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Unit 110


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Peninsula Bridge in Virginia

PBC Donations

PBC’s primary charities are the ACBL Funds & Alzheimers The Longest Day

Our local charity is the

Virginia Peninsula Food Bank

In 2018 the PBC donated more than $3300.

Our goal for 2019 is $4500.

Please come and play to help us reach our objective.

2019 Donations:

Jan   = $ 636.25

Feb  = $ 233.25

Mar =  $ 192.00

Apr  = $ 612.00

May = $ 370.00

Jun  = $2227.00 (including Longest Day)

July = $ 479.00

Aug = $ 538.00

Sep = $ 544.50

Year To Date: = $5832.00

Welcome to PBC Bridge Club
PBC Is Open Full Schedule see Calendar

Bridge Center 757-380-6032

Ron Alldaffer Communications 757-613-9326

Email PBCbridgeclub1@gmail.com

Wednesdays 2019 Learn to Play Bridge


 9:30   Bridge Class Card Play

10:45  Bridge Class Bidding and Prepared Hands

12:30 Fun Duplicate Lesson

 1:00 Fun Duplicate NLM game

Saturday Nov 9th, 2019 A Learning Barometer Game Open Pairs 12:30 pm

The Saturday Learning Barometer Game

The PBC will be offering a 'Learning Barometer' format open pairs game at 12:30 PM on a Saturday, once a month.  Check the calendar for the date.  

- The boards are random and have not been  'fixed' in any way to illustrate a point.  Random does mean random.

- Anyone can come and play in the event.  But it is aimed at those who want to learn to be better bridge players.  That cannot be judged by how many masterpoints someone has.

- All pairs will BID and PLAY the same hand AT THE SAME TIME.  No forced bidding, no forced leads.  Do what you want.  In bridge lingo, this format where everyone plays the same board AT THE SAME TIME is called a 'barometer'.

- After everyone has finished playing the hand, we will put the hand up on the TV and discuss it.  Auction, opening lead, defense, and POTH by declarer.  Instant learning gratification!!!  You've GOT to like that!

- Then we will play the next board, same as above.

- After the round, we will announce the current standings for all pairs. 

- After the round is finished, the movement will depend on how many tables I have.  Either a Mitchell (NS stays at the same table) or a Howelll (everyone moves).  

- Just play bridge... AND THEN LEARN!

This game requires a lot of prep work.  Making a lot of boards, etc.  So if you plan to come, PLEASE, PLEASE let us know you are coming so we know how much work to do!

All for $7, $6 if you are a member of the PBC!

Pass the word to your bridge friends who want to learn to be a better bridge player.  Learning can't be more fun and less painless than this format.

We hope to see you there on a 'Learning Barometer' Saturday every month.


RSVP: to pbcbridgeclub1@gmail.com or sign up on PBC Event White Board

Monday Pre-game lesson - NLM & Open Game

30 minute lesson followed by NLM & Open Game 

Mondays Pre-game lesson 10:45am NLM & Open Game 11:30am

1st Monday of each Month “BIDDING PRINCIPLES”

2nd Monday of each Month “PLAY OF THE HAND PRINCIPLES”

3rd Monday of each Month “DEFENSE PRINCIPLES”

4th Monday of each Month “THE LAWS OF BRIDGE”

5th Monday of each Month “USEFUL CONVENTIONS”


Email  Dick Hartman - dickhartman@cox.net


Wednesday Beginner Bridge Lessons

9:30   Bridge Class Card Play

10:45  Bridge Class Bidding and Prepared Hands

12:30 Fun Duplicate Lesson

 1:00 Fun Duplicate NLM game


Contact David Burnes or Paul DeMarsh or pbcbridgeclub1@gmail.com for questions.


Our Location

23rd October 2019
Wed - Bridge Class Card Play
PBC 9:30am
Director: Paul DeMarsh - pauldemarsh@yahoo.com
23rd October 2019
Wed - Bridge Class Bidding and Prepared Hands
PBC 10:45 am
Director: Paul DeMarsh - pauldemarsh@yahoo.com
24th October 2019
89th Annual DC Championships Sectional Silver Spring, MD
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Wed - Fun Duplicate Bridge Pre-game Lesson & NLM Game
Director: David Burnes
Tues - Open Stratified Pairs CC
Director: Ron Alldaffer
Tues Evening - Better Bidding - mini 2 over 1 Lesson Learning Barometer
Director: Chuck Sadowski