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New Registrations 2022

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Welcome to the RACV Bridge Club
Welcome to the RACV Bridge Club

RACV Club Members and their guests are always welcome to join us in the wonderful game of contract bridge.

The RACV Bridge Club provides the opportunity to meet and interact with like-minded Members through the game of contract bridge. The Club is affiliated with the Australian Bridge Federation (Club 3442) so to conduct masterpoint competitions, and to provide Members with access to the wider Australian community of competition bridge players. 

The Club offers Bridge workshops and classes for all levels of players, with Supervised Bridge on Monday mornings and Duplicate Bridge on Wednesday mornings. There are regular inter-Club competitions.  

The Bridge Club meets at the RACV City Club, 501 Bourke Street, Melbourne, and operates as an RACV Club Member Interest Group, within the Rules and by-laws of the RACV. 

Click here for further information from the RACV Club website.

From the President - 2023 and all that ...
From the President - 2023 and all that ...

To RACV Bridge Club members, guests and visitors:

At the beginning of a new year it’s always good to reflect on what went well and also on what might be improved.   Last year, my first as Club President was a learning process.  It is obvious that what isn’t broken should not be disturbed and the strengths of the Club are the members.
There are obviously many who find friendship and companionship through the bridge club, which is a great social benefit. 
This was typified for me when so many members donated cash to keep the club solvent and functioning.   I’m very grateful to each and everyone who did so. 
We had a market survey part way through the year when we asked members what they wanted from the club. The commonest response was education and assistance to improve the standard of play.  This is something the committee has taken on board and will pursue with our Director.

As we look to the return of the bridge sessions with the January Challenge, which I think is one of the best functions of the year, I would encourage you to keep me up to scratch and let me know what you want and need.

Bob House

December 2022


Bridge Updates

All Bridge sessions are in the Members Club Room on Level 2.  This room has capacity of 18 tables in each session.  Please note that all morning sessions start at 10am

BOOKINGS ARE REQUIRED for all sessions, including Beginner Lessons and Workshops. Bookings for each session open at 1:15pm one week prior to the next session (or two weeks if there is a public holiday in between). For any queries or if a session is fully booked (36 pairs), Members should contact RACV Club Events via email

The partnership service is unchanged: please contact

For all matters, including queries and partners,
please contact the Bridge Club at 

27th March 2023
Supervised Duplicate
Level 2 10.00am
Director: Ben Kingham
29th March 2023
Duplicate Session
Level 2 10.00am
Director: Ben Kingham
3rd April 2023
Supervised Duplicate
Level 2 10.00am
Director: Ben Kingham
Duplicate Session
Director: Ben Kingham
Supervised Duplicate
Director: Ben Kingham
Duplicate Session
Director: Ben Kingham