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For those of you who care about the future of Bridge and would like to see your Children or Grandchildren, ACBL Educational Foundation has sponsored a great opportunity for 4th - 12th Grade Students to learn and enjoy the game we love so much: is the site where you can learn about the program and register your Children or Grandchildren to learn and play

The first session starts Oct 17th, so don't wait too long!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 14 - 20 will be STaC games

OMBC will be closed for Thanksgiving (Nov 24th)

Free Bridge Lessons

Gloria McCain is back and will start her free bridge lessons.

On Nov. 17, 2022 at 10:45 AM, there will be an organizational meeting to determine what the players want Gloria to teach.  All players are welcome.

Regular lessons will begin on Dec. 1st at 10:30 and continue every Thursday.

Gloria is one of the best bridge teachers I have ever encountered.  Come one come all.

Bob Buhrmann-President
Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center

Additional Games 

Beginning November 29, 2023, Chris will be directing an open game on Tuesdays.

On November 30th, Dave will begin directing a 0-750 game.

OMBC Event Schedule

STaC (Sectional Tournament at Club) games award silver points and cost an additional $1
Royal STaC awards 25% Gold, Red, Silver, and Black points

Remaining STaC weeks for 2022:

  • November 14 - 20
2022 Longest Day

We raised $3,637 for the fight against Alzheimers.  Someday Alzheimer Disease will be but a distant memory, like Polio is today, because of you and people like you who donated to help fight.  Thank you one and all

Make checks out to the Alzheimers Association.  In the memo line write “to be credited to the Longest Day CNFL-Orlando Metropolitan Bridge Center.

You can mail the check to:

Alzheimers Association
14010 Roosevelt Blvd., #709
Clearwater, FL 33762

There will be containers for checks and money in both rooms.

Bob Buhrmann

Member Rank Changes

August 2022
Jeanne Henderson - Bronze Life Master
Flo Sena - Adv NABC Master
Penny Nelson - NABC Master

July  2022
Diana Walker - Silver Life Master
Jeanne Henderson - Life Master
Hassan Kasseba - NABC Master
Bruce Beisler - Sectional Master
Minnie Pilson - Junior Master


June  2022
Beverly Ellars - Ruby Life Master
Rob Noll - Junior Master

70% Games

Linda Schofield and Lynn McKinney
  70.18% on November 18, 2022

George and Victoria Tucker
  70.71% on November 03, 2022

Ginger Warren & Lynne Wassett 
  73.72% on October 06, 2022

Juan Sullivan and Ann Anderson
  72.68% on September 26, 2022

Lindy Greening &  Jan Smith
  71.39% on August 25, 2022

Bob Buhrmann &  Bruce Beisler
  74.18% on July 21, 2022