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General Information


The club operates duplicate sessions on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm. We play at the Oxshott Village Centre, Holtwood Road, Oxshott KT22 0QL. Visitors are welcome, although we would like you to contact the Secretary on 01932 863541 or the Chairman on 01932 342366 before your first visit. We operate a host system on most evenings but not on the third Wednesday of those months when the club championship is running. Table money is 2.50 per person (4 for visitors).

It has been good to see many of you returning to Oxshott in recent months and we are now getting as many as ten tables but if you know of any players who might like to join us, please encourage them. We would love to build up to the 14 tables that we used to have pre-Covid.

We look forward to seeing you at Oxshott very soon.

Daphne Pugh, Chairman


Safety: A Member recently had a very serious fall at another club resulting in multiple fractures.

A general risk assessment at bridge clubs pointed out possible hazards:

  • Avoid placing handbags on the floor next to chairs
  • Place walking sticks appropriately (ask others at your table to help if reqd)
  • Ensure no-one is behind you when moving back chairs to stand
  • Do not crowd slowly moving people on entrancing or exiting the club
  • Position tables as far apart as possible
  • Ensure any wires or cables are not placed in a position that can trip

Please help avoid another accident by following the above and feel free to speak to another member, or a committee member, or the director if you spot a hazard.

Hosts: The host list for 2023 has now been published.There is an item on the menu list (to the left) labelled "Hosts" containing a list of those members who have a host evening this year. Please check if you have an evening allocated. If you cannot attend the evening you are allocated, swap with another member on the list. Some members travel some distance to play with the host!

Reciprical Arrangement: Oxshott members can play at Leatherhead on Monday evenings at 7.30pm. Please refer to the Leatherhead Bridge Club website for details here.

Bridge Events

Andrew Robson Master Class

Monday 30th January 2023: Organized by Michael Brown in aid of Momentum Children's Charity. See here for further details and booking.

Local Cafe Bridge Events

Tuesday 7th February 2023: Teddington Cafe bridge in aid of the Trussel Trust and Princess Alice Hospice (now full, waiting list only). See here for further details and booking.

Club Night
Director: Mike Sadler
Scorer: David Rotherham
Tilling Trophy - Round 4
Director: Philip Goldenburg
Scorer: David Rotherham
Club Night
Director: Mike Sadler
Scorer: David Rotherham