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We are now EBU affiliated and accepting members

The Oliver Cowan Bridge Club is now affiliated to the EBU and will be running virtual club sessions on BBO. In order to be eligible to participate in these sessions, players must be members of the club but the good news is the MEMBERSHIP IS FREE. The most important rule of this club is best behaviour at the table, on the basis that good manners cost nothing. Please email ocbridgecomps@gmail.com to request a membership application form. 

Charity fund raising events

The Oliver Cowan Bridge Club is proud to support

Children in Need (raised £800 in 2021; £500 in 2020)

The Homeless Street Angels (raised £1426 in 2021; £920 in 2020)

Anthony Nolan Trust received £450

Mind received £300

The Zone received £325

Through our volunteer of the month scheme, the following charities have also benefitted:

St John Ambulance


The Emma Maltby Foundation

Emma Maltby Memorial Fund


We have collectively supported XX charities raising a total of £ Xxx

5th July 2022
Play Without the Experts
Online 7.00pm
Director: OC
5th July 2022
Play Without the Experts (Handicap)
Online 7.00pm
Director: OC
Scorer: OC
6th July 2022
Oliver Cowan 55+ NGS Pairs
Online 1.45pm
Director: OC
6th July 2022
Combined Yorkshire Club PaIrs
Online 7.15pm
Director: OC
7th July 2022
Towcester Pairs
Online 2.00pm
Director: OC
Welcome to Oliver Cowan Bridge Club
Championship Pairs and other Prizes

We have 3 new prizes for players to play for starting from 1st January

Club Championship Pairs - This will run on the 3rd Thursday of each month as part of the "Oliver Cowan 55+ NGS Pairs" game. Each players best 8 scores will count over the year.

Combined Yorkshire Clubs Prize - This will be awarded quarterly to the player/s with the best 6 scores in the Wednesday evening Combined Yorkshire Clubs Pairs.

PWTE Prize - This will be awarded quarterly to the player/s with the best 6 scores in the Tuesday night Play Without the Experts game after handicaps have been applied.  

New Cycle Of Play Without the Experts

Every Tuesday at the Oliver Cowan Bridge Club is Play Without the Experts. It is a relaxed game, restricted to players with an NGS below 54% and involves an 20 board duplicate followed by an optional hand discussion run over zoom. Players can play as frequently as they wish and there is a cumulative table over 12 weeks with each player's best 6 scores to count. This game is handicapped based on a players NGS grade and for more information or to register for a free trial game, please drop an email to ocbridgecomps@gmail.com. Each session costs £3.50 per player. Our next cycle starts on Tuesday 4th January.

Friday Friends

We now have a weekly Friday evening game at 7pm called "Friday Friends" which is a relaxed 24 board duplicate on BBO.

This game is open to all members and is only £2.50 each. Any visitors who would like to join this game should email ocbridgecomps@gmail.com and you will be given a warm welcome. 

Sim Pairs for Ukraine

The Oliver Cowan Sim Pairs raising money for Ukraine took place on Monday 28th March.

395 pairs across 16 heats took part and the winners were Richard & John Baker with Philip Anwar & Graham Wood were the pair closest to 50%.

Full results list: https://www.bridgewebs.com/cgi-bin/bwoo/bw.cgi?pid=display_rank&event=20220328_3&club=olivercowan

A total of just over £8,700 in total has been raised so thank you to everyone for your generosity.

PWTE Cumulative Scores

Please click the "Competition Winners" tab on the left of the screen (on desktop) for full results of the 1st cycle of 2022.

Weekly Games

Tuesday @ 7pm - Oliver Cowan Play Without the Experts

10 x 2 board rounds for for players with an NGS of less than 54% - This game is £3.50 per player and followed by a hand discussion on zoom

Wednesday @ 7:15pm - Combined Yorkshire Clubs Pairs

10 x 2 board rounds open to all - £2.50 per player

Thursday @ 2pm - Towcester & Oliver Cowan BC Pairs

9 x 2 boards open to all players but you must let Oliver know before the first time you plan to play in this game. £2.50 per player

Thursday @ 7:15pm - Oliver Cowan Pairs

10 x 2 boards open to all Members. This game is £2.50 per player.

Friday @ 7pm - Friday Friends

An 8 x 3 boards relaxed duplicate game open to all members. £2.50 per player 

Membership of the club is still free so please get in touch if you would like to join! 


Looking To Learn To Play Bridge?

If you are interested in learning to play bridge, please follow this link https://learnbridgeonline.com/jack-stocken-beginners/ which will take you to Jack Stocken's page. Jack is a very experienced teacher with an excellent reputation in Yorkshire and beyond and is currently offering learners their 1st 2 lessons free of charge.


The club allows undo requests for genuine bidding mistakes made as a result of a mechanical error, not a lapse of concentration or forgetfulness, and only when the request is made prior to their partner's bid at the latest.  We do not allow undos for playing.
Any awkward exchanges should be referred to the director. 

Members are reminded that you can change your settings to ensure you double click to make a bid.

Friday Friends
Director: OC
Scorer: James Carpenter
Oliver Cowan Pairs
Director: OC
Combined Yorkshire Club Pairs
Director: OC
Scorer: James Carpenter
Play Without the Experts
Director: OC
Scorer: Oliver Cowan
Play Without the Experts (Handicap)
Director: OC
Scorer: Oliver Cowan