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Welcome to the Qualicum Beach DBC
Our Club
Our Club

Games are held at Mondays and Fridays 12:30 pm, at the Royal Canadian Legion Hall located at 100 Veterans Way, Qualicum Beach.  We are a Zero Tolerance Club. Please arrive no later than 12:15.

  Due to the excellent support from attending players, the game fee is now reduced to $5 except for special games, which will be $6

No Bridge Game on July 1, Canada Day. The Legion is not available.




Supervised Bid and Play - Help improve your game

Rita Beny and Nev Hircock are accredited bridge teachers and run Supervised Bid and Play (SBP) Bridge at Knox United Church  on each Monday from 9:00 to 11:15 am.  During these SBP sessions you may arrive as a single; pair or group.  You then play at your own pace and ask questions as you wish about the Bid or Play of any hand.  It is program of progressive coaching for any and all levels of play.  For the SBP program the charge is $6 per person per attendance to cover room rental. 

 Any questions about the program may be directed to  or phone 778-679-5485. Knox United Church is located at 345 Pym Street in Parksville.

Play it Again

Play it Again is a capability which adds additional play analysis to a Bridgewebs web site. It permits you to replay a hand and analyze the results of that replay decision.

To access Play it Again

  1. Click on the Bridge Results Calendar tab
  2. Select a play date and session
  3. Select player pair to analyze
  4. Select the board to analyze
  5. Click on the Play It Again button to activate it.

A PLAY IT AGAIN VIEW pop-up screen will display the hands for the selected board. Your selected board may be played again from this screen. To activate the replay process, select the desired makeable contract or maximum tricks (OPTIONS) from the grid in the Card Display Window in the lower right of the page. A blue dot in the MAIN VIEW identifies the Declarer hand for the selected contract. You may commence replay by clicking on a lead card from the Declarer’s left hand opponent, followed by clicking on a card from the Dummy, etc., until game is finished.

The PLAY IT AGAIN VIEW screen displays all hands so that you may replay each hand by selecting the desired card and position .

The RESULTS ANALYSIS VIEW analyses play in terms of percentage score by board played for your team and for competitive teams.

The PLAY IT AGAIN VIEW displays the optimum potential score for any given board.

The OPTIONS selection permits displaying either the maximum trick potential by position or makeable contracts in the Card Display Window.



Scoring Errors

Please inform the Director of any scoring errors ASAP!

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Director: A. Jenkins
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