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The Committee is now  Peter Lennon (Chair) with Rex Goad and Malcolm McIvor

Are you an alumnus or alumna?

Both universities have term-time bridge clubs at which alumni are welcome. Visit the respective websites for further details at (Cambridge) and oucba/ (Oxford).

Oxford University Alumni Bridge Association (OUABA), with close to 300 members, organises various matches in the home counties.
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This page has information and news of interest to the members. For a full list of forthcoming events, see "Calendar" on the menu and for a list of results see "Results".
Recent matches



In our annual team-of-eight match  against The Carlton Club in june 2016 the O&C prevailed by105 IMP's



In our annual team-or-eight match against Cambridge Alumni the Club lost by 65IMP's






Last updated : 4th Dec 2016 09:02 GMT
Match against Cambridge 20/1/16

We played a tight match against a very pleasant Cambridge team, and the result went down to the last board being played.  That gave us a narrow victory by 4 IMPs.

Well done to the team of

Graham Osborne

Michael Kaye

Bryan Nicholson

Paul Russell

David Williams

Ian Coleman

Peter lennon

Phil Meats.

The hands are available via OC v Cambridge 20 Jan 2016 hands.pdf.

Last updated : 12th Mar 2017 10:02 GMT
match against Oxford University

The annual match against Oxford University took place at the O&C club on 3rd Feb 2016.

Congratulations to the home team who won by 2 IMPS. 

The team were:    Jim Hemsley,  Anthony Surtees,

Malcolm McIvor,  John Salter,  Steven Blair,

Stuart Horwich,   Hugo Jee   & Michael Kaye


PM 4/216

Last updated : 12th Mar 2017 10:02 GMT
Annual Varsity Match
Annual Varsity Match

The annual Oxford v Cambridge Varsity match was held at the O&C on the week-end of February 28/29, 2016 and sponsored by the club.

In the senior match, which was played by teams of four over 96 boards, Cambridge emerged as winners by 82 IMP's, winning the Waddington Bowl for the sixth year running.

The Cambridge winning team was: Kyle Lam, Freddie Illingworth, Chris Derrick, Ryan Chan and Helen Holmes.

Cambridge also won the undergraduate match, played by teams of eight over 32 boards, by 118 IMP's.

Last updated : 12th Mar 2017 10:03 GMT
Team of 8 match v Tony MacIntosh' 8


This year's match against Tony MacIntosh' team was on 30th November at the O&C.  We more than made up for last year's loss, winning by 116 IMPS over 24 boards.

The game was enjoyable and friendly, and followed by an excellent supper in the Coffee Room. 

This was Michael's last match as organiser, after many years in charge, and a high note to end with.  Many thanks, and congratulations.

The team was Michael Kaye & Bryan Nicholson,  Philip Wood & Paul Russell, Stuart Horwich & Steven Blair, Jon Wittmann & Phil Meats.


Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 18:58 BST
Teams of 8 Match against MCC on 19th October 2016

The MCC came to us for a most enjoyable and social match.  They won convincingly, but charmingly, by 66 IMPs.


One flat result came from an exciting hand that went 1 - 5 -5 - ?

You are Green against Red, have 10HCPs, 4333 shape including Q82.  I raised to 6 , and LHO bid 6 , passed out.

That was a mistake, as 6 was cold for 1430.  A sacrifice of 7 , inevitably doubled, was called for.  We would have made 8 or 9 tricks, for 8 or 12 IMPs difference.  We could argue that we hoped 6 might fail.


The team was Michael Kaye/Terry Chapman, Jon Wittmann/Phil Meats, Malcolm McIvor/Peter Lennon and Jim Hemsley/John Salter.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 18:59 BST
2017 Varsity Match
  • Undergraduate team 2017 Cambridge
  • Varsity Open winners 2017 Oxford

The 2017 Varsity bridge match took place at the club on the weekend of 4th
and 5th March. Oxford brought Cambridge's 7-year winning streak to an end,
to take the trophy with a final score of 201-187. The winning Oxford team
were (L-R) Sean Lim, Alex Roberts, Peter Banks (c), Arthur Wolstenholme and
Ewa Wieczorek.

The undergraduate match, played concurrently with the final 4 stanzas of
the main match, was won by Cambridge by 143-21. The winning Cambridge team
were (L-R) Balint Hommonay, Eshan Singhal, Jonathan Clark (c), Kripa
Panchagnula, Baifeng Quek, Charles Gong Chen, Toby Lloyd Davies and Andrew
McClement. They are the inauguaral winners of the Michael Kaye Cup,
presented by the club to mark Michael Kaye's retirement after 55 years as
chairman of the Cards Committee.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:00 BST
O&C win the 2017 Devonshire Plate

The O&C has won The Devonshire Plate, part of the prestigious rubber duplicate knock-out tournament between the the London clubs.
O&C Omega lost their first match of the Devonshire Cup, and so competed for the plate.
The winning team was Graham Osborne (captain), Paul Russell, Michael Kaye, Hugo Jee, David Williams and Jon Wittmann.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:01 BST
Oxford & Cambridge second in Centenary Cup

The O&C could not quite hold on to the Centenary Cup in 2017, coming second to a strong RAC team.

The team were L>R  Paul Russell, Philip Wood, Jon Wittmann, David Williams, Phil Meats, Hugo Jee (behind camera), and Peter Lennon and Steven Blair.

Oxford & Cambridge second in Centenary Cup
Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:02 BST
Team of 8 v In & Out Club
We played a Home match at the Club against the In&Out Club on the 21st September, and won by 51 MPs.
Our team was:
Peter Lennon/Ian Coleman
Jon Wittman/Bryan Nicholson
Paul Russell/Steven Blair
John Salter/Malcolm McIvor
Our next match is against the Carlton on the 12th October at the Carlton.
Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:04 BST
Match v Carlton 12th October 2017

The teams of 8 season continues well for O&C, with a narrow win over the Carlton Club on Thursday 12th October.

The winning margin was 11 imps, and the team was;

David Williams and Hugo Jee

Peter Lennon and John Salter

Stuart Horwich and Steven Blair

Jon Wittmann and Isabella Maeer (honorary member for the evening).


Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:05 BST
Team of 8 v Athenaeum

O&C played at Home against the Athenaeum on Thursday 26th October, and won by 94 IMPs.

The team was:

Paul Russell/David Williams
Peter Lennon/Ian Coleman
John Salter/Malcolm McIvor
Steven Blair/Stuart Horwich
Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:06 BST
Match against Mackintosh' eight

We played a very friendly and enjoyable match against Tony Mackintosh' eight on Wednesday 1st November.

The margin was very close, and full details are in the results area of the site.

The team was: Jon Wittmann-Phil Meats; Malcolm McIvor-Ian Coleman; Bryan Nicholson-David Williams; Ben - Steven Blair(capt).

Match against Mackintosh' eight
Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:07 BST
To8 Match against MCC 6th December

We were guests at Lords on Wednesday 6th December.  Our hosts were very welcoming, generous and friendly, and provided an early Xmas dinner at halftime. The result was a narrow win of 4 IMPs by the O&C.

The team was Steven Blair (C) & Stuart Horwich, Philip Wood & Bryan Nicholson, John Salter & Peter Lennon, Jon Wittmann & Phil Meats.

Last updated : 9th Aug 2018 19:07 BST