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Welcome to Storrington and District VBC
Our Goal
Our Goal

This initiative is fighting back at the big V and the change it has made to playing our beautiful game and meeting the beautiful people who play it.

We intend to utilise Bridge Club Live to enable this. Their web site is -


The Plan
The Plan

We have at present 18 brainy folk interested in playing duplicate and teams on line. 

To progress we all need some tools and knowledge of Virtual Bridge (VB). Many will have both but not all so we propose the following :


1. An internet connection and basic knowledge of keyboard and mouse use.

2. A laptop, pad or PC usings Windows.

3. A smart mobile phone (a landline would be OK if tutoring is not too important)

4. You need to join Bridge Club Live (BCL) as a full member.  Check out -


1. We propose, once we have at least 14 members satisfying the above to initially play as 2's or 4's together until we are all confident with VB.

2. Once we are all comfy with VB we will progress to Duplicate. We need a minimum of 3 tables for this. It is very easy and the server is totally in charge, you just sit tight and do what you are instructed by the machine. We can from play from 12 to 24 boards, 4 times a day, 7 days a week. This frequency may not however be required. We may need to provide a one off subsidy for this. About £7 each.

3. Once we are comfy with Duplicate, and if there is interest, we will progress to Teams, both between our members and other clubs.

Please direct any questions or comments to either Chris or myself in the first instance.

This is a fairly complex venture to manage and this site is still being constructed so please be patient with us sorting queries.

BE HAPPY!!! (and safe)



 We will be able to play duplicate on Bridge Club Live from the 21st October if we have a minimum of 3 tables. If you wish to play please ensure:

1. You register on this site to play " Register for BCL Duplicate" opposite.

2. You associate yourself with our club on Bridge Club Live.

Please note half tables are not permitted and the final play list will be in the order registered so 'book early to avoid disappointment' as they say.



Please contact either Chris (07480777410) or me (07526757856) for help if required. 

A one-off cost of £8.50 will be required (but not yet).

Scorer: Bridge Club Live