Planet Narrowboats

The following comments have been entered into our vistors book aboard nb Mercury

Ciara wrote : "Mick, thanks so much for looking after us this weekend. You are a fabulous teacher"

Mark wrote : "Great days instruction from Mick. He is extremely knowledgeable and his easy manner puts the student in their comfort zoner. Every minute is filled with tips and tricks that make boating not only safer, but a more pleasurable experience"

Pattrick wrote : "Most excellent course! Thank you for the training, your experience showed in every area"

Sam wrote : "Really good day. Thank you"

Sonia & Rob wrote : "A thorough and full day. We have benefitted from Micks inclusive training and enjoyed increasing our elementary boating skills"

Nathan wrote : "Had a fantastic day, learnt lots. Mick was very thorough and talked me through everything. Feel a lot more confident going out on a narrowboat, now that I know all the useful hints and tips that make it so much easier"

Jan wrote : "Thanks for a very enjoyable and interesting day learning your solo narrowboating method. I feel much more confident now"

Matt L & Matt J wrote : " Very informative, easy going and informal. Veryy knowledgable and realistic experience. Highly recommend" "very interesting course, cleraly explained, very enjoyable"

Fred & Alex wrote : "A really interesting course, with lots of experience. Mick is very patient and gives you a lot of confidence, which really helps. I would thoroughly recommend anyone considering boating to take a couple of days of Micks time, you will not regret it".

Maggie & Colin wrote : "We had two days of training as 'helmsmen'. I personally (Maggie) had no prior experience of steering/mooring etc and was unable to pass the course, however it was enjoyable and I learned a lot". Colin wrote "Having had a couple of weeks on holiday hires I had a little experience. I was looking forward to honing my skills. Mick was a good assertive trainer. He ensured that I had achieved the skills and demonstrated that I was competent. Delighted to have passed."

Steve wrote : "Excellent instruction as Mick is very knowledgeable. He takes time with you if you don't get it right first time. Enjoyable day and will be recommending this helmsman course".

Glyn wrote : "Great two days. Covered everything I needed. Very informative, very relaxed, made things easy to do. Excellent."

Stephen (own boat) wrote : "Extremely informative and worthwhile, a very pleasant day. All in all, invaluable to a novice like myself".

Karen & Richard wrote : "Thank you for such a thorough training course. Even though I (Karen) found some bits more challenging than others, the teaching was always patient. We learnt so much. Thanks Mick

Keith F wrote : "Simply fantastic day, Micks got the patience of a saint. His boating skills are second to none, will come again. Best regards Kieth".

Keith & Jan wrote : "Great day, excellent instruction. We both learned a tremendous amount. Would highly recommend. Many thanks."

Geordie & Lee : "Thank you for a fantastic day! I think it is safe to say, that you saved our holiday with todays lesson. You could not have done more to make us welcome. All the best".

Ian wrote : "Great course, lots to take on board (no pun intended). Mick is very honest about performance and ability! Would recommend to anyone. Thanks for your patience".

Andy & Louise wrote : "An extremely instructive day. My husband learned a lot whilst I snoozed:-). Would thoroughly recommend Mick as a trainer. Basically .... do things slowly and be patient".

Dave & Jacquie wrote : "Really enjoyed our two days and feel that we have gained a lot of good advice". "Very pleased with information and knowledge gained. Well worth doing the 2 days".

David wrote : "Exceptional course! Learnt more in 8 hours than in the previouos 4 years. Can thoroughly recommend the course to everyone and I got a pizza for lunch. Brilliant. Many, many thanks for your time and patience".

Melvyn, Diann & Liam wrote : "An absolutely brilliant day! We all thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Mick is a fantastic teacher.

Brian & Aileen wrote : "Fabulous day. Mick has the patience of a saint! Absolutely loved the day, a fantastic experience". 

Martin, Sue and Luke wrote : "A fabulous day that taught us all of the areas that we needed and many more as well. In addition, we had great fun all day. Mick really knows all the facts on the boat, waterways and safety. Many thanks Mick"

Aileen wrote :"Had a full day's training today! Thrilled with the outcome. Mick explained things in a clear, calm and concise manner, and instilled much confidence in me. I'd have no hestitation in recomending this course to anyone who, like me, was apprehensive about steering and negotiating bridges. Brilliant!"

Ray & Lynn wrote :"A brilliant day. Learned a lot, very relaxed, love the boat, and the wildlife. Great weather, just the best day for learning the basics of being a bargee. Excellent instruction in a relaxed atmosphere".

Lesley wrote :"Thanks Mick. I feel confident and keen to take on more baby steps over the summer. Friendly yet professional".

Paul & Dawn wrote :" A good day, Excellent instructions. Given full safety instructions. Good confidence gained and clear instructions given by tutor. Many thanks for the experience".

Nick wrote :"Enjoyable and informative. Feel more confident going out on my own now."

Gary & Angela wrote :"I had a great day! Mick taught me so much and his humour and patience with a first timer made for a terrific experience and somethging I would recommend to anyone - Gary". "Awesome! Mick was very friendly and made our day enjoyable coming all the way from Ossie:) . Good for anyone who wants to experience the waterways - Highly recommended - Angela"

Claire wrote :" A really excellent day of training. Plenty of opportunities to practice maneouvres and calm and clear directions. I would recommend Mick as a trainer and look forward to further training when I need it. Many thanks".

Rachel & David wrote :"Excellent days training. We are new to narrowboating and this has been the best start. Thank you very much"

Helen & Richard wrote :" Lovely day with Mick, good confidence builder. Good sense of humour. Would recommend - but he does need a new hat!"

Trev wrote :" I could not smiling all day. Never done it before. Very easy, relaxing, Fantastic day. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks."

Cath & Mike wrote :" Great day and great teacher. Will be coming back for more tuition. Thanks"

Rob & Barbara wrote :" As an absolute novice I would never consider handling a boat unles I had received tuition. Mick today, has really helped me understand safety factors and has given me the confidence to go out with my husband. I still have a lot of practice to do I could not have done anything without the advice and help I have been given. A very comprehensive worthwhile day."

John wrote :" Thanks Mick for a great day. A natural teacher."

Stephanie wrote :" Fascinating, exactly what I needed as a beginner when I wanted a feel for both being on and handling a boat. I'd want to do it all a bit more to be sure I'd remembered things but that was plenty for one day. Thank you very much."

Barry & Becky (own boat) wrote :" A brilliant days tuition. We now feel we can enjoy our boat safely and with a good understanding of locks and canal etiquette. Thanks Mick, couldn't have made the trip without you, especially on the river" Editors note here - the owners boat engine stopped whilst we were on the River Trent heading up stream, and the lesson on anchor work had a more practical than theoretical twist to it. Every lessons different!

Julie wrote :" Loved my day training on the boat with you. Feel much more confident than I did, I realise I have a way to go but have learnt such a lot today. Thank you."

Steve wrote :" A terrific day out with a great bloke. Knowledgeable, and patient, even with me! Highly recommended to all."

Mary (own boat) wrote :" Very useful course. Mick has been patient and informative. I feel I am much more confident in handling with the narrowboat either by myself or with a crew, of course with some practice. Many thanks for a very enjoyable day"

Dave wrote :" Extremely enjoyable day - Mick is a brilliant teacher. I have learnt a lot and feel much more confident. I would recommend anyone to do the course before venturing out on ther canal system. Fantastic!"

Wayne wrote :" Fantastic day. Enjoyed by myself, wife and 9 year old daughter. Day was at a comfortable pace, daughter involved and really enjoyed it. Mick very pleasant, made us feel really welcome and was genuinely interested in helping me gain confidence. So pleased we did the training day. Gained so much knowledge and confidence in handling the boat and more importantly in the use of locks. A great day and great experience" Zara (9 years old) wrote :" Mick makes you feel very welcome and gives the best lollies."