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Bidding file

The bidding file from 26-10-2020 can be found on the News Page.  The figures in brackets show how long it took for each bid to be made.

Online Bridge

You can now play Online Bridge with club members whenever games are being offered.  These at the moment are on Monday nights and the results are shown over on the right  Go to Online Bridge SE Asia for more information as to how it works.

Penang Contract Bridge Society

The Florence Goh Trophy was played on the 21st September at the Jazz Hotel.  5 teams took part.

The winning team was Dr Chin and Fiona, Florence Goh and Tok It Foo.  Second were Alan, Fee, Mecky and Jorva


Thanks to Leansee Ooi for the composite picture.

Who we are
Who we are

Penang Contract Bridge Society is a Bridge Club registered with the Register of Societies in Malaysia for the purpose of playing duplicate bridge.

Web Site

Please note that all older results appear on the Bridge with the Brewers website

Bridge Congress in 2020

Penang Contract Bridge Society had to cancel the Congress scheduled for the 21st and 22nd March due to the Covid-19 outbreak, but will be holding it as and when the situation allows. Please see our website for more information -


The Atsuko Trophy competition held at the E&O hotel on the 5th December 2019
The Atsuko Trophy competition held at the E&O hotel on the 5th December 2019

The winners of the competition and the runners up, who all received prizes, were

1st Florence Goh and Maria Kainz 

2nd Dr Chin Fook Weng and Fiona Chin 

3rd Fee Khoon and Alan Orchard 

4th Fred Daly and Evelyn O'Donnell 


Special Message

Bridge at DISTED is once again suspended until further notice.

Richard Jones

It is with great sadness that we report that Richard Jones passed away on the 24th February.

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