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Online Thursday MP Pairs Duplicate
Director: Chris Dawe
Scorer: Chris Dawe
OBA Thursday Teams
Director: David Emerson
High Fives
Director: Chris Dawe
Online Thursday MP Pairs Duplicate
Director: Kathy Talbot
9th Jul 2020
Online Thursday Cross IMPed Pairs
BBO 19:00
Director: John Rowe
12th Jul 2020
High Fives
Online tournament BBO 2pm
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16th Jul 2020
Online Thursday MP Pairs Duplicate
BBO 19:00
Director: Kathy Talbot
19th Jul 2020
Online Juniors
BBO 16:00
Director: Kathy Talbot
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Monday mornings:   Bicester, Oxford
Monday afternoons:  Abbey Smith, Wallingford
Tuesday mornings:  Central Yarnton
Tuesday afternoons:  Wallingford (gentle)
Tuesday evenings:  Abingdon, Aylesbury Aces
Wednesday mornings:  Oxford (Learn and Play)
Wednesday afternoons:  Oxford (gentle)
Wednesday evenings:  Abbey Smith, Oxford, Wallingford
Thursday mornings:  Oxford (Teams)
Thursday afternoons:  Wallingford
Thursday evenings:  Oxford (gentle), Oxfordshire
Friday mornings:  Oxford
Friday afternoons:  Abbey Smith
Friday evenings:  Wallingford (X-IMP)

In every case please see the appropriate club’s website for further details and if you are not a member check with them that you may play, as well as how to register and pay

Promotion, Education & Social
Promotion, Education and Social Team

OBA's Promotion, Education and Social Team's objectives are set out in the County Administration - Management Teams section of this website.

The subjects of Promotion, Education and Social are grouped together under one team because we recognise that to increase the number of people playing the game in our clubs we not only have to teach new people to play the game but also to provide social as well as competitive playing opportunities for new players.


The County has supported clubs in buying duplimators, bridgemates, tables, teaching teachers and tournament directors, running taster sessions etc.  Read about the criteria for approving grant applications


Apart from training sessions for the county squad all bridge education in Oxfordshire is run through the clubs.  If you wish to learn to play bridge in Oxfordshire there are many clubs and teachers to help you.  Choose which one is most appropriate using the information available under the “Learn to Play” tab.


From time to time the county organises social bridge events

The next such event will be Cafe Bridge in Henley on April 28 2020.