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Need a Partner

If any Member needs a partner click on "Find a Partner" in the main menu or :- 

Telephone Ann Adkin 0774 696 9801

Welcome to Phoenix Bridge Club
Phoenix Virtual Bridge Club

Phoenix are running a Duplicate Pairs event on BBO every Monday and Wednesday starting at 7-20pm.

Please ensure you are signed up & logged on by 7-10pm. 

For guidance see "On-Line Information" in the main menu

For details contact Jeff Watkins or Ann Adkin (0774 696 9801)

Phoenix Bridge Club
Phoenix Bridge Club

In the light of the government's policy on Covid-19, the Phoenix Bridge Club premises are closed until further notice.

Phoenix Bridge Club was formed in May 2004 

We aim to play competitive bridge in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. 

Further details from Ann Adkin on 0115 937 2453.

BBO Duplicate
Director: Iris Foweather
Scorer: Diane Sharrock
BBO Duplicate
Director: Jeff Watkins
Scorer: Jeff Watkins
BBO Duplicate
Director: John Radford
Scorer: Diane Sharrock
Mon 10th May 2021
BBO Duplicate
7-20 pm
Director: Chris Frost
Hosts: Peter & Andrew
Wed 12th May 2021
BBO Duplicate
7-20 pm
Director: Geoff Caldwell
Hosts: Mary & Desmond
Mon 17th May 2021
BBO Duplicate
7-20 pm
Director: Ron Miller
Hosts: Martin & Clive