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Narrowboat Taster Days
Narrowboat Taster Days

Our Taster Days as designed to offer help and advise to people who might be considering purchase, hire or are just plain interested in finding out about narrowboating. The day has an agenda that has been developed to provide a 'taste' of life on a narrowboat but you can ask for other items to be part of your day. Maybe more time on rivers, experience a tunnel, try wide locks, narrow locks.... It's intended to provide newcomers to the cut with a view on what life might be like on a narrowboat - much cheaper than finding out after you've purchased or hired one.

The single day is designed for two people to experience and practice the various tasks used regularly whilst cruising our canals and allows hands-on experience under the safe guidance of our certified instructor. At the end of the day you will leave with a copy of our book and a safety hit list for your future reminder of good practice. This might be useful to people intending future boat hires or even purchase,

During the day refreshments (tea, coffee, cordials) will be provided as required and lunch (hot or cold to suit the day). 

Price for two persons for one day (8hrs minumum)  ...............................  £200.00

Please ring or email for details and booking   or 07970 103217