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Online Thursday MP Pairs Duplicate
Director: Chris Dawe
Scorer: Chris Dawe
High Fives
Scorer: Chris Dawe
Online Thursday MP Pairs Duplicate
Scorer: John Rowe
OBA Thursday Teams
Director: David Emerson
13th Aug 2020
Online Thursday Cross IMPed Pairs
Oxford BC 19:00
Director: John Rowe
20th Aug 2020
Online Thursday MP Pairs Duplicate
BBO 19:00
Director: Kathy Talbot
27th Aug 2020
OBA Thursday Teams
Oxford BC 19:00
Director: David Emerson
3rd Sep 2020
OBA Thursday Teams
Oxford BC 19:00
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General Regulations
Competitions Subcommittee

Competitions Sub-Committee

1.1          The competitions sub-committee is a sub-committee of the OBA Management Committee. It has autonomy to make decisions consistent with its aims, subject only to annual approval of its budget by the Management Committee.

1.2          The aim of the competitions sub-committee is to ensure that county level competitions meet the needs of Oxfordshire’s duplicate bridge players throughout Oxfordshire at all levels of experience and ability.

1.3          The members of the Sub-Committee shall be:

  1. The Chief Tournament Directors and any Assistant Tournament Directors
  2. The Wessex League Secretary (WLS)
  3. The Tournament Secretary
  4. The President’s and Chester Cup Secretary (PCS)
  5. Any co-opted individuals

The Sub-Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional individuals as required.

The responsibilities of the members with respect to events shall be as follows:

(a) Chief Tournament Directors: running all tournaments and internal competitions; determining venues and booking catering; may appoint a delegate.
(c) Assistant Tournament Directors: assisting the Chief Tournament Directors.
(c) Wessex League Secretary (WLS): running the Wessex League.
(d) Tournament Secretary: collating entries for Sunday championship events and the county pairs semi-final and final.
(e) The President’s and Chester Cup Secretary (PCS): running the President’s and Chester Cup and the Chair’s Plate.
(f) Any co-opted individual: tasks specific to the running of assigned events or tasks.

1.4          The Sub-Committee shall be autonomous in the sense that its decisions regarding the interpretation of these bylaws, of the rules of any competition within the scope of these bylaws, or of any question raised by such competitions shall be regarded as final. The Sub-Committee may however decide to refer any matter either to the Management Committee or to a Rules and Ethics Committee appointed for such a purpose by the Management Committee.

1.5          The Sub-Committee may change the detailed rules of any competition at any time if such changes are in the best interests of the participants and are aligned with the Association’s aims and objectives. Where possible, such changes will be made at least 4 weeks before the date of the competition.

1.6          At least one member of the Sub-Committee shall supervise any draw necessary for the preparation of match schedules. All draws should be performed in public.

1.7          The Sub-Committee shall appoint a suitably qualified director for each competition within its jurisdiction. In all events, the director may be a competitor.

1.8          An ad hoc Appeals Panel, appointed by the Competitions Sub-Committee or its delegate, shall hear or otherwise receive appeals against decisions of any directors or organising officials. The Appeals Panel may not include any person involved in the original decision.

1.9          Final appeals against the decisions of the director, organising officials or Appeals Panel, shall be to the Competitions Sub-Committee. The Sub-Committee shall hear or otherwise receive such appeals provided that the Sub-Committee has jurisdiction over the competition or event in question; unless specifically stated, the Sub-Committee has jurisdiction over all events described in these bylaws. Should the appeal be against the decision of one of the members of the Sub-Committee then that member will be replaced by a member of the Management Committee or its appointed delegate for that particular appeal.

1.10      These bylaws govern the running of the Association’s events. However, the Competitions Sub-Committee has the power to decide whether it is appropriate to run any individual competition in any one year.

Weekday Duplicate Events

Weekday Duplicate Events

1.1          From time to time duplicate competitions shall be held in partnership with clubs or otherwise which are approved as county duplicates by Competitions Committee. They will be advertised on the website.

1.2          The events are open to all members of the Association. Additionally, the events are open to non-members of the Association. Visitors fees may also be payable.

1.3          Table money is payable at each event.

1.4          The events shall normally be of 24 boards but may be up to 28 boards, and shall normally be organised to provide one winning pair or team.

1.5          Starting times will be advertised but will usually be 1915 or 1930 and all players must take their seats by 10 minutes before the start of play. Players arriving late shall be allowed to play only at the discretion of the director.

1.6          Master points shall be awarded at the county rate, using rules in force by the EBU. Currently the EBU requires there to be:
(a) 3 complete tables in a single-winner pairs event (i.e. Howell type)
(b) 3 complete teams in a team event
(c) 5 complete tables in a two-winner pairs event (i.e. Mitchell type)

before any points can be awarded.

1.7         No prizes or trophy shall be awarded by OBA except possibly for annual Men’s and Ladies pairs [but see “Ladders and premiership”].