Palm Springs and Cathedral City Bridge Club
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PSCC's Friday games are held at Mizell Senior Center. 
The game begins at 1:00 p.m.

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Please email Matt at
or call 760-831-5158.

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Welcome to Palm Springs and Cathedral City Bridge Club

 All games at the Mizell Senior Center are cancelled pending further notice due to the Corona Virus.  Watch for a re-opening announcement.  In the meantime...

Many players are playing in virtual games online at Bridge Base Online.  The Duncan bridge Center (DBC) now conducts Daily games through their virtual online club.  This club "pools" with DBC.  This means that our club players can play at the DBC virtual games even if they have not played there previously.  Remember to enter your ACBL number on BBO at  the "ACBL World" option.  The Duncan Bridge Center is the only non-profit bridge facility in the Coachella Valley.  Your welcome participation in the virtual games is appreciated.

499ers play Daily at 1:10 pm

Open game is Daily at 1:15 pm

There is also a 399er game on Saturday's at 9:30 am

These games are a poor substitute for seeing you all every Friday, but the best alternative in the age of social distancing.  To facilitate connections between us, David Combs has offered to compile directory of BridgeBase Online (BBO) user names for our members.  If you would like your name, user name, e-mail and (optional) phone number to be included, e-mail your information to David: or text to 760-413-7647.


The Desert's Friendly, Competitive Game
in Palm Springs!

♠  The Palm Springs & Cathedral City Bridge Club
is sanctioned by the ACBL.


Join us on Fridays at Mizell Senior Center
480 S. Sunrise Way, Palm Springs

The game starts promptly at 1:00 PM.

Matt Lund, Owner, Club Manager and Director

Tutorials for BBO Online

If you have ever wanted to learn how to get set up on Bridge Base Online, there are some nice tutorials that walk you through the process.

The tutorials are located at:









Teri Bratt
Teri Bratt

 Teri directs frequently on Fridays.

Teri can be contacted at



  It is not the handling of difficult hands that makes the winning player.
There aren't enough of them. It is the ability to avoid messing up the easy ones!



Mizell Open STAC
Director: Matt Lund
Mizell Open Pairs
Director: Matt Lund
Mizell Unit Game In Clubs
Director: Matt Lund
Mizell Open Pairs
Director: Matt Lund
Mizell Open Pairs
Director: Matt Lund
Super Big Games in 2019

72.92%  Mac Becket /KarenMichael  8/23/19

72.08%  Mary Terell/Karen Brandt  5/29/19

71.69%  Mary Terell/Karen Brandt  5/24/19

70.37%  Tony Glynne/Kevin Kahn  4/12/19

73.15%  Shirley Fitterman/Bob Robinson  3/8/19

71.44%  Tony Glynne/Jim Elliott  3/8/19

71.03%  Isadore/Rosalie Sharp  2/8/19

70.37%   John Hanley/Bob Victor  2/1/19