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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".

Happy Holiday!

Our first Panhandle Virtual Bridge game was Wednesday, April 29th. We had 4 tables that day! That was over 7 months ago. It just doesn’t seem like that long ago, but here we are approaching the end of 2020. It’s been a challenging year – COVID-19, social distancing and masks, losing friends & family members, making new friends, a contentious election, and learning new skills to allow us to play online bridge.

Your support of our bridge club has been awesome! In the past 7 months, we’ve had 1,760 tables of bridge and generated $18,318.40 in net revenue for our clubs. That means that for every $5 entry fee you pay, approximately $2.50 of it is returned to your club! That’s a great investment for the future of our clubs.

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm and support of this great game! We’re looking forward to a prosperous 2021 with a COVID vaccine available to us in the foreseeable future. Stay safe & Happy Holidays!

Last updated : 13th Dec 2020 12:10 CST
Drop-In Sessions for Playing Online

The team of ACBL Tournament Directors will be continuing their drop-in sessions to assist players with all facets of how to play online. These sessions are currently scheduled to run until late December. We will decide at that time whether to continue them into the new year.

Link to schedule:

Last updated : 19th Oct 2020 15:12 CDT
September Update

September was a great month for our club! We had a total of 314 tables (138 tables for Stardust Week). Thanks to all for your participation and support of the club!

Last updated : 2nd Oct 2020 17:24 CDT
Finding Makeable Contracts on BBO Games
You can now look at the BBO travelers and movies for games in August and September on our website. There is also a feature you can add in to look at makeable contracts using google chrome and the chrome extension (Bridge Solver).
Here’s what you need to do:
3. Go to our website (using Google Chrome)
  • Click on Results (left hand column) which should take you to the ‘results calendar’
  • Click on the Calendar Event you’re interested in viewing 
  • Click on your score (it’s highlighted in blue)
  • Click on the traveler for your pair or other pairs. 
  • Click on the movie for your pair or other pairs to see the bidding or play the hand
  • Click on the board you're interested in seeing makeable contracts, click on the bridge solver icon (small spade symbol - upper right hand side of your toolbar); a new window should open up showing makeable contracts.
Last updated : 17th Sep 2020 10:05 CDT
Convention Cards

SAYC Convention Cards (CC) no longer load as default on BBO - If your partnership does not load a convention card, the convention card will show as not loaded.

Here are some YouTube videos showing how to make and share a convention card.

Please take a few minutes to review the above videos. If you and your partner do not have a convention card on file in BBO, please fill one out. Please note, you should have a CC with every player you play with (no different than when you're at the club). Your opponents should be able to look at your CC during the game. If you need help filling out a CC after you've reviewed the above videos, please feel free to contact Martha Bogart for assistance. Thank you!


Last updated : 8th Sep 2020 04:27 CDT
BBO Server Upgrade

Changes in stratification:

  • Changes to the order of stratum assignment (assign players to C and B, rather than A, when strata are not balanced).
  • Use average points rather than maximum points for stratification
  • Make stratum sizes more even
Last updated : 7th Sep 2020 15:45 CDT
ACBL Announcements

ACBL has launched a new Masterpoint Engine. That means all masterpoints (MPs) are now calculated by ACBL systems instead of BBO. The BBO results you see at the end of the game are unofficial. Your official MP awards are posted on Live for Clubs.

Open games now get credit for limited games if they start within 30 minutes of each other. Face to face club games have always been calculated this way and now the change has been made with virtual games.

If there is a robot pair in the game, they will be marked as ineligible to receive Masterpoint awards. Just to ensure that you undertand what this means, while the BBO results will show robot pairs receiving awards, this will change when the games are processed in Live for Clubs.

Last updated : 7th Sep 2020 15:44 CDT