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Urgent Notice

It is with regret that it has been decided to cancel all bridge for the foreseeable future. This decision has not been taken lightly but has been made, by the committee, in the best interests of the membership and their families. 

I know there will be a lot of disappointment at this decision but we all have a duty of care to each other and this decision has been made following the best and latest medical advice, evidence and worldwide experience.

If you are aware of anyone who might not receive this notification please contact them and let them know.

Hopefully we will all get through this and be back playing bridge soon.

If anyone wants / needs to contact me please do so by email - sandcam@hotmail.co.uk

I would particularly like to be kept informed if anyone is diagnosed as having contracted Coronovirus.

Thank you.

Best wishes to all

Sandy Cameron

Bridge On-line

If you are suffering withdrawal symptoms from your lack of bridge you might be interested in playing some bridge on-line. BridgeClubLive (BCL) have set up a new “Club” facility for all the frustrated players out there. Basically it provides a subset of the wider site specifically for each participating club. We have set one up for Purley Bridge Club so that you can play bridge on line with other Purley club members.

There is a special offer at the moment (until 31 March) which gives non-EBU members use for the ridiculously low price of £1 for the first month. So get in quickly and try it out. Go to https://www.bridgeclublive.com , select “Subscriptions” , then “Price List”and sign up for the £1 offer (first item in the list)

EBU members i.e. those of you play at other clubs as well as Purley, there is a completely free offer of 50 days for you to explore. You need your EBU number, then simply complete this form on the BCL website to submit a few details and you can give it a try.

We have set up a new menu option on our Web Site on the left, namely “Bridge Online” which has more detail on how to join, guidance of playing on-line etc.


Recent Winners
Recent Winners

February Championships 2020

Many congratulations to the winners - Pat Magnus & Demetrios Souppouris

                    and to the runners- up -   Mary & Paul Dibbs 


October Championships 2019

Many congratulations to the winners - Mary and Paul Dibbs

                       and to the runners- up - Steve Goldman and Terry Mitchell

Summer Competitions 2019

Congratulations to the following:
Monday Ladder:                          David Rothberg 

Monday Afternoon Ladder:         Joanne Gan
Wednesday Ladder:                     Terry Mitchell
Wednesday Afternoon Ladder:    David and Denise Roughan
Thursday Ladder:                        Bob McMahon
Percentage Cup:                          David Rothberg and Steve Reilly 74.55%


 Winter Competitions 2018/19

Congratulations to the following:
Monday Ladder:   
                       Terry Mitchell
Wednesday Ladder:                      Terry Mitchell & Nick White
Wednesday Afternoon Ladder:     David Clark
Thursday Ladder:                         Bob McMahon
Percentage Cup:                         Terry Mitchell & Nick White 74.55%
Blue Cup for most improved player:      Jan Campion  



No Fear Bridge Wednesday Afternoon

Wednesday  13.30 - 16.30


We were all beginners once, so why not put your name down on the rota to pass on your experience to someone just learning the game.

All help much appreciated.
Thank you

♣  The waiting list for those joining who wish to play on Wednesday mornings has now been suspended, so all members may play at any session. The list may be reinstated if the number of tables on a Wednesday morning becomes unmanageable.

 Members may bring guests at any time. Please introduce guests to the director before the start of play.

  Visitors are welcome, either individually or as a pair.

  After three visits, guests and visitors may only come along if they join the club.  


Thursday Pairs
Dir.: Richard Carr
Scorer: Chris Simmons
Wednesday Pairs
Dir.: Mike Bottomley
Scorer: Rosemary Fulcher
Wednesday Afternoon pairs
Scorer: Roger Lee
Monday Pairs
Dir.: Patrick Hanlon
Scorer: Martin Hooff
Thursday Pairs
Dir.: Bob McMahon
Scorer: Chris Simmons
Wednesday Pairs
Dir.: John Hyde
Scorer: Demetrios Souppouris
Wednesday Afternoon pairs
Scorer: Martin Hooff
Monday Pairs
Dir.: Sue Catley
Scorer: Martin Hooff
1st Apr 2020
Wednesday Pairs
Dir.: Butch Manning
Steward: isobel Gibson
1st Apr 2020
Wednesday Afternoon pairs
2nd Apr 2020
Thursday Pairs
Dir.: Nigel Matthew
Steward: Joan Cowen
3rd Apr 2020
Friday afternoon pairs
6th Apr 2020
Monday Pairs
Dir.: Paul Dibbs
Steward: Roger Whittaker
6th Apr 2020
Monday afternoon pairs
8th Apr 2020
Wednesday Pairs
Dir.: David Rothberg
Steward: Monica Grott
8th Apr 2020
Wednesday afternoon Pairs