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Past President: Janice Upenieks (705) 242-0845

President: Arthur Berdusco (705) 325-3032

Vice President: Shannon Berdusco (705) 325-3032

Treasurer: Elaine Proudfoot (705) 812-0949

Secretary: Jan Cooke (705) 325-8155

Membership: Irene Smith (705) 826-6454

Club Manager: Tim Jackson (705) 259-0098

Chief Games Director: Jane Foster (249) 880-4624

Web Master: Bill Belfour (705) 326-0931

Social Co ordinator: Jean Belfour (705) 323-4944

Member at Large: Jim Coote (705) 689-6602





Therese Lessons

Beginner and Basic Bridge Refresher Coaching/Lessons available on an hourly basis for a minimum of two people by appointment.

Call Therese Campbell at 705-259-5666

Welcome to Orillia Duplicate Bridge Club - Guests always Welcome

The annual meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Feb 18/20 ( note : changed fromThursday Feb 20). A slate of executive members for the new Board is shown below. Anyone else interested should contact Janice Upenieks or anyone on the board for more details and if more than one person is seeking a position then an election will take place. Any other nominations are to be made as outlined in the constitution. The positions on the board and those presently holding them are shown on the left side of this page. The details of the duties for each position can be viewed by opening the Constitution and Bylaws tab under CLUB INFORMATION tab located on the left side of the web page. 

Last updated : Jan 26, 2020 18:54 EST
Nominated Board Members for 2020


Past President       Art Berdusco

       President              Shannon Berdusco

   Vice President      Janice Upenieks

   Secretary              Sandy Merelaid

    Treasurer               Elaine Proudfoot

Web Master            Bill Belfour

Education               Toni Lawson

Manager                 Tim Jackson

Head Director         Jane Foster

Membership           Jean Belfour

Last updated : Jan 26, 2020 19:55 EST
Scoring differences

Scoring Differences Between “No Play” Boards, “Average” Boards, and “Passed Out” Boards

·         Sometimes, usually because of slow play, a table isn’t able to play one of their boards. In terms of scoring, a “No Play” board simply erases the board from the computer’s calculations for that pair and the players’ score is unaffected. This is also more or less what happens when a pair misses boards because they have a sit-out.

·         When a pair is assigned a score of “Average” on a board, perhaps because their table has fouled a board, then each pair is awarded half of the matchpoints available for that hand. This will affect their overall score. If, for example, they are doing well with a 60% game to that point, an average board will push down their percentage – and vice versa.

·         When a board is passed out, the players' scores for that board depend on what happens at the other tables. A passed-out board is a zero, falling between the N/S pluses and the E/W pluses. If you are E/W and all the N/S pairs at the other tables go plus, by passing out the board you would get a top and your opponents would get a bottom.

Last updated : Oct 24, 2019 10:35 EDT
Bridge rules when arriving
Bridge rules when arriving

Please make every effort to be at the club 10 minutes before game time to allow the director time to get the game set up and started on time.

Please remember to turn your cell phones off (offenses will be penalized) and keep discussions quiet.

Bridge hands are a timed event.  It is unfair to all if constant slow play is used.  Play with speed each round to avoid late plays or other penalty situations.

Be aware of the club's Zero Tolerance Policy that is posted on this page.

Last updated : Jul 21, 2019 16:55 EDT
Scent free

Reminder:  Our club has a scent free policy.

Please respect those who suffer from this sensitivity

Last updated : Sep 1, 2017 16:18 EDT
Game Times
Game Times
Monday         1:00pm   Open Pairs
Tuesday        1:00pm   Open Pairs & 299er pairs 
Wednesday  1:00pm   299er Pairs (no partner required)
Thursday      1:00pm   Open Pairs
Last updated : Nov 27, 2018 10:33 EST
About Our Club
About Our Club

Orillia Duplicate Bridge Club is an ACBL sanctioned club with a membership of  about 200. The club offers duplicate bridge games for all skill levels.  Our membership skill profile varies from newbies to Emerald Life Masters.


If you are a bridge player and have just moved to Orillia or even if you are just visiting; please drop by and enjoy a very friendly, competitive game.  We extend a warm welcome to all. We have a scent-free policy.









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Mon February 17, 2020
Open Pairs
Masonic Hall 1 PM
Tue February 18, 2020
Open Pairs( Annual Meeting - 12PM - Lunch - 11:45PM)
Masonic Hall 1 PM
Tue February 18, 2020
299er Pairs (Annual meeting 12PM - 11:45 Lunch)
Masonic Hall 1 PM
Wed February 19, 2020
299er Pairs
Masonic Hall 1 PM
Thu February 20, 2020
Open Pairs
Masonic Hall 1 PM
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Tim Jackson
StaC +$2
Masonic Hall
Director: Marilyn K
Director: Sandy Monk
Tuesday 299ers
Director: Tim Jackson
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Tim Jackson