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For those of you who care about the future of Bridge and would like to see your Children or Grandchildren, ACBL Educational Foundation has sponsored a great opportunity for 4th - 12th Grade Students to learn and enjoy the game we love so much: is the site where you can learn about the program and register your Children or Grandchildren to learn and play

The first session starts Oct 17th, so don't wait too long!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fellow Bridge Friends
The power is respored, the AC is on and the mess cleaned up.  We will have a game today, October 1st.  Come joing the fun.  We are back open.  See you there.  A big shout out to Jeff Ritchie who cleaned up the mess and has the AC up and running.  Barvo!

Bob Buhrmann-President
Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center


The next STaC week is October 17 - 23

Take Me Out to the Bridge Game

There is a song from the 60’s or 70’s (I’m dating myself) by someone like Bob Dylan or Simon & Garfunkel with the lyrics “The times they are changing.  That is certainly true for Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center (OMBC). It is exciting.  In my last missive I relayed how our lease would not be renewed in 2023.  I want to update you on what has happened since.  We had a meeting with the developer Bishop Beale Duncan and discussed ideas for us to more forward.  They promised to send us a list of properties that met our needs.  We got the first list from them and Chris Kindt has also found what might be a suitable place.  We will start to visit these sometime soon.  Since we have 20 more months, we are probably not going to enter into any leases soon but we do need to get an idea of what is out there and what it looks like.

This City has also put us in touch with the Orange County Real Estate division and we are swapping phone calls but I expect we will touch base next week.  They may also have something for us.  We won’t know until we talk to them.

We have formed an Advisory Committee to make recommendations to the Board of Directors (BOD) of the Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center (OMBC).  The committee is tasked with looking at everything we do and figure out what is appropriate moving forward.  They will tackle issues such as do we need to become a 501-3c (Charitable organization), so that people who donate money can get a tax benefit? It is one of the ways we may pay off the Bondholders.  Also, to be discussed is should we merge with another club?  If so, what are the benefits and what are the disadvantages?  A third issue is how can the Center get more money?  Are there revenue opportunities or cost savings available? These are all issues to be tackled.  There are more but those will do for a start.  This will take some time but we have the time now.

Now for a bit of sad news.  David and Maureen Loeb have decided to stop directing games and giving lessons.  When they came, we hoped they would be able to grow the Thursday and Sunday games but unfortunately it didn’t work out and they made a decision to stop.  We thank them, wish them well, and hope to see them at the bridge table in the coming days.  Andrew Wilkin has also stopped the Wednesday night game.  It to did not attract enough players to make it worthwhile.  We also wish Andrew the best, thank him for trying, and hope to see him at the bridge table also.

Bob Buhrmann-President
Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center

OMBC Event Schedule

North American Pairs (NAP) qualifying games

  • June  13 & 15 & 22
  • August 22, 24, 25 & 26


STaC (Sectional Tournament at Club) games award silver points and cost an additional $1
Royal STaC awards 25% Gold, Red, Silver, and Black points

STaC weeks for 2022:

  • January 10 - 16
  • March 7 - 13
  • March 28 - April 3
    (District 9 Royal STaC)
  • August 8 - 14
  • September 12 - 18
    (District 9 Royal STaC)
  • October 17 - 23
  • November 14 - 20
2022 Longest Day

We raised $3,637 for the fight against Alzheimers.  Someday Alzheimer Disease will be but a distant memory, like Polio is today, because of you and people like you who donated to help fight.  Thank you one and all

Make checks out to the Alzheimers Association.  In the memo line write “to be credited to the Longest Day CNFL-Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center.

You can mail the check to:

Alzheimers Association
14010 Roosevelt Blvd., #709
Clearwater, FL 33762

There will be containers for checks and money in both rooms.

Bob Buhrmann

Member Rank Changes

May  2022
Jane Formet - Gold Life Master
John Heaton - Bronze Life Master
Leslie Schoenfeld - Bronze Life Master
Brendon Snyder - Club Master
Bruce Walter - Club Master

April  2022
Gerard Rescek - Bronze Life Master
Manson Hill - Adv NABC Master
Ginger Warren - Club Master
Linda Cadogan - Junior Master

Christina Mautner - Junior Master

March  2022
Cabot Jaffee - Ruby Life Master
Rosa Bachrach - NABC Master
Nancy Theis - Sectional Master
Judy Newcomb - Club Master

February  2022
Chet Harmon - Regional Master
Bruce Walters - Junior Master

January  2022
Linda Edwards - Ruby Life Master
Peter H Peng - Gold Life Master
Joel Gfreenberg - Life Master

Ann Farrell - NABC Master
Larene Lantz - Regional Master
Terry Pond - Sectional Master
Brendon Synder - Junior Master
Paulette Vander Wiede - Junior Master

70% Games

Lindy Greening &  Jan Smith
  71.39% on August 25, 2022

Bob Buhrmann &  Bruce Beisler
  74.18% on July 21, 2022

Bob Buhrmann &  Peter Orr
  76.68% on May 2, 2022

Gloria McCain &  Gerard Rescek
  70.64% on April 18, 2022

Bruce Walters & Becky Kovaleski
  71.50% on February 14, 2022