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OBC Contacts

Club Manager
Jeff Ritchie:  407-619-5333

Ann Farrell:  407-492-0637

Game Directors
Jeff Ritchie:  407-619-5333
Chris Kindt:  407-760-1638
Georgette Lynch:  407-565-0386
David Hoyle:  407-529-4621
Charlie Miner: 407-739-6210

The Orlando Bridge Club (OBC) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and is governed by a Board of Trustees elected by players from our club.  Our Articles prohibit any paid employee or director of OBC from serving on Board

New 0-299 Game

Beginning Friday Feb 16, 2024, there will be a new 0-299 game.  

The fee is only $4 and will include a 30 minute lesson from Grand Life Master, Charlie Miner.   The lesson will start at 11:15 focusing on helpful tips for newer players.  

Chris Kindt will be directing the game

Last updated : Jan 29, 2024 19:33 EST
Bridge Lessons @ OBC

Bridge lessons will begin on Tuesday January 16, 2024.  As of 2/6/24, the start time has been moved to 10:30 am.  

Patty Estes will be the instructor.  This course is intended for beginners and will last 8 weeks.  Patty is an ACBL certified teacher.  The cost will be $3 per lesson.  A book will be available for $10.  

For more information contact Jeff Richie at 407-619-5333 / or Patty Estes at

Come join us for this fun and mentally stimulating game.  Bring a friend and make new ones!

Last updated : Feb 5, 2024 22:27 EST
Bridge Lessons at Maitland Presbyterian

There will be an 8 week of bridge lessons taught by certified instructor Patty Estes starting Saturday January 13, 2024.

10:00 am lessons will be for newer players

11:00 am lessons will be for player interested in 2 over 1 bidding system.

Maitland Presbyterian Church
341 N. Orlando ave.
Maitland, FL. 32751

Contact Info:
Patty Estes

Last updated : Jan 9, 2024 10:55 EST
OBC Event Schedule

STaC (Sectional Tournament at Club) games award silver points and cost an additional $1
Royal STaC awards 25% Gold, Red, Silver, and Black points

STaC weeks for 2024:

  • January 15 - 20
  • March 04 - 09
  • July 29 - August 03
  • October 14 - 19

North American Pairs Qualification games award red and black points and cost an additional $1

NAPQ weeks for 2024:

  • TBD
Member Rank Changes

December 2023
Terry Pond - Silver Life Master

November 2023
Charles Miner - Grand Life Master
Penny Nelson - Bronze Life Master

Victoria Tucker - NABC Master

October 2023
Elizabeth Bridges - Life Master
Vicki Sorensen - Regional Master

September 2023
Brenda Lord - Silver Life Master
Lisa Carroll - Junior Master

August 2023
Flo Sena - Life Master
Alice Schultz - Regional Master

Paula Craig - Sectional Master

July 2023
George Tucker - NABC Master
Barbara Goldberg - Regional Master

Donna Croff - Junior Master

70% Games

John Reitz and William Alexander
  71.53% on February 05, 2024

George and Victoria Tucker
73.5% game on Jan. 11, 2024

Kathy Boyd and Michael Koller
71% game on Nov. 25, 2023