Christmas trivia Questions followed with Yvonne FlanaganNorma O’Dowd, Mary De CourcyCassandra Byrne and Phil Sweeny sweeping up prizes.

Mary thanked the hard working Bridge committee for the tremendous work so members could enjoy the gathering. Also, a big thank you to our TD’s John. Fiona and Caroline who make it all happen!

Mary reminded everyone about the teams event in January and wished everyone a merry Christmas.


Turkey Tournament

Our 2021 Turkey Tournament was held virtually on BBO on Monday 6th Dec.

 We had 52 entrants.  Great fun was had by all in this Individual competition, playing one board and swiftly moving on to next table 22 times!!

A big thank you to our TD John for running the competition so smoothly.

A bottle of wine was won by Roisin Quigley for her early registration @ 5.30!

Congratulations to the winners who will receive vouchers as prizes.

1st Prize:  Turkey = Owen O’Meara.

2nd prize:  Ham = Tony Hayes.

3rd prize: Pudding = Rita Mc Alinden.


Well done to Owen, Tony and Rita!

Regional Pairs Dublin South

Congratulations to Mary Kane and partner, winners of CBAI Dublin SouthRegion - Joe Moran Cup.

 This is an Inter A competition and was held on BBO on Saturday 4th December.


IBU Simultaneous Pairs

Well done to all our members who took part in the IBU SIMS on BBO on monday the 1st Noember. We had 16 tables, with 3 pairs doing well nationally.

9th - Fiona O'Gorman & Walter McNicholas

12th - Nora Pat Stewart & Marian White

14th - Rachel Connellan & Niamh Harty

To see how you performed compared to other players who played the same hands all over Ireland, check out:

Online hands and commentary by expert and teacher Paul Delaney were emailed to members after the game, and can be viewed at:

Railway Union also ran IBU SIMS on Thursday morning the 4th November. Well done to Maeve Flanagan and Mary Seaver who were placed 6th nationally. Expert commentary on hands by Brian Senior were sent to members, and can be viewed at

Congratulations to Dermot O'Brien!

Congratulations to Dermot O'Brien on his recent appointment as Chief Executive Officer of CBAI. Dermot has been involved with Railway Union Bridge Club from the very beginning, as Teacher, President and Trustee. We are wishing Dermot every success in his new role!

Martin Cowley Cup 2021

Martin Cowley Cup 2021


Congratulations to the winners of our 2n virtual club pairs competition, run over 2 weeks on BBO. Our president Mary announced the winners on Zoom after the game. The event had 12 tables and Mary thanked our TD John Royds for coordinating the smoothly run competition.

Martin Cowley said a few words about the vibrancy the club and how beneficial BBO has been to our members.

The successful pairs were as follows:

Winners of 2021 Martin Cowley Cup: Tony Hayes and Anthony Moloney

2nd overall: Roisin Quigley and Marie Hutton

3rd overall: Ruth Maher and Fiona O’Gorman.

Session 1:   Sue Power and Colette Stokes

Session 2: Caroline Crowley and Cassandra Byrne

Best B pair:  Eileen O ‘Regan and Eimer O’ Rourke

Anthony Moloney thanked the committee for running a lovely competition. As it is pair’s second consecutive year to win the cup, he promised not to win next year!



Martin Cowley Cup Participants 2021                                       WINNERS: Anthony Moloney & Tony Hayes

AGM 2021 on Zoom

Our second Bridge AGM on Zoom took place on Monday 20th Sept at 6.30.

Julie opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and advised that as it was taking place on Zoom that both the secretary’s and treasurer’s report were circulated in advance.  The secretary’s report was approved.

We moved on to the financial report from our Hon Treasurer Mary Burke. Mary answered questions on accounts and informed members that subs would revert to 75 euro this year. Yvonne Flanagan, our RUSC liaison, reported how they were remodeling their finances. Mary Seaver told members that the new committee would be working closely with RUSC.  Mary Burke thanked our Hon Auditor Peter Daly for auditing accounts.

Julie went on to thanks our outgoing trustees, Maura Mc Kenna and Martin Cowley and had presented them with gifts. She thanked the committee for their tremendous work and that we were sadly saying goodbye to Caroline, Carol, Deirdre and Paul.  Flowers had been presented to Caroline, Carol and Julie on behalf of club.  She finished with giving sincere thanks to Roisin Quigley for collating / masterpoints, Yvonne Flanagan for liaising with RUBC and our TD’s John Royds, Fiona O’Gorman and Caroline Crowley.

 The 2021/2022 committee were subsequently elected. Mary Seaver gave her incoming address. She said that the pandemic had created huge challenges and thanked Julie for her dedication and commitment to the club particularly through our 10th anniversary watershed. She thanked her fellow committee members and new trustees for their willingness to commit their energy to the club. She thanked Sue Power for her calendar design. This is already online.

Transitioning back to face to face bridge would be our biggest challenge this year. The committee will actively research the possibility of a hybrid approach. Mary thanked Yvonne for continuing in her role within RUBC and referred members to the updated CBAI guide lines on returning to face to face bridge. Beginners bridge lessons were suspended due to the pandemic. We would hope to resume them,  as well as continuing alternate imp scoring in some of our pairs’ competitions. Four Fun teams will possibly be back in January depending on clubs reopening.

Mary wishes everyone a great bridge year!


To mark the end of the Bridge season and  our special  Birthday year our members were delivered a gift pack which included a 10th Anniversary booklet, a historical record inspired by Fiona O' Gorman and beautifully designed and presented by Sue Power. Thankyou to all the Past Presidents, members and committee who contributed to this trip down memory lane. Click here to view it digitally. The gift pack also included a special 10th Anniversary designed pen and a multi purpose keyring. Thankyou to Carol Horan for the instructional video. 


The President's Prize, which took  place over 3 weeks  culminated  on Monday 24th May.

This was an exciting competition right up until the final night when it was possible for up to 10 players to win this prestigious prize.

Julie presented the winner, Fiona O'Gorman, with this lovely engraved glass bowl on Zoom. Fiona was leading the pack for most of the competition so a very worthy winner.

Julie thanked all those for taking part and to John Royds for running so smoothly. A special thanks to Roisin Quigley for doing all her calculations of points and being prepared for all eventualities.

Fiona thanked Julie for running a great competition and gave a special thanks to her 3 partners Sue Power, Mary Seaver and Ruth Maher.



In 2nd place was Jennifer Nolan

In 3rd place was Sue Power

Congratulations and well done to all!



Congratulations to Colette Stokes and Martin Quigley on winning the John Burke Cup which was donated by Mary Burke in 2012 in honour of her father, an avid bridge player and teacher. It was a tightly contested competition. Thanks to everyone who embraced the spirit of the competition by playing with someone other than their regular partner/s. Thanks also to John Royds for running the competition with the twist of one board per round giving the advantage of meeting more players at the table which was very sociable.



Runners Up were Kieran Crowley and Aideen Costigan

3rd place Julie Rowan and Marion Moran.

Well done all.


A huge Congratulations to Sue Power, Colette Stokes, Anthony Moloney (and partner) who were the Winners of the Cooper Cup, the CBAI National Teams competition for Area Masters.

The team was in the lead for most of the competition so a well deserved win. 

A big virtual round of applause to them all.

Charity Night
Charity Night

There was a great turn out for our Charity night, in aid of the Capuchin Centre for the Homeless which was chosen by our President. Thanks to your generosity, 4,800 Euro was raised and Julie is pictured below delivering a cheque to Br. Kevin. We thank you and your friends for your continued support for this worthy charity. The committee also decided, that as we are not holding our tradtional Easter egg competition the club would donate  easter eggs to the Capuchin Centre. Julie hand delivered them a big bunch of them, along with the cheque and Br. Kevin was most appreciative. We hope that they will bring a smile and glimmer of hope to those who are going through the most  difficult times.



We had a great attendance of 20 students for the Doubles seminar with  teacher, Dermot O'Brien using BBO and Zoom. Dermot gave a comprehensive powerpoint presentation of Take-out, Penalty, Reopening, Negative and Lead-directing double.  He followed up with a quiz which allowed student participation. The class was informative and engaging. Then we all swifty went to BBO to play some hands to emphasise the teaching points. The class concluded with a return to Zoom for post hand analysis and time for questions. As always, Dermot was most generous with his time, giving tips on leads and play along the way.

All notes  and hands were emailed to students for their post class homework.

The fantastic thing about bridge is that it is a life long learning activity. Every day is a School Day. It is wonderful that our members are eager to embrace bridge development, albeit on line.  Another first for Railway. Well done all!

We will be having another seminar in April on Rebidding strong hands and Fourth Suit Forcing so dont miss out.

Anniversary Gala Pairs
Anniversary Gala Pairs


Our 10th anniversary Gala Pairs  was celebrated  with a fantastic entry to our 4 graded competitions.

Thanks to John Royds and Joe Dempsey, our TDs, for running our tournament so smoothly. Our President, Julie Rowan, announced the Prizewinners  after the tournaments on Zoom.

Thanks to all who joined us reminiscing with stories of the last 10 years when the club started with beginner classes to the thriving club it is today.

The winner of each competition will receive a pair of beautiful cut crystal, 10th Anniversary engraved champagne glasses.



1st    Michael Rowan and Phil Harnett

2nd   Colette Stokes and Sue Power

3rd   Mary Gleeson and Elaine Fitzpatrick

Phil Harnett and Michael Rowan pictured above celerating their win, socially distanced, with a glass of bubbly in the beautiful, engraved crystal champagne glasses.


1st    Anna and George Mellotte

2nd   Joyce Maguire and Mary Walsh

3rd    Nuala McGlade and Deirdre Morris


1st    Alexandra and David Blair

2nd     Mary Burke and Julie Rowan

3rd     Jim Gillespie and Martin Quigley


1st     Aideen and Paul Costigan

2nd    James and Margaret Munnelly

3rd     Teresa Garvey and Kris Bridges

Congratulations to all!

Aideen and Paul Costigan (pictured above) celebrating their Novice section win with a glass of bubbly from the beautiful, cut crystal, engraved 10th Anniversary  champagne glasses. 

Results with travellers and personal scoresheets

Area Masters RU Gala 16Jan 21.htm

Intermediate As RU Gala 16Jan21.htm

Intermediate Bs RU Gala 16Jan21.htm

Novices RU Gala 16Jan21.htm


Well done to all who took part in the CBAI SIMS on BBO on Monday night. A big Congratulations to Graeme Williams and Jennifer Nolan who are in 3rd place nationally. To see how you performed compared to other players who players who played the same hands all over Ireland check out

After the game, our members joined Dermot O'Brien on Zoom  to discuss hands. It was great to glean a few tips from the expert.

 On line hands and commentary, by expert and teacher Ranald Milne, were sent out after the game and can be viewed here CBAI SIMS 2021.pdf


Another opportunity to improve your Bridge on Thursday morning.

Well done to Colette Stokes and Sue Power, RU winners of CBAI SIMS on Thursday morning and in the Top Ten nationally. Thanks also to Fiona O'Gorman, our multitasking TD (who was also Spare partner and played, coming 2nd with Roisin Quigley) for running a smooth tournament. Thanks to the generosity of Dermot O'Brien we enjoyed a casual but informative analysis of the hands after the game on Zoom.

On line hands and analysis can be viewed here Thursday morning SIMS Feb 2021 commentary.pdf


Our  Annual 2 week Club Teams had a fantastic entry of 20 teams, thanks to Deirdre Morris who did a wonderful job of rounding up players and making up teams. 

Prizegiving was on Zoom and Julie showed off the beautiful cup which we will get to the winning team as soon as restrictions allow.


Winners: Juliet & Eamonn Kelly and Paula Clancy & Catherine Bradley

2nd: Deirdre Morris & Carol Horan and Anne & Niall Somerville

3rd: Roisin & Martin Quigley and Anthony Moloney & Tony Hayes

1st Session: Kieran Crowley & Cathie Hogan and Paula Kilbane & Phil Sweeney

2nd Session: Anne Cooke & Liz Kevans and Owen O'Meara & Mary DeCourcy

Congratulations to all 


10th Anniversary Gala Pairs Welcome

Welcome to Railway Union's 10th Anniversary Gala Pairs.

Unfortunately, we are not able to celebrate in our usual style face to face but we hope our members and our friends enjoy our Virtual tournament.

Here is a video of our President, Julie Rowan, giving her opening welcome speech to you all! Just click to play.




Thursday Morning Xmas Bridge

Our final event of 2020 was our XMAS THURSDAY MORNING Bridge party  when we played on  the Realbridge platform. Thankyou to our TD, Fiona O'Gorman for running so smoothly.

Thanks, also, to the players for making the effort to make it a fun festive event by dressing up in their Xmas outfits.  The Best Dressed Spot prize went to Colette Stokes for her Rudolph glasses (her excuse to her partner, Dermot O'Brien, for not being able to see the cards!). Also well done to Anne Kelly on winning another Spot prize. Lovely to see one another, chat and play bridge in a relaxed manner.

Hope you all enjoyed the virtual mince pies! 


Our Xmas Party was Virtual this year but it did not disappoint. Our L'Oreal TD, concocted 18 jazzy hands to have fun with. John also posed some tricky (ungoogleable) questions for Spot prizes.

Winners of Bridge were Roisin Quigley and Tony Hayes - well done to them for dealing with those tricky distributional hands.


After the tourney, we headed into the Zoom Xmas atmosphere to the sounds of........Chestnuts roasting by the open fire..Da dada  da........and with drinks in hand it was lovely to so many of our members joining us. Well done to Maura Mc Kenna for eventually getting there thanks to her partner, Pauline, and was welcomed with a big cheer smiley .

John joined us on Zoom and announced the winners of the Spot prizes - Fiona O'Gorman, Caroline Crowley and Tony Hayes -, with a full explanation of the answers. Our heads are still spinning!  Pat O'Mahoney then  took the floor and treated us to a song or two on the ukelele. Unfortunately, no dancing this year  -  fingers crossed for next Xmas.

Our President took over and thanked  everone for coming and John for running a fun tourney. Complements to Julie for her cool Xmas tree and ice blue lighting.

Julie reminded everyone about the Upcoming Gala tournament to celebrate our 10th Anniversary on 16th Jan. She then wished everyone a safe and happy Xmas.

The usual late nighters had to be kicked out to the Waiting room so the Zoom Host  could get to her bed! 



Paul Delaney, The Bridge Coach


Last Monday our members had their Slam bidding skills tested when faced with 18 exciting boards to play on our BBO game. Prior to the game we sent out Pauls introduction to RKBW 1430, Q ask convention  and other tips on recommended bidding methods to members. Of course, players could use any methods they chose.

Thankyou to John Royds, our TD,  for allowing extra time to deal with these more unusual hands. After the tournament many of you joined Paul Delaney, an expert player and teacher, on Zoom where he gave an analysis of over half the boards and answered questions. The hands and commentary were  also circulated to members and can also be viewed here Paul Delaneys Slam hands and commentary.pdf

This unique evening, was a wonderful opportunity to play your game with the added bonus of an educational boost. Something that has been lacking since the onset of Covid as our face to face lessons have been suspended. Our club has always embraced and encouraged bridge education and we hope to have similar sessions soon.


 Well done to  winners Sue Power and Colette Stokes.


Unfortunately, some of our members were not able to play because of difficulties with logging on or being bumped by BBO. We apologise  for those that were disappointed but this was out of our control.



Great fun was had at our annual  Individual  competition  which kicked off the Festive season on Monday 7th December. Another virtual first for Railway!

We had a fantastic entry of 64 players.

We played one board round, changing partner every round - a very sociable activity in keeping with level 3 restrictions.

Congratulations to the winners who will receive vouchers as prizes:

1st Turkey            Orla Staunton

2nd Ham               Martin  Cowley

3rd  Pudding        Fiona O'Gorman


Realbridge Trial

Last Thursday morning we embraced technology once more. We played on  the Realbridge platform which enabled players to see and talk to each other, albeit online. It was  almost as good as face to face bridge in the club. Although it took a little bit of getting used to, most players found it very sociable which is the aspect we miss most in our game.  Last weeks game was a  Free trial and we will return to playing our usual platform on BBO for the moment.

Meanwhile watch this space.........


Railway members got the opportunity to enjoy 2 Virtual SIMs competitions last week.

Congratulations to Moya Murphy and Aine Connolly who are in 7th place from Monday night's SIMs.

Well done to Mary Meagher O'Keefe and Graeme Williams who are in 1st place and Mary Burke and Ruth Maher in 10th place from Thursday boards. A big Virtual applause to them all.

Monday night and Thursday morning's competitions were followed by a post game hand analysis by Dermot O'Brien on Zoom which was very informative. Thanks to Dermot for being so generous with his time which was appreciated by our members. 

On line Commentary booklets by experts Paul Delaney and Brian Senior were sent out after the game. Altogether, a great opportunity to add to your bridge education.


Well done to all those who took part in the Dublin South Region Gala at the weekend which had a great entry. Aideen and Paul Costigan shone again who were 2nd overall in the Novice pairs on Friday evening. 

  • Martin Cowley cup 2020 Zoom
  • Martin Cowley cup Oct 2020
  • Juliel presenting cup to Tony Hayes
  • Martin Cowley cup Oct 2020 Winner Anthony Moloney
  • Martin Cowley cup Oct 2020 Winner Tony Hayes

Congratulations to the winners of our 1st Virtual Club Pairs competition which was run over 2 weeks on BBO. Our President, Julie announced the winners on Zoom after the game. She thanked all those for playing in the competition and a special thanks was given to John Royds for running the competition so smoothly.

Martin Cowley presented the cup to the winners, Anthony Moloney and Tony Hayes and followed up with his usual witty speech. Martin, very generously, sponsored One For All vouchers for the overall winners.  Anthony thanked the committee for running  a lovely competition. Our Hon. Treasurer let the cat out of the bag that Anthony  heart  Railway so much he paid his sub twice!!  Start spreading the News....... Railway! Railway!    Although it was late the usual stragglers hung around  in  the virtual bar to catch up on the gossip and discuss a few hands.

Although there were no monetary prizes the Honours are listed below.

Winners         Anthony Moloney and Tony Hayes

2nd overall    Juliet and Eamon Kelly

3rd overall     Anne Cooke and Liz Kevans

1st Session    Rachel Connellan and Niamh Harty

2nd Session  Jennifer Nolan and Graeme Williams

Best B           Sheila Mc Donald and Marion Moran

Best Novice  Bernie Price and Norma O'Dowd


On the Podium again.  Well done to Aideen and Paul Costigan who came 3rd in the Novice Pairs  in the North Kerry Congress at the weekend. A virtual applause to you both.