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Webster Trophy Rules

Pannal Bridge Club Competition – The Webster Trophy


A review of the competitions run by the Pannal Bridge Club was undertaken by the committee in late 2015.

As a result of this review it was decided that in future only one competition will be played.


As a mark of respect and in recognition of all the work carried out by Jack Webster and his wife Rita for the club over many years,

the new competition will be called the Webster Trophy and a new trophy will be acquired.


The competition will be managed via the ScoreBridge software used to produce the weekly results.  Members will be able to check their place in the standings for the trophy via the club website.

Click on ‘The Webster Trophy’ button or under "Competitions" on the home page.



  1. The competition is only open to members of the club and will run from 1st September to 31st July each year.  (This period enables the presentation of the trophy to be made at the AGM and eliminates a month when many members are on holiday).
  2. The Webster Trophy is a member’s only pair’s competition.  Points are awarded on a sliding scale.  Each week the winning pair North/South and East/West will be awarded 8 points the second place pairs 7 points, third place pairs 6 points and so on down to 8th place pairs who get 1 point.  Below that no points are awarded.
  3. A pair must play together in a minimum of 5 events before they are considered a pair and their scores are eligible to be entered into the competition.
  4. Only the best 20 scores of a pair, during the competition period, will be totalled to decide the winning pair.  If more than 5 but less than 20 events are played by a pair then all events in which they played together will count.
  5. Where a partnership changes during the year an individual may find themselves featuring in the competition standings more than once.
    For instance where person A plays with partner B for 12 events and then changes to partner C for the remainder of the year and plays 25 events with the new partner, then the totals for both pairs A&B and A&C will be separately listed in the competition standings.
    These two pairings are different and the scores will not be added together.
  6. Substitutes are not allowed so a person playing with a different partner less than 5 times during the competition period will have those scores ignored and they will not count towards their normal partnership.
  7. Visitors are not eligible to enter this competition.
  8. In the event of a tie at the end of the competition year, then a count back of the points total for the last 10 events played by the tied pairs will be used, if a tie still exists then the last 5 events will be utilised, followed if necessary by the last 3 and last 1 results. In the unlikely event that a tie still exists after the above count backs have been examined then the total for 21, 22, 23 events and so on will be used until a winner is found.



December 2015