P3A Bridge Club
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Welcome to P3A Bridge Club

Welcome to the Paphos 3rd Age Bridge Club website.

We normally run two sessions a week: 

Improvers bridge on Monday mornings, playing both Chicago and Gentle Duplicate, and

Intermediate bridge on Wednesday afternoons, playing Competitive Duplicate.

Presently the Monday and Wednesday sessions are suspended, we hope to restart the Wednesday sessions on February 3rd.

The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly and visitors are most welcome, although you must arrive with a partner. 


Play Problem

How do you make 12 tricks on a Heart lead?

Small Heart from North taken by the Ace in dummy.

You can see 2 Spades, 2 Hearts and a Diamond.

You have to find 7 tricks from the Clubs.

Small Spade to the King and back to the Ace.

Another Spade, ruffed by South with the 8, over-ruffed with the 9 of Clubs.

Heart King, discarding a Diamond from dummy.

Now a Diamond to the Ace and another Diamond, taken by South's Queen - no room to lose any more....

South plays a Club to 5, Queen and King.

Now another Spade, ruffed with the 10, over-ruffed with the Ace.

Small Diamond, ruffed with the 2 of Clubs.

Jack of Clubs takes out the remaining trump and then dummy is good.

12 tricks and small slam made.

Director: Ian Hines
Scorer: Ian Hines
Director: Brian Twigger
Scorer: Ian Hines
#86762 Teams CBF 2021 Open Teams
26th April 2021
Angelikas 09:30
Director: Brian Twigger
28th April 2021
Angelikas 13:30
Director: Ian Hines
3rd May 2021
Angelikas 09:30
Director: Brian Twigger