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Arrival Time

Please arrive by 6:45 so we can ensure a prompt start. If you arrive later than this then you may not be allowed to play. Thank you for your cooperation.


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Teams Championship Winners

2022 J. Day, M. Gaunt, A. Ross & A. Coker.

2021 Cancelled

2020 W. Beales, C. Bodenham, A. Ross & A. Coker

2019 A. & Mrs S. Harbour, G. Flew & A. Bamford

2018 J. Day & R.Tugwell, G. Flew & A. Bamford

2017 T. Ross & A Coker, D Plant & B Harrison

2016 A. Coker T. Ross M. Clarke T. Chapman

2015 P. Bowthorpe W. Beales C. Bodenham M. Keogh

2014 D. Tisbury M. Bowthorpe S. Winterton D. Lupton

2013 J. Day R. Tugwell T. Ross A. Coker

2012 D. Tisbury M. Bowthorpe T. Chapman. M. Clarke

2011 A. Bamford G. Flew R. Engledow D. Fisher

2009 & 2010 Event not run

2008 D. Simpson M. Cameron M. Clarke W. Mitchell

2007 A. & Mrs S. Harbour T. Chapman D. Preston

2006 A. & Mrs S. Harbour Mrs P. Newnes P. Simpson

2005 R. Stewart M. Cameron Mrs S. Stride & N. Stride

2004 R. Stewart E. Don M. Clarke J. Botterill

2003 C. Bodenham M. Cameron E. Don M. Keogh

2002 A. Bamford G. Flew, P. Newman D. Tisbury

2001 P. Newman D. Tisbury, R. Storr & Mrs H. Storr

2000 A. Bamford G. Flew, K. Wise & Mrs A. Wise

1999 N. Stride & Mrs S. Stride, D. Dunsford M. Peck

1998 Mrs M. Manners & Mrs I. Richardson, D. Eden P. Newman

1997 Mrs C. Bailey & R. Wells, Mrs B. Tompsett Mrs I. Lister

1996 A. Harbour & Mrs S. Harbour, K. Wise & Mrs A. Wise