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We have a reciprocal arrangement with Effingham Bridge Club whereby, members can play (Duplicate) on Friday evenings, at South Bookham Space, Dorking Road, Great Bookham, Surrey, KT23 4PB at 7.30.p.m.   Table money only £3.00  per session.

Welcome to Oxshott Bridge Club
Great News!! Restart at Oxshott Bridge Club

We are pleased to confirm that we intend to re-start bridge at Oxshott Bridge Club starting Wednesday 1st September at 7.30pm.  And the good news is, that for one month only, bridge will be FREE! - for existing members of Oxshott, Effingham BC and Leatherhead BC only - no visitors yet. 

From October 2021, the table money will be £2-50p, but we can no longer accept any coins, only notes, so you may need to get together with your partner, or pay for 2 or 4 sessions in advance.  We will not be giving any change.

We have a new scoring team, so there could be some hiccups.  They ask you to be patient.  It would be very helpful if we had some idea of numbers, so could you please let me know by email if you intend coming, using

The Committee have produced some ‘General Safety Guidelines’ which are below.  We also agreed on some new rules, which are sadly all too routine these days. 

1.     Please be prepared to show evidence of double vaccination at least two weeks ago.

2.     If you have any symptoms that could conceivably be Covid, please stay at home.

3.     If you have been in contact with anyone who tests positive, please stay at home.

4.     We will not be asking players to wear masks.  Of course, you may choose to do so yourself.  Also please keep your distance at coat pegs and in the cloakrooms.

5.     Please wash with soap and water before playing.  Hand sanitizer will be provided on each table.  If you use it, please make sure your hands have dried before handling the cards.

6.     No refreshments will be provided until further notice.  Please bring your own if needed.

7.     Extra ventilation means that you may need to wear warmer clothing.

8.     Each player should take one of our bidding boxes and carry it round as they play.

9.     There will be no host until further notice, so you will need to sort out a partner in advance.  There is a facility on the website to help.

I think that is all the tedious business out of the way.  Now we very much look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Best wishes

Daphne Pugh (Chairman)


Hosts   20th October 2021 to 29th December 2021


20th October        No Host,  Tilling Trophy

27th October          Don Porter                               01372 842043

3rd November       Liz Dunjay                                01932 862236

10th November      Janet Kefford                           01932 863541

17th November      No Host, Tilling Trophy

24th November      Daphne Pugh                           01932 342366

1st December         Richard Burgess                      0208  6424559

8th December        Gill Apted                               01372 451886

15th December      No Host, Tilling Trophy

22nd December      No Host, Club maybe closed for Christmas

29th December      No Host, Club maybe closed for Christmas

 January to December to be advised.




The Hall has its own Committee which is responsible for the general maintenance and upkeep of the building. They have put in place enhanced cleaning measures to make the venue as Covid secure as possible. Players are reminded that if they help with putting out/putting away tables, they should do so in a safe manner – ie 2 people carry the table.    The chairs are to be left unfolded by the trolley (to avoid injury if they fall over)


Players are also advised to place handbags/walking sticks in a safe place to avoid being a trip hazard. If a player knocks over water, they should get paper towels from the kitchen and wipe it up immediately to avoid skidding!



We will not be asking for annual subscriptions until October 2022.  For existing members of Oxshott Bridge Club, Effingham Bridge Club and Leatherhead Bridge Club there will be free sessions in September 2021.  Thereafter, table money will be £2-50.  We will not be accepting any coins and will not be giving change.  So you will need to pay with ‘paper’ money, either for 2 or 4 sessions in advance, or combine with your partner to make it £5 for the pair.


Before playing

Only members who have had 2 vaccinations (with 2 weeks from the last one) will be allowed to play.  You may be asked to produce evidence of vaccination.


Please do not attend if you have any possible symptoms of Covid – sore throat, cold symptoms, cough, loss of taste or smell or a temperature. If a member displays some symptoms, they may be asked to leave if they are making other members feel uneasy.

If a member tests positive after attending a session, please inform the Committee asap.


It is the responsibility of all members to keep our Club safe – please be respectful and mindful of others’ concerns.


Entrance to hall and toilets

Please do not crowd in the hallway but go straight to a table.  Players should either wash their hands thoroughly before playing or sanitize them using the sanitizers provided.  Remember sanitizer makes your hands sticky.  Wait for it to dry before handling cards. Please avoid crowding in the cloakrooms.



We shall have increased ventilation in the hall, so do bring extra layers if needed



All tablecloths have been washed and the cards renewed in the bidding boxes. Each player should take a bidding box and carry it around with them.  Only North should operate the Bridge Mate.  As we only play once a week, there is no need to sanitize them between sessions. The above will minimize contact with different surfaces



No refreshments will be provided until further notice.  Players are welcome to bring their own.