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Thursday X-imped Pairs
Director: Martin Illingworth
Scorer: Christopher Whitehouse
Seniors Pairs
Director: Geoff Nicholas
Warwickshire v Oxfordshire
Scorer: Peter Randall
Thursday Pairs
Director: JR
Scorer: MC
County Squad Training
Director: Alan Wilson
Scorer: Kathy Talbot
15th Sep 2019
EBU Club TD Training Course 2 (Book & Judgement Rulings)
Oxford BC 10:30
15th Sep 2019
Surrey Green Pointed Swiss Teams
Guildford (Spectrum) 11.00
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19th Sep 2019
County Squad Training
Oxford BC 19:30
Director: Peter Litchfield
21st Sep 2019
Essex / Herts Green Pointed Swiss Pairs
Ware 12:00
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22nd Sep 2019
Essex / Herts Green Pointed Swiss Teams
Ware 12:00
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Did you know?:

Contract Bridge is the hobby of tens of millions of people throughout the world — more so than any other card game. In social circles it is considered the card game. Whether you play casually among friends or seriously in clubs and tournaments, you will find it to be a fascinating, challenging and enjoyable pastime.

More than 400 years ago the game of Whist was invented in England. Whist evolved into Bridge Whist in 1896, then Auction Bridge in 1904. In 1925 Harold Vanderbilt revised the scoring system in a truly ingenious way to give birth to Contract Bridge as we know it today.

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