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I have decided to suspend the Tuesday lessons until further notice in slight anticipation of me being gated.

Constitution 2016


Wherever in the rules the context so requires, the male gender shall be deemed to include the female gender

1.  Title  

The Club shall be known as the Orpington Bridge Club.  The financial year and subscription year shall run from the 1st January until the 31st December. 

      1(a)          Objective   The Club shall meet at times to be decided by the Committee, for the playing of games of Bridge among Club members and with members of other bridge  Clubs.  

      1(b)         Rights and Responsibilities of Membership.   By accepting membership, and the benefits and privileges that go with it, every member acknowledges that:

            1(b)(i)   He accepts and abides by the Rules and Regulations of the Club for the time being in force.

            1(b)(ii)  He respects and will comply with the etiquette and sporting traditions of the game of Bridge

            1(b)(iii) He has a duty to behave with courtesy and consideration to members and members' guest

2.  Committee             The members at General Meeting shall appoint a Committee to exercise all such administrative powers as may be necessary to properly carry out the objectives of the Club, and promote its long term welfare, including (but not limited to) the following:

        2(a)(i)   The management of the Club's Finances: - However, the borrowing of any sums of money shall require the approval of three-quarters of the membership present at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose.

        2(a)(ii)  The maintenance, Care, and Improvement of the Club's Assets and Equipment  This includes the provision of replacement, or upgraded, equipment as necessary.

        2(a)iii)  Policy Matters relating to the numbers, and conditions, of membership.  All prospective members shall complete an application form, and then be approved by the Committee.  The Secretary shall keep a register of all fully paid up members.  Such register should include names, addresses, telephone numbers and, where applicable, Email addresses and EBU membership numbers.

        2(b)   Procedures at Committee Meetings   The Chair shall be taken by the Chairman.  In the event that he is absent the Chair shall be taken by the Committee member without portfolio.  Four members present shall constitute a quorum.

        2(c)   Casual Vacancy   In the event of a casual vacancy occurring, or if there are insufficient candidates proposed for election at AGM, the Committee may co-opt a member or members of the Club (up to the number of vacancies) who shall serve until the next General Meeting, when they shall seek formal election.  A co-opted member may attend Committee meetings and shall be heard, but shall not have a vote.  In the event that a quorum cannot be made, due to lack of volunteers for Committee office, a GM shall be called as soon as possible to discuss the future of the Club.

3.  Election of Committee  The nomination of a member to serve on the Club Committee must be made by two members of the Club.  All such nominations must be received eighteen days prior to the AGM, and will be included in the agenda of the meeting.  All voting will be by show of hands at the meeting.

            3(a)   At the Annual General Meeting in 2016 a Chairman shall be elected to serve for a period of three years, and thereafter three years.

            3(b)      At the Annual General Meeting in 2016 a Treasurer shall be elected for an initial period of two years, and thereafter three years.

            3(c)       At the Annual General Meeting in 2016 a Secretary shall be elected for an initial period of one year, and thereafter three years.

            3(d)      At the Annual General Meeting in 2016 a Tournament Director shall be elected for a period of two years, and thereafter thee years.

            3(e)       At the Annual General Meeting in 2016 a Committee member without portfolio shall be elected for a period of one year, and thereafter three years.

            3(f)    Any Committee member seconded to replace a Committee member, who has ceased his office prematurely, shall be elected only for the balance of the previous Committee members tenure.  The new Committee member shall stand down in the ordered rotation of office and seek re-election.

4.  Subscriptions and Table Money The Committee shall agree, subject to the Treasurer's recommendation, the annual membership subscription and the session table money.  Young people under eighteen years of age, or receiving full time education, shall be charged at a discretionary rate to be decided by the Committee.  Any member who resigns, or ceases their membership, for whatever reason, shall not be entitled to any refund of subscription.

5.  Bridge Rules   The Head Tournament Director and the Director for the session, shall be the only members who shall make judgements on the Rules of Bridge.  Such judgements shall be made in conjunction with the World Bridge Federation rules, and the English Bridge Union rules.  Their ruling shall be final and binding.  The Session Director shall autonomously control the constitution of the tables and the conditions of play.

6.  Disciplinary Procedure   If a member wishes to complain about the conduct of another member, he shall send a letter to the Chairman, or if inappropriate the Secretary, signed by himself and one or more other members who witnessed whatever gave rise to the complaint.

         The Chairman or Secretary shall call a meeting of the Committee to discuss the letter.  In a case appearing to involve grave misconduct the Committee may, pending full investigation, temporarily suspend the member concerned from Club meetings.  Any such suspension shall be advertised on the Club notice board.

         The date shall be fixed for the Committee to investigate the allegations and reach its decision, such date to be not less than fourteen days and not more than twenty-eight days after the lodging of the complaint.

          If after full investigation, and the consideration of the member's own representations, the Committee decides by a majority vote that the member has been guilty of conduct detrimental to the interests or reputation of the Club, the Committee shall have the power to caution or debar him from the Club.  If his conduct is considered to have been incompatible with continued membership of the Club, he shall be required to resign.  If he does not resign within seven days he shall be expelled.

         Any member who is required to resign or is expelled shall immediately be excluded from all Club meetings, and shall not be admissible as a visitor.


         Any member who incurs on his own behalf legal costs relating to the above procedures, shall be solely liable for the settlement of such costs, regardless of the outcome of those procedures.

7.  Visitors  Visitors may play only with the member that has introduced them to the Club, under the following conditions.

         7(i)   Members shall at all times be responsible (and liable) for their visitor's observation of Rule 1(b).

         7(ii)  The Committee shall have the discretion to temporarily waive any or all of the foregoing rule 7 in special circumstances.

8.  Classes of Membership

         8(i)  Full Membership.  Granted to applicants once accepted by the Committee and on receipt of the subscription due.  It is the responsibility of the member to ensure their personal records (address, telephone etc.) are kept up to date with the Secretary.

         8(ii)  Life Membership.  From time to time a member may be proposed at General Meeting for Honorary Life Membership.  Should this be approved by those members present at the GM, the Life Member will enjoy identical privileges to paid up members, with the single exception that they will be exempt from the payment of the annual subscription.

         8(iii)  Junior Membership.  From time to time the Committee may extend membership privileges to minors under the age of eighteen, or those still in full time education.  Such membership may be at discretionary rates, to be agreed by the Committee.

9.  General Meetings

         9(a)(i)  The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Club shall be held at a date not later than the 28th February to be fixed by the Committee.

         9(a)(ii)  Fourteen days notice of such a meeting shall be sent to every voting member by letter to the address in the Club register.

         9(a)(iii)  The agenda for the meetings shall be set by the Committee.  Any member wishing to propose a resolution at the meeting shall give at least eighteen days notice in writing (including the text of the resolution) to the Secretary who shall include particulars in the notice sent out to members.

         9a(iv)  The agenda shall include a separate paragraph for the election of a Club Accounts Auditor, who shall be a person qualified by experience, and capable of performing as such.

         9(b)(i)  Special General Meetings (SGM)  The Committee may call an SGM when they consider it necessary.  Fourteen days notice of any SGM shall be sent to every voting member by letter to the address in the Club register.

         9(b)(ii)  The Committee shall be bound to call an SGM in the event that the Club is unable to meet its financial commitments.  The assembled membership shall decide upon what future action should be taken in the event of such a situation arising.

         9(c) Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)  The Committee shall be bound to call an EGM on receiving a deposition signed by (eight) members, stating precisely the purpose for which the meeting is to be called and giving the text of any resolution to be proposed.  Such meetings are to be held within thirty days after a deposition is received.

         9(d)(i)  Procedures at General Meetings  At all GM's the Chairman shall take the Chair, or in his absence the Committee member without portfolio.  If both are absent a Chairman for the Meeting shall be elected from the floor by those members present.  The Chairman shall not vote on any issue unless there is equality of voting, when he shall have a casting vote.

         9(d)(ii)  Quorum (Ten) members present shall constitute a quorum.  The ten shall not include the Chairman.

         9(d)(iii)  Only paid up and Life members may vote at General Meetings.  Members shall vote, when called upon to do so by the Chair of the meeting, by show of hands.  Alternatively members may vote by proxy with details of the votes given to the Chairman, or Secretary, in a sealed envelope.

10.  Liability Disclaimer  The Club accepts no liability for injury to members or visitors using the Club.  In addition the Club accepts no liability for damage or loss of members' or visitors' property.

        Dec 10 2015                                                                                             PM/AWC