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Club News
Congratulations to John Salisbury's team for once again reaching the final of this year's Welsh Cup, having won all their matches so far. As well as himself his team, includes three other club members - Tony Ratcliff, Julian Pottage and Paul Lamford. Other members of the team were Tony Disley who has played at Penarth and Gary Jones.

Good luck.


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Welcome to Penarth Bridge Club
Penarth Bridge Club
Penarth Bridge Club

Here are two events you might like to take part in

Many congratulations to the Penarth team of 8 that won the final at Llanelli on Sunday. A terrific result with 94 IMPS. The team was

John Salisbury (Captain) and Mike Tedd
Adrian Trickey and Simon Brindle
Jennifer Wardell and Muralini Dewan
Richard Stevenson and Rosemary Allen (Archway, Chepstow as Tony Ratcliff had COVID)

We are continuing with online bridge on Friday evenings on Bridge Base Online although these sessions have been suspended until the end of August.   There is no face to face bridge at present.

Please contact Tony Campbell or Meryl Skipper for further information

Keep Safe. Keep Well.

Tony Campbell email: Tel: 07966 139722 
Membership: Meryl Skipper: email Tel 07517 099042

Annual Competitions
Results 2019-2020
Chairmans report April 2020_2.pdf
Well done all the winners
Trophies presented at AGM probably September



Favager trophy – highest average score for a pair. Must play ten times to qualify.

  1. Joy Seculer and Mike Downey

  2. Trish Tracey and Joy Seculer

  3. John Salisbury and Joy Seculer

Eric’s cup – total master points in the year Claret Jug

  1. Joy Seculer - 772

  2. Trish Tracey - 750

  3. Tony Campbell - 745

Annie’s cup (pairs 2 evenings)

  1. Mrunalini Dewan & Tim Barsby

  2. Tony Campbell & Trish Tracey

  3. Pat Sullivan & Hugh Simmonds

Club handicap – (pairs 2 nights) - Rose Bowl

  1. Pat Sullivan & Hugh Simmonds

  2. Carol Cochlin & Philip Bottrill

  3. Vivien Duckers & Peter Sampson

Handicap for members who have played 20+ times - Cup

  1. Mike Downey

  2. Martin Thomas

  3. Philip Botrill

Club teams - Cup

  1. Tony Campbell, Simon Brindle, Joy Seculer, Mike Downey

  2. Adrian Tricky, Diana Trickey, Peter Millar, Trish Tracey

  3. Carol Cochlin, Marnie Owens, Patsy Cohen, Peter Craig

Terrific result for the club on Sunday in the East Wales qualifier for the Wales team of 8
Mike Downey, Roy Holloway, Tony Ratcliff, Trish Tracey, John Salisbury, Joy Seculer, Tony Campbell and Simon Brindle won!
Mike Downey, Roy Holloway, Tony Ratcliff, Trish Tracey had a storming second session which clinched it!
Well done all. Great for the club!

Results of the WBU Spring SIMS Tuesday 25th February 2020
Tony Ratcliff and Trish Tracey 2nd 64.52%
Tony Campbell and Brian Hardey 3rd 63.50%
Joy Seculer and John Salisbury 22nd 55.48%

75 pairs from 7 clubs

Results of the annual pairs championship over two weeks

Winners of the Flat - Mrunalini Dewan & Tim Barsby (64.3%)
Winners of the handicap - Pat Sullivan & Hugh Simmonds (52.1%)

Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat Flat
Pair Jan-14 Jan-17 Jan-21 Jan-24 Average of best 2
Mrunalini Dewan & Tim Barsby 63.1   65.48   64.3
Tony Campbell & Trish Tracey   57.94 55.21   56.6
Pat Sullivan & Hugh Simmonds 46.43 55.56 56.55   56.1
Meryl Skipper & Jim Elder   48.41 55.36   51.9
Carol Cochlin & Philip Bottrill 54.69   48.81   51.8
Joy Seculer & Meryl Skipper 48.96     54.17 51.6
Patsy Cohen & Peter Craig   50 39.58 52.78 51.4
John Salisbury & Tony Campbell 44.05     58.33 51.2
Joy Seculer & John Salisbury   51.59 49.4   50.5
Rod & Angela Hudson 47.02 49.21 44.62   48.1
Martin Thomas & Avril Collins   53.47 40.48   47.0
Vivien Duckers & Peter Sampson 44.64   47.92   46.3



Handicap Handicap Handicap Handicap Handicap Handicap
Pair Jan-14 Jan-17 Jan-21 Jan-24 Average of best 2
Pat Sullivan & Hugh Simmonds 42.43 51.56 52.55   52.1
Carol Cochlin & Philip Bottrill 53.5   47.62   50.6
Vivien Duckers & Peter Sampson 45.02   48.3   46.7
Martin Thomas & Avril Collins   52.83 39.84   46.3
Patsy Cohen & Peter Craig   44.02 33.6 46.8 45.4
Meryl Skipper & Jim Elder   41.12 48.07   44.6
Tony Campbell & Trish Tracey   43.5 40.77   42.1
Rod & Angela Hudson 41.68 43.87 39.3   40.5
Joy Seculer & Meryl Skipper 36.69     41.9 39.3
John Salisbury & Tony Campbell 30.71     44.99 37.9
Joy Seculer & John Salisbury   37.1 34.91   36.0



Penarth Bridge Club now plays at Trinity Church Hall, CF64 3EN.
The entrance is in Woodland Place.
There is plenty of parking in Woodland Place and the side roads.
Please come and support us
We ask players to be in their seats by 6.45 to set the movement

Keep an eye on The Penarth Times for last week's results and an interesting hand

Congratulations to Joy Seculer, Mike Downey, Simon Brindle and Tony Campbell on winning the club's annual team of 4 competition
Three slam hands were crucial

Great club barbecue on Thursday at Sean MacDougall's house after bridge
Thanks to all who made this such a sucess - Sean, Carol, Peter, Philip, Meryl etc

Penarth Menagerie won the 2019 EWBA handicap teams
beating Rhiwbina Ace of Clubs by 25 IMPS

Tony Campbell, Trish Tracey, Simon Brindle, Rod Hudson, Mike Downey


Trophies awarded at the AGM:

The results of the Club competitions for 2018-2019 (April 1 to March 31) are as follows:



Favager trophy – highest average score for a pair

  1. John Salisbury and Joy Seculer
  2. Clwyd Jones and Trish Tracey
  3. Mike Best and Peter Millar

Eric’s cup – total master points in the year

  1. Trish Tracey - 720
  2. Tony Campbell - 642
  3. Joy Seculer - 615

Annie’s cup (3 evenings)

  1. Brian Hardey and Tony Campbell

Handicap for members who have played 20+ times - Cup

  1. John Salisbury
  2. Joy Seculer
  3. Alan Lightbody

Club handicap – 1 night - Rose Bowl

  1. John Salisbury and Mike Downey
  2. Trish Tracey and Peter Millar
  3. Raggie Smith and Martin Thomas

Club pairs flat – 2 nights – Claret jug

  1. Trish Tracey and Peter Millar
  2. Tony Campbell and Simon Brindle
  3. Mike Downey and Carol Cochlin

Club teams

  1. Peter Millar, Trish Tracey, Mike Downey, Tony Ratcliff
  2. Carol Cochlin, Marnie Owens, Peter Craig, Patsy Cohen
  3. Jim Elder, Meryl Skipper, Pat Sullivan, Hugh Simmonds

History of the club

Penarth Bridge Club was founded in 1972 to play duplicate contract bridge in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
The story of our first 30 years, which was recorded by Hope Hall for our Birthday Celebration, is included
under General Information. After 40 years, the club still retains its original intent of offering good bridge in a friendly and fair environment.

The club is a member of the East Wales Bridge Association (EWBA) and the Welsh Bridge Union (WBU).
All sessions are directed according to the rules of the WBU, with master points awarded for all scored events.
The club uses the ScoreBridge scoring program in combination with the Bridgetablets electronic scoring system ,
which provides instant results at the end of each session.

New members and visitors are always welcome.
Whatever your experience you will likely find players of a comparable standard at Penarth.

We play on Tuesday and Friday nights starting at 6.45 pm but on Thursday there is a session for beginners and those who would like to improve.

We look forward to welcoming everyone at the Friendly Club at Trinity Church Hall!

Beginners and Improvers

 A session for beginners and those who would like to improve, is held every Thursday.

This is held from 10am to 1pm.

Please be there at 9.50am to meet the others and be seated

5th August 2022
Club Event
Bridge Base Online 7-10 pm
12th August 2022
Club Event
Bridge Base Online 7-10 pm
19th August 2022
Club Event
Bridge Base Online 7-10 pm
Club Event
Scorer: Tony Campbell
Club Event
Club Event
Scorer: Mitch