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Just to keep you informed of what is going on at Pippins. From the 1st November 2018, building will start on our new 'Torbay' units. These units will have 4ft square living quarters, a 6ft by 4ft run and be serviced by a safety corridor. There will, eventually, be 3 corridor's of 11 'Torbay' units, making 33. We currently have 45 Standard Units. We anticipate the first of these unit will be available within 18 months. Therefore, we will only have 30 Standard Units available for use from 1st November 2018. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but are sure you will understand.


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Please send your booking or enquiry to pippinscattery@btconnect.com and Olivia or Doug will deal with it within 24 hours.

        Thank you.

       Olivia and Doug