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Monday mornings:   Bicester, Oxford
Monday afternoons:  Abbey Smith, Wallingford
Tuesday mornings:  Central Yarnton
Tuesday afternoons:  Wallingford (gentle)
Tuesday evenings:  Abingdon, Aylesbury Aces
Wednesday mornings:  Oxford (Learn and Play)
Wednesday afternoons:  Oxford (gentle)
Wednesday evenings:  Abbey Smith, Oxford, Wallingford
Thursday mornings:  Oxford (Teams)
Thursday afternoons:  Wallingford
Thursday evenings:  Oxford (gentle), Oxfordshire, Wantage
Friday mornings:  Oxford
Friday afternoons:  Abbey Smith
Friday evenings:  Wallingford (X-IMP)

In every case please see the appropriate club’s website for further details and if you are not a member check with them that you may play, as well as how to register and pay

Archived Honours Boards
Honours Board Individual


Date Winners
1965-66 D J Wheeler
1966-67 D J Wheeler
1967-68 P M Hayes
1968-69 J H Freeman
1969-70 D Matthews
1970-71 E F Bowtell
1971-72 E F Bowtell
P J Collman
1972-73 E F Glanville
1973-74 R Wymer
1974-75 K Harrap
Mrs M Evans
1975-76 Mrs W Ling
1976-77 D V Spriggs
1977-78 R Kilby
1978-79 Miss D Nicholson
1979-80 P Day
Honours Board Pro-Am

The Pro-Am Tournament is a single session pairs event restricted to players who have fewer than 5,000 master points. They draw a more experienced partner on the day of the tournament.

Date Winners
2003-04 Maxine Henry & Elwyn Belton-Jones
2004-05 Terry Gaskin & Peter Bowen
2005-06 Derek Harrison & Phillip Anstice
2006-07 David Watkins & Angela Manders
2007-08 Rob Procter & Kevin Plumb
2008-09 Alan Wilson & Zhi Bang Lim
2009-10 Peter Briggs & Pat Lewis
2010-11 Rita Todd & Robert Dixon
2011-12 Krishan Jalie & Ian Edwardes

Stephen Brown & Veronica Wilson


Esme Alden & Gwen Turner


Matthew Covill & Graham Walcroft

Honours Board Restricted Pairs
  Restricted Pairs 'A' Restricted Pairs 'B'
1976-77 - The Honours Board in the Oxford Bridge Club shows the winners as G Pearce & A Harris but the AGM Minutes name Mrs Rawcliffe & Mrs S Claridge. According to Mrs Claridge, Pearce & Harris won the event but were underqualified (i.e. they were Restricted B) - Mrs Rawcliffe complained and Pearce & Harris were put on the Honours Board while Rawcliffe & Claridge were awarded the prize!
1964-65 W A Gladstone & K A Woodward A Goldspink & D J Wheeler
1965-66 M E Dilks & P N Lee D N Chester & Mrs D N Chester
1966-67 M E Dilks & F H Haynes Mrs V J Sanger-Davies & Mrs H White
1967-68 A R Carnegie & R J Van Noorden V J Sanger-Davies & Mrs V J Sanger-Davies
1968-69 E F Glanville & D S Gunston D Matthews & M J D Powell
1969-70 A R Carnegie & R J Van Noorden E Martin & R Palmer
1970-71 D Matthews & M J D Powell D J Walker & A McWalter
1971-72 E F Glanville & D S Gunston R J Balfour & J M Borwein
    S M Avery-Gee & P G Kaufmann
1972-73 D V Booker & R J Van Noorden S M Avery-Gee & P G Kaufmann
1973-74 M Simpson & A Parker T Warren & S O'Neill
1974-75 E Martin & R Wymer S Mitra & P Gerontopoulos
1975-76 P Avery & N Beatham N Gray & J Rose
1976-77 G Pearce & A Harris Not played
1977-78 Not played Not played
1978-79 B A Claridge & K Harrap G Bernau & L J Braham
1979-80 Not played P Hale & S Lipton
Honours Board Simultaneous Pairs

The Simultaneous Pairs hands were played in a number of clubs across the county during the same week. The event is now discontinued.

Date Winners
1993-94 C Gibbons & Mrs H Gibbons
1994-95 M Simpson & C Keep
1995-96 P Bowen & T Hobson
1996-97 Mrs G Porter & N Gascoyne
1997-98 Mrs P Bailey & Mrs M Crawley
1998-99 F Clark & Mrs P East
1999-00 B Hopper & A Parker
2000-01 Mrs J Parkinson & H Furinger
2001-02 J Prior & T Lee
2002-03 D Bygott & J Bygott
2003-04 J Sperry & Mrs J Sperry
2004-05 Mrs P Ansell & M Chadwick
2005-06 N Smith & R Procter
2006-07 Mrs S Nicholson & K Kazmierczak
2007-08 Mrs E Sheppard & C Sheppard
2008-09 Mrs M Czapski & R Czapski
2009-10 Lorna Swadling & Alastair Gidman
2010-11 Shirley Moore & Pat Dunn
2011-12 Stephen Rotherham & Paula Hopkinson
Honours Board Summer League

The Summer League was a teams-of-four event held over the summer months during the Wessex League off-season. It is no longer part of the OBA calendar.

  Division 1 Division 2N Division 2S
2001 J Clifford, Mrs D Roberts, P Russell & Mrs S Tulip Mrs W Ling, Mrs M Marsh, Mrs E Alden & Mrs P Manuell P Baxter, Mrs P Rhodes-Fisher, J Griffiths & M Brown
2002 M Brown, P Baxter, Mrs P Rhodes-Fisher & F Clark P Jordan, Mrs J Ingham-Johnson, Mrs A Smith & S Elliott G Carroll, D Walton, K Sadler & S Marsh
2003 S Noble T Prior D Stead
2004 B Claridge Mrs D Roberts  
Honours Board Tuesday Butler Ladder
Date Winners
2007-08 Alan Wilson
2008-09 Alan Wilson
2009-10 Adrian Lambe & John Clifford
2010-11 Lynne Hayes & Peter Briggs
2011-12 Nick Smith & Alan Wilson

Ladder points awarded on the first Tuesday of the month counted towards the Tuesday Butler Ladder.

From 2012 the Match Pointed Pairs Ladder and Butler Ladder were combined to make the Pairs Ladder

Honours Board Tuesday Championship

The Tuesday Championship (now discontinued) was a single session final for the 28 players who had scored the highest number of ladder points in the Tuesday County night pairs competition.

Date Winners
1963-64 Mrs R G Beck & Mrs G Bloch
1964-65 P M Hayes & Mrs P M Hayes
1965-66 J M Handford & P M Hayes
1966-67 D V Booker & L Salmon
1967-68 J R Ockendon & R M Sheehan
1968-69 D W Shaw & T Wills
1969-70 D Steel & R Wymer
1970-71 R Perrin & J M Borwein
1971-72 R Wymer & E Martin
1972-73 R Wymer & E Martin
1973-74 Mrs L Hayes & Mrs R Bloch
1974-75 D Booker & M Turner
1975-76 M J F Turner & D V Booker
1976-77 K Harrap & R Procter
1977-78 B A Claridge & Mrs B A Claridge
1978-79 G Pearce & J O'Brien
1979-80 Mrs E Miller & Mrs A Owen
1980-81 B Claridge & J Williams
1981-82 L Braham & D Lunn
1982-83 R Parker & F G Constable
1983-84 F G Constable & R Parker
1984-85 J R T Williams & M Bavin
1985-86 D Lockett & S C Brown
1986-87 P Belton & G J Nicholas
1987-88 R C Procter & J R T Williams
1988-89 P G Briggs & Mrs L Hayes
1989-90 A Badiani & G Elliott
1990-91 V Doherty & Mrs J Doherty
1991-92 A Lintott & Mrs D Lintott
1992-93 A Lintott & Mrs D Lintott
1993-94 D Green & B Claridge
1994-95 A Badiani & P Fearnhead
1995-96 D Green & R Lonsdale
1996-97 Ms S Cohen & A Badiani
1997-98 S C Brown & M Kane
1998-99 R Lonsdale & M Kane
1999-00 A Badiani & S Noble
2000-01 Mrs A Fearnhead & P Fearnhead
2001-02 R Lonsdale & S McPhee
2002-03 S Noble & T Prior
2003-04 C N Smith & R Procter
2004-05 C N Smith & A Wilson
2005-06 S McPhee & R Lonsdale
2006-07 S McPhee & C N Smith
2007-08 S McPhee & A Wilson
2008-09 J Williams & C Wilson
2009-10 Nick Smith & Alan Wilson
2010-11 John Williams & Chris Wilson
2011-12 Chris Wilson & John Williams

The Tuesday Championship final used to be played in October so the AGM Minutes book gave the season as that of the final, not of the ladder. This was changed in the 1998-99 season. The Cup shows a single year, that in which the final was played. For the years before 1998-99, this Honours Board has moved everything back by one season.

Honours Board Tuesday Ladder
Date Winners
1991-92 Mrs D Lintott
1992-93 A Lintott & Mrs D Lintott
1993-94 A Lintott & Mrs D Lintott
1994-95 D Green
1995-96 R Lonsdale
1996-97 R Lonsdale
1997-98 A Badiani
1998-99 P Fearnhead
1999-00 A Badiani
2000-01 P Fearnhead
2001-02 S McPhee
2002-03 P Briggs
2003-04 S Brown
2004-05 N Smith
2005-06 D Talbot
2006-07 S McPhee
2007-08 A Wilson
2008-09 A Wilson
2009-10 Nick Smith
2010-11 Andrew & Dinah Lintott
2011-12 Ian & Val Constable
2012-13 John Slater
2013-14 Alan Wilson
2014-15 Alan Wilson & Nick Smith

Ladder points awarded on the first and third Tuesday of each month count towards the Tuesday Butler and Teams Ladders respectively. All other Tuesdays count towards the Tuesday Pairs Ladder.

Honours Board Tuesday Teams Ladder
Date Winners
1993-94 R Lonsdale
1994-95 S C Brown
1995-96 D Green
1996-97 D Green
1997-98 B Etheridge
1998-99 P Fearnhead
1999-00 Mrs M Day
2000-01 G Nicholas & P Belton
2001-02 S Noble
2002-03 D Thomas
2003-04 N Smith
2004-05 M Robinson & R Procter
2005-06 N Smith
2006-07 N Smith
2007-08 G Nicholas, A Lintott & Mrs D Lintott
2008-09 A Wilson & N Smith
2009-10 Nick Smith
2010-11 Andrew Lintott, Dinah Lintott & Geoff Nicholas
2011-12 Dinah Lintott, Andrew Lintott, Geoff Nicholas & Mike Webley
2012-13 Robert Procter
2013-14 Dinah Lintott, Andrew Lintott & John Williams
2014-15 Stephen Brown, Sandra Claridge & John Williams

Ladder points awarded on the third Tuesday of each month count towards the Tuesday Teams Ladder.