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COMPETITIVE ALL TOURNAMENTS ...look for PETER or PIGOT  and click in and register ....

Tuesday morning - every Tuesday at 11.00am  on Bridgebase Online

Thursday Evenings - every Thursday evening at 745pm on Bridgebase Online 


Welcome to PeterPigotBridge
Bridge Games

Weekly club games as below  (table money - €4.50 for non members, €3.00 for members)

EVERY TUESDAY am at 11.00am - 18 boards   Matchpoints

EVERY THURSDAY NIGHT at 7.45pm - 21 Boards 

There is partnership desk on BBO for every tournament ..Go to Peter Pigot Bridge game up to 2 hours beforehand and put your name in partnership desk. Another player looking for a partner might see you and make arrangement with you by inviting you. Failing that there is a robot partner available. 

IMPS scoring is like teams bridge ..objective is to make your contract and bring the opponents down 


Games are run by CBAI125463 - use the 'chat' button in BBO to talk to DIRECTOR if you have any issues ...want to know how to bid a hand a little better or worse email and I will find out the answer.

All welcome - simply send us your BBO Username and find a Partner, sit in the Partnership desk awaiting a partner or let us know and we'll try and find you one. 

Breaking News
Hi Folks 
NEW..... We will be using the online RealBridge platform in January, thus facilitating the class to play the instruction hands themselves. Also I have a new course for total BEGINNERS - please bring out all those who have previously discussed their intent!
For all Info -
All classes can be enjoyed by mixing and matching classes and topics on a PAY as YOU GO basis or simply booking the series. 
CLASSES after Christmas will be On-LINE using Real Bridge ( no download needed) with ZOOM. 
  • Interactive using RealBridge and ZOOM - Concept delivered, all will play on RealBridge, Post hand analysis and Q&A. 
  • Standard PeterPigotBridge Notes as email PDF for each session
  • VIDEO on request of each session
  • 8 Hands approx. Bid, Played and Analysed for each session
  • Request Topics will be discussed.
Classes will commence on Monday 25th January for 12 Weeks. (break at mid-term)
All you need to do to enjoy the classes is to download a copy of ZOOM ( - download for free) - 
for all details please check out -
(topics will be posted to the website as soon as special requests are agreed)
To confirm your attendance please 
PAYMENT (10 Alma Road Monkstown, Co. Dublin)
For Classes Please issue a cheque for €180.00, payable to Lausanne Bridge Limited
10 Alma Road, Monkstown, Co Dublin. Otherwise please make a transfer payment of €180.00  to
 Lausanne Bridge Limited. IBAN : IE09AIBK93353817922041. (referencing your name and class) 
sort code - 933538 Acc No - 17922041
REVOLUT Peter Pigot IBAN:  GB73 REVO 0099 7022 4756 99
Games on Tuesday am (18boards) @ 11.00am  AND Game on Thursdays 
(21 boards) @ 7.45pm ...SEND US YOUR BBO USERNAME!!
Table Money - €4.50 for Non Members and €3.00 for Members
CLASSES for January 2021
(Classes are a continuation of where we were other 
than the Beginners Class)
COURSE 1 TUESDAY Evenings @ 7.30pm
for Players who have been playing up to two/three years - Fundamentals + @ 7.30pm commencing 26th January 2021. 
The Levels, Improve your declarer play, Defensive Techniques, Slam bidding, Better Hand Evaluation, 
Compilation Class, Opening Bids, Odds and Evens, Interference, Weak Twos, Opening leads, Final Revision
COURSE 2 for Players who need more of the basics + - Improvers
Thursday Mornings @ 11.00am commencing 28th January 2021 
Rebids and Responses, Declarer play techniques in Suits, Signals in defence, Keycard Blackwood, Evaluation for Suit contracts, Compilation Class, Pass/Bid/Double
Discards explained, Bidding Over their NT, Pre-empting, 3rd Seat Defender technique, Final Revision. 
COURSE 3 for Players (3-7 years playing) who are playing in a club and are trying to Improve their Technique
IMPROVERS + - Monday Afternoons @ 2.00pm commencing 25th January 2021
Informative Doubles, Opening leads, 3 Key Declarer play techniques for suits, Slam Tries, Hand evaluation, Compilation Class, Negative Doubles, Over-calls, 
More on Discards, 4th Suit Forcing, 3 more key Declarer play techniques for suit contracts. Final Revision
COURSE 6 for RAW Beginners
Commencing Monday evenings 25th January @ 7.30pm
Introduction to the rudiments of Bridge, Bidding, Cardplay and Defence. 
COURSE 4 for Players (Novice - Intermediate B) who are regularly playing in a club with a reasonably regular partner
CLUB PLAYERS - Wednesday Evenings @ 7.30pm commencing 27th January 2021
Opening Bids, Responding in competition, Suit Contract Defences, Declarer Play techniques, 
More two suited over-calls, UPDATE, Opening leads, Protective and 3rd Seat bidding, 
Winning Bridge Philosophy, Big Hands, PASS, Revision.  
COURSE 5 for Advanced Players - Intermediate A and Area Master Players +
ADVANCED - Friday Mornings @ 11.00pm commencing 29th January 2021
Strong + Weak Opening Bids, Five Level decision making, Lead directing actions, responding in competition, 4 Suit contract defences, UPDATE, Declarer play problems, Slam Philosophy, More useful conventions, Defensive carding for Master players, Hand Evaluation, Revision.
 (Note - You can mix and match to avail of some topics that may not be in your listing)
Important Information
Important Information

BBO upgraded! Version 5.6.0 is here

by Admin | Posted on 

The html version of BBO has just been updated and and it comes with a major architecture change.

In order to help expand the site and accommodate more players, all playing options available in the Casual menu have been moved to a second BBO server.

What does this mean?

  • Every time you click on Casual you will be smoothly moved to another server. You will notice a “connecting…” pop-up on your screen every time you switch between Casual and the rest of the site.
  • When this happens, you won’t have to login again. You will be able to continue to use the site as you would normally do.
  • You might notice some unusual things, as detailed below. Consider the CASUAL button an entry point allowing you to switch between BBO sites. If something’s strange, click CASUAL and see if that fixes.

This is a work in progress, that required deep architectural changes to the site. You might notice unusual behaviours, such as:

  • When you are playing in the Casual area, you will not see players connected to the main BBO server, and vice versa. This means someone playing an ACBL tournament for example will not see in the list of online players his friend who is playing in the Main Bridge Club.
  • When you are playing in the Casual area you will not be automatically taken to your tournament, if you are registered for an upcoming game. So if you register for a Speedball and want to play a few hands in Main Club until it starts, you might miss your game. Remember to switch back to the Competitive area with a few minutes before your tournament is scheduled to start.
  • If you are trying to start a set game with your friends, ask them to click the Casual button before sending them invitations to join your table. If you are in Casual and they are on the main BBO site, they will not receive your invitations.

BBO’s technical team worked hard to provide an immediate solution to the massive influx of new bridge players who needed a new home. We are aware there are improvements to be made, and we continue to focus on providing a seamless experience to our users.

Meanwhile we thank you for your understanding and we’ll do our best to complete the two BBO servers integration as fast as possible.

Visit and click Login/Register to give it a try. And remember, you can use your favorite device to log in — the html version is compatible with mobile devices too.

As always, you can reach us at with comments, suggestions, bug reports.

Bridge Club Games

The Peter Pigot Bridge Club will operate on Bridgebase Online on Tuesday mornings 11am

and Thursday evenings 1945


Peters Email



28th January 2021
PeterPigot Bridge Club game
Bridgebase Online 1945
Director: Eamon Galligan
Host: Peter Pigot
2nd February 2021
PeterPigot Bridge Club Online
Bridgebase Online 1100
Director: Eamon Galligan
Host: Peter Pigot
4th February 2021
PeterPigot Bridge Club game
Bridgebase Online 1945
Director: Eamon Galligan
Host: Peter Pigot
PeterPigot Bridge Club Online
Director: Eamon Galligan
PeterPigot Bridge Club game
Director: Eamon Galligan
PeterPigot Bridge Club Online
Director: Eamon Galligan