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Monday mornings:   Bicester, Oxford
Monday afternoons:  Abbey Smith, Wallingford
Tuesday mornings:  Central Yarnton
Tuesday afternoons:  Wallingford (gentle)
Tuesday evenings:  Abingdon, Aylesbury Aces
Wednesday mornings:  Oxford (Learn and Play)
Wednesday afternoons:  Oxford (gentle)
Wednesday evenings:  Abbey Smith, Oxford, Wallingford
Thursday mornings:  Oxford (Teams)
Thursday afternoons:  Wallingford
Thursday evenings:  Oxford (gentle), Oxfordshire, Wantage
Friday mornings:  Oxford
Friday afternoons:  Abbey Smith
Friday evenings:  Wallingford (X-IMP)

In every case please see the appropriate club’s website for further details and if you are not a member check with them that you may play, as well as how to register and pay

OJBC Winter Competition
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OJBC Winter Competition 2019
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The third Oxford Junior Bridge Club Competition was held at the Oxford Bridge Club on the afternoon of Sunday 19th November when twenty-two children, aged 8– 14 years, descended upon the balloon decorated premises, generating laughter and good will.

Prizes were awarded in three categories: Mini Bridge, Novice Bidders and Experienced Bidders. Pat Lewis, Chairman of the Oxford Bridge Club, presented the prizes and warmly congratulated all the children.

Congratulations to scorer, Diane Coe and Tournament Directors, , Mike Fletcher and Peter Sherry, who managed to keep cards and children moving and playing in spite of the speed differentials and the cross table chatting! Organiser, Holly Kilpatrick, thanked the Chairman and Trustees of the Oxford Bridge Club, who had kindly given their premises, free of charge and also thanked the volunteers, who assist in running the competition and the club on Sunday afternoons.

In the Mini-Bridge section, first prize went to Oscar Ngong; joint second prizes were awarded to: Harry Ellis and Amelia Beacroft and Sami Soonawalla and Oliver Christianson.  In the Novice Bidders’ section first prize went to Dimi Fitzherbert  and in the “Experienced” Bidders section first prize went to brothers, Thomas and Jacob Potter and second prize to Aidan Saunders and Zane Soonawalla.  

The participating children attend the following schools: Kidmore End, Marcham Primary, Wantage Primary, Summer Fields, The Dragon, Didcot Girls, Magdalen College, Harrow and Abingdon.

The Oxford Junior Bridge Club runs on Sunday afternoons, term time in Summertown Church Hall, Banbury Road, OX2 7EZ.  ALL CHILDREN ARE WELCOME 8 – 18 YEARS.  For further information, contact Holly Kilpatrick: