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As a club we have been playing on BBO for some time and more recently on Real Bridge.  We feel it keeps us in touch with friends and our minds active in these strange times .  However it would be good if we knew how you feel and it would be nice to get your view on either of the sites or both. Just a short email would be fine or send your telephone number and we could have a chat.

Do you know someone who would like to play but is having difficulties getting on to the site or would like a partner?  Please let us know.  Please contact Elaine -


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Championship Teams
Championship Teams

Not played this year.

The Ian Hazlehurst Memorial Trophy
The Ian Hazlehurst Memorial Trophy

Not played this year


The Monday League
The Monday League

The Monday League for 2019-20 was won by Elaine McKinstry and Lynda Grundy with an average of 58.75.

The Tuesday League
The Tuesday League

The Tuesday Leagus for 2019-2020 was won by Elaine McKinstry and Rod Smith with an avareage of 55.86%.

The Wednesday League
The Wednesday League

The Wednesday League for 2019-2020 was won by John Attree and Lynda Grundy with an average of 63.9%.

We are now playing Real Bridge Thursday evenings 6.00pm for 6.30
Real Bridge

♠  RealBridge  ♣ 

Next Session for all Members Thursday 5th August

To play RealBridge   Click Here    between 6.00 and no later than 6.20 on Thursday 5th August. If it asks if you want to "Allow RealBridge to use your camera and microphone" say "Allow", for a guide on system requirements Click Here or to test your camera and microphone beforehand Click Here. RealBridge does not require a webcam to run; you can play without being connected on video or audio calls. However, without video, the experience is compromised. RealBridge works perfectly with inexpensive webcams, which are widely available online.

Enter your full name in the name box as it would appear in the results on this website. Enter your EBU number in the ID number box, it is not essential but if you don't enter your EBU Number you won't be recognised when and if your results are submitted to the EBU. The Session Key should be filled in automatically. Put a tick in the box for "High contrast UI" if you are colour blind. Then click "Login", this will take you into the "Lobby" from where you will be able to see the tables and seats, if you have a partner please sit at a low numbered table, if you don't have a partner please sit at the highest numbered table, if there is someone else there without a partner then ask them if they would like to be your partner and discuss what system you are going to play. Please don’t simply remain in the lobby, it makes it harder for us to talk to you and to get the match started on time if you are not seated. If two of you are in the same room at home, one of you needs to move otherwise, there will be a loud echo (feedback). Also, if there is a lot of background noise in the room you are in, please mute your microphone until you want to speak. Click here for the RealBridge Players guide.

Previous results  JUNE 3 10 17 24 Jul 1 8 15 22 29


We have agreed new dates for the bridge weekend at

The Netherwood Hotel,

they are 20th and 21st May 2022.

The rates per person, per night, for dinner, bed and breakfast are:

Bay View room, double occupancy – £117, single occupancy – £157

Standard room, double occupancy – £107, single occupancy – £147

We hope you will all still be able to attend on those dates and that other members, both old and new, may also decide to join us.

Non-playing partners of members are more than welcome to join us.



                                         ♠   ♣      Regular Bridge Sessions   ♠   ♣ 


Monday and Wednesday afternoons 1. 00pm 

Please register with your partner from 11. 30am, but no later than 12. 30pm

Tuesday Evenings 6. 30pm 

Please register with your partner from 5. 00pm, but no later than 6. 00pm.

Please login again with your partner at least 10 minutes before start time for each session.



Thursday Evening 6.30pm

Please be on the site from 6. 00pm but no later than 6. 20pm




At our Charity Event held on 17th March 2021 we raised a fantastic £245.

Proceeds to go to Cancer Research and Marie Curie.

Thank you all for your generosity.


In the continuing circumstances your committee have decided to keep our club closed until further notice. We do hope you have been able to play a game in our Oakfield on line at BBO sessions launched with great success on 22 April and are perhaps also tuning in to the Bernard Magee sessions on YouTube.  We hope you and your families all remain well during this worrying time.

The EBU has published a message from the chairman regarding advice and steps to take. Please use the following link to find the details -

10th Anniversary Duplicate
10th Anniversary Duplicate
Welcome to Oakfield Bridge Club
Welcome to Oakfield Bridge Club
Oakfield Bridge Club extends a warm welcome to both new and experienced players.  We are affiliated to the English Bridge Union and within easy reach of Manchester, Rochdale, Oldham, Halifax, Huddersfield, Holmfirth and Ashton-Under-Lyne. 
There are duplicate pairs sessions on Tuesdays at 7pm and on Mondays and Wednesdays at 1pm. Please could players be in their seats 5 minutes prior to the start of play.
Table money is £2.50 for members and £3.50 for non-members. Club membership costs £5 per year.
We operate a host system at all our sessions, so you can turn up on your own and be sure of a game. People can also volunteer to be a "host" and, should you not be needed at that session, you will receive a free entry for the next time you play. Anyone, no matter what their ability, may act as a host.


All sessions are held at the

Masonic Hall,138 High St,
Uppermill,Saddleworth,Lancashire,OL3 6BT


Do come along, whatever your level of experience and ability - you will always be made very welcome.

Monday Pairs
Director: Lynda/Ian
Thursday Pairs
Director: Ian
Wednesday Pairs
Director: Ian/Elaine
Tuesday Pairs
Director: Elaine/Lynda




Members would like to thank the committee and helpers for all the hard work they have put in to keep Oakfield Bridge Club open and running during this awful lockdown period.

We really do appreciate all your hard work and efforts on our behalf.

Everyone who participates in the online sessions on BBO and Real Bridge treasure this time allowing us to keep precious friendships active and our minds alert.

Thank you all so much.



Rod has very kindly offered to start up the much valued Bridge lessons we used to enjoy so much at the Bridge club. 

You will need access to Zoom on your computer or tablet.

Starting Friday March 12th at 1.00pm

First sessions will look at  overcalling in some detail.

If interested please contact Rod on

Thank you Rod

Bernard Magee Tutorial
Join Bernard Magee for his live
broadcasts on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11.00am

 Bernard is continuing to give live broadcasts which are free and which are a combination of a seminar, quizzes, chat and information.

If you receive Mr Bridge emails then there are links and further information to be found in  his mail.

For those that want to fully engage with Bernard's talks it is recommended that you subscribe to the youtube channel. This allows you to respond to questions during the broadcast and ask questions too.

Good viewing and good luck.

Sim Pairs 2020

Simultaneous Pairs Results for 9,10,11 November

Thanks to all who participated in the Children In Need events and well done to all our top scorers ( scored across all participating clubs nationwide) with Ian Robson and Ray Prendecki who came 13th on Wednesday with a final score of 67.70%.  Other results were:


Janis Galbraith and Ian Robson 20th with 67.24%

Bob Mercer and Chris Chamberlain 54th with 64.51%

Julie Higginson and John Williams 63rd with 63.93%


Paul Healey and John Attree 17th with 65.96%

Val McDermott and Janis Galbraith 69th with 62.02%

Julie Higginson and John Williams 84th with 61.59%


John Attree and Lynda Grundy 18th with 66.70%

Mark Boothroyd and Val McDermott 60th with 63.38%

The full results can be found at


Diary Page

Our calendar of events for 2020 -  

Closed until further notice





Hosting Sessions

Please sign up to volunteer to host a session if you possibly can. The sessions below already have a host as indicated.

(PS It's free to play if you are the host and, if you are not required, you will receive a 'free play' voucher to be used at any future session)

Keep an eye on the Notice Board as some sessions may 'fall through the net' and not be covered.

Please add your name to the hosts section on the club notice board and/or send an email copied to John Attree ( and Phil Tomlinson ( Alternatively phone John on 07900974543 or Phil on 01457875611 to allow the website to be updated.

w/b  Monday Tuesday Wednesday