Okatie Creek Duplicate Bridge Club
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Game Day & Time

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to game for appropriate stratification.


Monday 1:00 PM

Tuesday 9:00 AM

(Exception: 1st Tuesday is a Team Game)

Thursday 6:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM

0-149 MP Game

Saturday 9:00 AM

Join the Club

Join the club by contacting Membership Chairperson  or by printing out the  Membership Form and bringing to one of the games.

Welcome to Okatie Creek Duplicate Bridge Club

We thank those on the front lines....everyone in the medical field,  especially hospital workers, those working in grocery stores and other essential businesses.


 Guess how many rank changes there were?  

If you guessed zero,  you win!  

Do you play bridge online?  Here's a basic tutorial;  Experienced players need not read further.  allows you to play bridge online.  You can play solitaire,   reserve a table or ask Bridgebase to sit you at a random table.   You can also play Master Points for a fee.   .

It’s very easy.  Here’s how to get started.

  1. Go to   To avoid being redirected, I sugest you enter that specific url.  
  2. Save the site on your desktop. 
  3. Click on the register / sign in  at the top right corner.
  4.  Create an ID and password - standard method.
  5. The next screen has two headings: 
    1. Play or watch Bridge
    2. Featured Areas 
  6. If this is your first time, click  Solitaire under Play or Watch Bridge. Play a few games and you'll  see how easy it is to play. 
  7. Before you play with a player, go to Account  / Profile on the right hand side.  Give yourself a skill level and write a few words on conventions you play:  2/1,  1430, etc.
  8. Then go back to Casual and click Take me to the first available table. Don’t be offended if you are booted.   If you clicked novice and sit at game with advanced players, the host may  boot you.
  9. My recommendation – get your regular partner and each signup.   Then start a table. You can reserve seats for you two or four people. When they sign on, they’ll go directly to the reserved seat.
Card Room Telephone Number





The Okatie Creek Duplicate Bridge Club at Sun City encourages being a good host/guest at the table, greeting opponents in a friendly manner, praising the bidding or playing of partner or opponents when appropriate, and having completed convention cards at the table. Zero Tolerance mandates that we not tolerate rudeness, insinuations, or negative comments about partner or opponents bidding/play, gratuitous lessons and/or analyses at the table, and disruptive arguing with a director’s ruling.  Unacceptable behavior may be punishable by a minimum of a ¼ board penalty and possible referral to the Ombudsman and/or ethics committee.

The ACBL zero tolerance policy [ZT] was adopted by, and is in effect, at our club.  Here is a link to the policy:


Mon October 5, 2020
Club Appreciation(Invitational)
Mon October 12, 2020
Invitational Regular Game
Mon October 19, 2020
Invitational Regular Game
Mon October 26, 2020
Invitational Regular Game
Invitational Regular Game
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Saturday Morning Pairs
Local Charity Game
Tuesday Morning Pairs
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Saturday Morning Pairs
Thursday Evening Pairs