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Best Behaviour

Oakham Bridge Club has always prided itself on its friendly atmosphere and welcome towards new players. 

Please DO greet your opponents at each table and introduce yourselves if necessary.

Please DO NOT ever criticise your partner's or opponents' bidding or play.

Please DO say thank you to partner and opponents at appropriate times.

Please DO make allowances for slower or more inexperienced players.

Please DO help yourself to free refreshments whenever you are not playing, but BE AWARE that others may still be playing, so keep conversation very quiet.

Please wash up your cup after you have finished using it.  

Help is always appreciated when setting up or putting things away before and after each session.  

There is a ZERO TOLERANCE of bad behaviour.  (Having said that, thankfully, in over 50 years we have never had to exclude anyone for bad behaviour).

This is your club!  Make sure that it continues to be the friendly, welcoming club it has always been.



Welcome to Oakham Bridge Club

Welcome to the OAKHAM BRIDGE CLUB website.

We meet at St Joseph's Meeting Room, Station Road, Oakham LE15 6QU on FRIDAYS from 18.45 - 22.00

We play Duplicate Bridge and there are usually 6+ tables.

Oakham is a friendly club and always welcomes new members. 

Please contact: Richard Merriman (Chairman) on 01572 720002(e-mail: richardjmerriman@yahoo.co.uk) 

or Paul Collins (Secretary) on 0116 259 6278   mobile 07802 887759 (e-mail paul.collins0759@gmail.com)

or Lucy Stewart (Social Secretary)  on 01162 597309 (e-mail lucystewart@aolcom) for more information. 

To request a partner please contact Paul Collins as above.

We also have a Gentle Duplicate session on Fridays between 13.45 and 16.15.  

(single players welcome at Gentle Duplicate).

Contact Rita Duckham on 01572 724761 or email duckhamrita@gmail.com

There is a thriving bridge community in Rutland, which meets regularly to play various forms of the game, as follows

(please click on link for the history of the bridge clubs on the News page)

Tuesday (afternoon) 2-4pm, TUESDAY CHICAGO, chicago bridge at St Joseph's Church Meeting Room Oakham: contact Dawn O'Higgins on 01664 567057  Please Note:  The membership list for this club is full at the moment.  Please contact Dawn if you would like to be put on the waiting list for membership.

Tuesday (evening) 6.45-10pm, RUTLAND DUPLICATE BRIDGE CLUB, duplicate bridge (EBU-affiliated) at St Joseph's Church Meeting Room Oakham: click "Information" in menu (above left) for contacts

Wednesday (afternoon) 2-4.30pm (mid-Sept to mid-April), OAKHAM (BOWLING) BRIDGE CLUB, Chicago bridge at The Vale Oakham: contact Secretary Jan Dowse (Tel 01572 723704 e-mail jkdowse@yahoo.co.uk) or Chairman Di Culshaw (01572 868758)  new members are very welcome, including inexperienced players. Single players welcome.

Friday (afternoon) 2.00 - 4.00, St Joseph's Meeting Room,  Station Road, Oakham. New group - GENTLE DUPLICATE - for those who are just learning to play more competitive Duplicate bridge. Single players are welcome, as there is always a partner available. Contact Rita Duckham (01572 724761) e-mail duckhamrita@gmail.com

Friday (evening) 6.45-10pm, OAKHAM BRIDGE CLUB, duplicate bridge at St Joseph's Church Meeting Room Oakham: see its website, www.bridgewebs.com/oakham; or  contact Richard Merriman on 01572 720002

or Paul Collins on 0116 259 6278, mobile 07802 887759, email paul.collins0759@gmail.com 

If unable to reach one of the above groups, please contact Rita Duckham 01572-724761

On Mondays, duplicate bridge is available just over the county border at Melton or Stamford (also on Thursdays at Stamford).  Both those clubs have a presence on BridgeWebs

If you organise a regular bridge group session in Rutland which is not listed here, please let us have brief details for inclusion in this panel.  Click "Information" in the menu (above left) and then click "Contact us"

Gentle Duplicate's Christmas party
Gentle Duplicate's Christmas party

The recently-formed Gentle Duplicate Club had a Christmas party on 20th December.  There were seven tables.  Festive food and drink were followed by Chicago Bridge with games and prizes.  Winners were Trevor Cole and Rita Duckham, and runners-up were Catriona Finlay and Karen Tattersall. Thanks to everyone who came to help make the event such a success, including the washer-up Julian!

Gentle Duplicate meets on a Friday afternoon between 13.45  and 16.15 at St Joseph's.  We play a few boards of relaxed Duplicate and the group is getting used to the procedure and etiquette for playing and scoring for Duplicate Bridge.  It is a friendly group and all are welcome.  You can even come along without a partner, as a partner is guaranteed for everyone! For further details contact Rita Duckham on 01572 724761, duckhamrita@gmail.com

Personal scorecards

Having clicked "Latest Results" above, in the ensuing screen showing ranked list of pairs, click your name to see your pair's personal scorecard, with the travellers and hand layouts showing alongside - i/e everything visible together

25th June 2021
Online Duplicate Pairs
BBO website 1.45pm
Director: Richard Merriman
Scorer: Richard Merriman
29th June 2021
Online Duplicate Pairs
BBO website 6.45pm
Director: Paul Collins
Scorer: Paul Collins
2nd July 2021
Online Duplicate Pairs
BBO website 1.45pm
Director: Tony Ross
Scorer: Tony Ross
Online Duplicate Pairs
Director: David Mell
Scorer: David Mell
Online Duplicate Pairs
Director: Tony Ross
Scorer: Tony Ross
Online Duplicate Pairs
Director: Paul Collins