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5 Reasons
to Learn Bridge Online

1. Bridge is a great way to exercise your mind and improving logical thinking.

2. Make new friends from all over the country.

3. Learn bridge from the comfort of your own home.

4. A game for everyone of any age.

5. Bridge is inexpensive.

6. Warning - Bridge is fun,enjoyable & addictive. 🤗

7. Optional practice session are available.

8. After you learn to play bridge online you can join your local bridge club and/or play inDeclan Byrne Beginner/Novice games.

☘️ Morning & Afternoon Bridge Classes & Tournaments ☘️

☘️ An ONLINE Bridge Club for Novice & Intermediate Players ☘️ Ireland's 1st Virtual Bridge Lounge - OPEN to all players ☘️

100% of past students that responded to a survey said they would recommend'Declan Byrne' to anyone looking to learn the game of bridge!

National Team Championships 2024

Congratulations to DB Bridge Members & Team Mates

Intermediate 'A' Winners
Paul Dunne, Dara Voyles, Nicola O'Dowd & Maria Rusu

Intermediate 'B' 3rd place
Tony Faherty, Carmel Walsh, Triona & Frannie Byrne

Irish Bridge Union (IBU)Inter-County Intermediate Teams Championships

1st place:
Dara Voyles, Nicola O'Dowd, Peter O'Meara - IBU President, Linda Walsh & Sandra Peden

Regent AnnualBeginner & Novice Pairs

Sandra Gilmartin & Mary Herlihy with Teresa Murphy (Regent Academy Committee)

2nd -Virginia Pye (absent)& Maurice Quinn with Jan O'Connor &Teresa Murphy (Regent Academy Committee)

Malahide Congress Novice pairs

2nd Friday
Virginia Pye & Maurice Quinn with Gordon Lessells - CBAI President & Donat O'Brien - Congress President

2nd Saturday
Virginia Pye& Maurice Quinn with Gordon Lessells - CBAI President & Donat O'Brien - Congress President

JJ Kiely Trophy

2nd -Ena Souhan, Nicola O'Dowd, Gordon Lessells - CBAI President, Niamh Feeney & Joanne Macken

Laird Cup - National Inter A Pairs

2nd - Paul Dunne & Dara Voyles withGordon Lessells - CBAI President

Mid-Leinster Regional Teams Qualifier for National Teams

Owen Cummins - President, Mid Leinster Region CBAI
1st - Dara Voyles, Nicola O'Dowd, Paul Dunne & Maria Rusu.


All classes take place ONLINE
Morning & Afternoon Only

Next Courses Commence
12th February 2024

Beginners Term 2(The Next Step)
Monday 10:30am - 12:30pm

Suitable for players that know the basics and those looking for a REFRESHER course.

Aimed at players that have an understanding of the mechanics of the game and basic knowledge of 1NT Opening & Responses. Term 2 continues on from Term 1 with more Suit Openings;Partner Responses; Opener & Responder Rebids; Opening with Strong hands & Weak Hands and card play techniques.

Improver (Level 1) Go further with better bidding
Monday 2:00pm - 4:00pm

Suitable for progressive novice and intermediate players that want to look beyond opening and responding bids and progress to better contracts with confidence.

A shortrevision of basicbidding followed by Reverse bidding, Slam bidding, Tournament Play, Card Play &more.

Improver (Level 2) Advanced
Tuesday 10:30am - 12:30pm

Suitable for experienced novice and intermediate players that wantto learn about leads, signals & defence.

Also included are popular bidding conventions and methods (Weak 2's, Negative Doubles, Losing Trick Count, Cue Bids).

Beginners Term 1 -Please email Declan directly for details.

Suitable for complete beginners with no prior knowledge of bridge.
Introduction to the game of bridge
;Introduction to the ACOL bidding system. Introduction to Club Bridge & Online Bridge; Mini-Bridge, Bridge Scoring; Beginners Bidding & Play; Bridge Hand Evaluation; Opening Bids; Partner's Responses, Basic Card Play and More.

Course = 10 weeks | 2 hour lessons | 150 per person

All classes are organised ONLINE using a combination of ZOOM & RealBridge

For further information contact:
Declan Byrne,

What is RealBridge?

RealBridge takes online bridge to the next level, with built-in video and sound, bringing the true face-to-face experience online. See and speak to your opponents - just like face-to-face bridge. Read More>>>

What is BBO?

BRIDGE BASE ONLINE (BBO) is an online bridge service and is the world largest online bridge community.

How to set-up a BBO account.

Zoom is a video conferencing service used to virtually meet with others - either by video or audio-only or both, all while conducting live chat. You must have zoom downloaded and set-up on your computer in order to attend these classes.

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