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Next Steps in Bridge: 20 Lessons for Improvers
Next Steps in Bridge: 20 Lessons for Improvers

Spiral bound A4 format includes workbook.

Enhance your skills in this fascinating game through this new course for improvers. 20 practical and easy to follow lessons which cover some revision of beginners topics in addition to new conventions and strategies.

  • Structured lessons on bidding and play

  • Hand examples and tips on declarer play and defence

  • Clear bidding tables and charts

  • Workbook of exercises for each lesson

  • Guidance on duplicate bridge play

For those undertaking a bridge course the lessons offer an invaluable companion reference guide. If you're returning to bridge, it will help you update your knowledge and increase your confidence.

'a great follow up to the Beginners Lessons and an ideal resource for those attending a course or learning online or with friends.'

'the workbook exercises are particularly welcome as they offer the opportunity for learners to test their understanding as they progress through the course.'

1st Edition: ISBN 978-0-9563046-1-2  List price £15: buy direct for £12 with free delivery (UK)   Order from: maggiehadley@hotmail.com


Zoom :  Lessons and supervised play for beginners and revisers online. Get together with other players for a 'sociable' lesson or play session.

For more information contact: maggiehadley@hotmail.com:

  Tel: 0117 3296482

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Books back in print!

Learn to Play Bridge: 20  Lessons for Beginners

by Maggie Hadley    ♠   ♣ 

3rd edition: £15 free delivery (UK)


Next Steps in Bridge: 20  Lessons for Improvers

by Maggie Hadley    ♠   ♣ 

1st edition: £12 free delivery (UK)

Order from: maggiehadley@hotmail.com