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Orpington Standard System Card
Standard Card
Best Behaviour at Bridge requires all partnerships to make their convention card available to opponents at the start of each round. It is usual to write one out and use it as a sleeve for the scorecard. Enthusiasts get their's laminated. Blank forms and suggested completed forms are available on the EBU site: search for EBU then on the site search for system.
The EBU White Book lists the minimum requirements for a system card. This page offers a standard for use by all players when Orpington Bridge Club runs an individual event and available for all players who choose not to prepare one for their partnership. All players not using this standard are required to have a system card covering at least all these topics. 
Opening Bids
1C natural
1NT 12-14 at all vulnerabilities and all positions
2C Acol (which traditionally means 23+ or 16+ with 9 playing tricks)
2D weak 5-9
2H weak 5-9
2S weak 5-9
2NT 20-22

Responses to 1 NT
2C Stayman
2D Transfer to Hearts
2H Transfer to Spades
2S 2-way Baron (see modern Acol) TBD
2NT minor suit transfer (see modern Acol) TBD
Similarly over 2NT, except 3NT is a limit raise.

Double is for takeout at all levels below game when partner has not bid or doubled.

Top of all honour sequences and internal honour sequences
Lowest from 3 or 4 to an honour
Second highest from rubbish

High-low means even number or encouragement
Low-high means odd number or discouragement
Suit preference: mcKenney