Planet Narrowboats
Steerer / Boat Handling Training

We provide a unique method of teaching narrowboat handling based upon our own book "Narrowboating Solo - With a Crew" where we teach the art of handling the boat using a method that can allow the steerer to control the boat solo or with a crew BUT using the same basic method. No task in this method requires the need for a crew to complete - however any task will certainly benefit from crew being present. 


On completion of the day you will leave with a safety briefing leaflet, which you can use for your own trips with visitors, and a copy of our book 'Narrowboating Solo - with a crew' a unique take on a system of narrowboat handling - for all. 



Aims of the course.


1. To introduce participants to the wonderful world of inland waterway cruising. The day will be enjoyable, instructive and ultimately, beneficial to all participants.


2. To instruct participants in the principles of safe and friendly boating. Throughout the day participants will be continuously coached and helped on handling techniques. This is usually conducted on our 57ft narrowboat or, by arrangement, your own boat.




The course can be conducted on our 57ft narrowboat or on your own boat. Our boat is based in Burton-on-Trent on the Trent & Mersey Canal. From there the course can adopt the lower 'wide' canal system through to Shardlow or may utilise the single width canal through to Fradley.

However we travel around the whole network on our boat and though centred around Burton on Trent we are often to be seen on other canals and can arange training or taster days which may be closer to you and thus require less travelling.


Simply telephone, email or write to us to discuss dates. We can usually accomodate your dates into our calendar



£180 for a one day lesson for one person.

  £200 for a one day lesson for two people.


On all courses hot and cold drinks will be provided and a lunch at mid day.