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Lloyd Center
Portland Bridge Club
2010 Lloyd Center
Portland, OR 97232

South Waterfront
Mirabella Tower
Pennoyer Entrance
3550 SW Bond St.
Portland, OR 97239

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Welcome to Portland Bridge Club
New 2500 MP Limited Games

Starting this Sunday 7/26 we will be holding 2500 MP limited games every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday.  

By popular demand we will be holding games limited to 2500 MPs. We hope that you enjoy this new level of competition. 

Silver Points Week

All next week (7/27-8/2) every club game will award double masterpoints and they will all be silver! We hope to see you at the tables!

Online Club Games!

Thank you all for you great support, attending our online virtual club games through the BBO website (Click here for the calendar of games). Some features of these games:

   - You get to play against your friends from the club. Access to the games will be restricted to people who have played at the PBC, Ace, MAC, or Town Club (but we can make exceptions for an out-of-town friend or relative, if you let us know in advance.)

   - You get to earn masterpoints. The ACBL has worked with BBO to make these virtual club games count for at least as many masterpoints as normal club games. If you are not yet an ACBL member, click here to join.

   - You get support the Portland Bridge Club. Each game will last two hours and cost $6.00, the majority of which will go to the club. The rest goes to BBO and the ACBL.

   - There are even limited games available (ACBL membership required), similar to our normal club schedule.

Click here for more details!

A Sad Note

Marc Franklin passed away in his sleep Sunday July 5th at 2 am at the ago of 88. He was a bright spot in the Portland bridge world for the several years that I knew him here and I always enjoyed his wit and wisdom both at and away from the table.

Marc is quite famous outside of the bridge world and I am certain that you will be able to read about his exploits in several national papers once they have had time to assemble the material. He came later to serious competitive bridge and amongst his proudest achievements at the game is winning an open pairs in a regional with his partner Mary Lou Moriarty. Larry Cohen gleefully announced his success by explaining that in all of his many years of playing tournament bridge he had never seen an 87 year old man win an open pairs with the level of competition that he saw. 

Amongst my own personal memories of Marc are some wonderful evenings playing bridge at one of he and Mary Lou's various residences in and around the Pearl District. It was also a delight to play against them at the club as they would provide a challenge both with (usually appropriate) aggressive bidding and deceptive play and defense.

BBO Alerts

Jim Kahan has helpfully created a document outlining the difference between alerting online and alerting in face to face bridge.

Please check it out.

BBO Alerts.pdf.


Welcome to the Portland Bridge Club. We are a vibrant and welcoming community, devoted to providing a pleasant and supportive environment in which to enjoy the game of bridge. If you are interested in playing or learning, please contact us and we will provide you with information to help get you started.

Contact Us

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Tue August 11, 2020
750 Pairs
BBO 1 p
Director: Chris Wiegand
Tue August 11, 2020
100 Pairs
BBO 1 p
Director: Chris Wiegand
Tue August 11, 2020
Chat with Chris
Zoom 3:30p
Director: Chris Wiegand
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Open Pairs
Director: Chris Wiegand
500 Pairs
Director: Chris Wiegand
Monday Night 200 Pairs
Director: Heather Dolan