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MPTS Winnings

Here are two items of interest:

  • Click HERE to see our Endless Summer Winners
  • Click HERE to see Player Winnings at NW Tucson Club Games thru June
Quick Tips

Practice these tips for a better game:

  1. Pace - keep game moving, claim if obvious.
  2. Chat - Be kind and courteous.  No chats about bids.  
  3. UnDO's - Check settings  to confirm bids and cards.
  4. Conv Card- Play with one with every partner.
  5. Self-Alert - Know When and How.
  6. Director Calls - know When and How.
  7. Disconnects - Log OFF and back ON.
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PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we are a Virtual Club, with BBO Games 6 days a week.VISIT US HERE FREQUENTLY TO KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING
July Game Schedule

Last updated : Jul 5, 2020 17:39 PDT
BLOCKED ? We're Sorry ! We Can Help You.

Got BLOCKED? Some of our "out of town" players may experience this.  This is due to some ACBL cleanup of "included" players.  We want you to play with us.  Some of you may require a letter from your "HOME" club.  If you suspect this may affect you, register EARLY to give us time to fix this before the game starts.  If you are blocked at registration, contact the game director (VACB276055).

Last updated : Jul 5, 2020 17:54 PDT
MONDAY at 9:15 am - Bob's Free Mini-Lesson on ZOOM

Join this free 30-minute ZOOM mini-lesson and learn from an expert.   Join with meeting code 868 2340 5959.  Find the meeting passcode in your email or click HERE.  

 July 6 Mini-Lesson is "Inverted Minors"  You may preview it or any of Bob's previous mini-lessons by clicking HERE.

Last updated : Jul 2, 2020 19:51 PDT



  1. You MUST have an  ACBL# and a BBO Login ID.  If you don't have BOTH, look elsewhere on this website for what to do.
  2. First, check our Player Directory for your name and BBO ID. If you are not there, CLICK HERE to identify yourself..  
  3. With your BBO Login ID, sign on to BBO at  (It must be v3)
  4. Add funds with BB$.  PayPal or Credit Cards are accepted.
  5. Find our game under Competitive/ACBL Virtual Clubs at 2 hours prior to start.
  6. Register up to  two hours before game time and invite your partner.  Wait for confirmation and see your names in game Entries.
  7. You may leave BBO or play casual bridge until 15 minutes before game time. This allows game adjustments depending on entries.


Last updated : Jun 28, 2020 18:06 PDT
Mon July 6, 2020
Zoom ID 868-2340-5959 Password 139720 9:15AM
Director: Bob Hertzog
Mon July 6, 2020
299er Game $5 BBO
Sign In Opens 2 Hrs. Before Game Time Of: 10:05AM
Mon July 6, 2020
OPEN Game $5 BBO
Sign In Opens 2 hrs. Before Game Time of: 1:35PM
Tue July 7, 2020
299er Game $5 BBO
Sign In Opens 2 Hrs. Before Game Time Of: 10:05AM
Tue July 7, 2020
999er Game $5 BBO
Sign In Opens 2 Hrs. Before Game Time Of: 1:35PM
Wed July 8, 2020
OPEN Game $5 BBO
Sign In Opens 2 hrs. Before Game Time of: 1:35PM
THURSDAY at 3:40 pm - "ASK JOE" - after the 749 Game

Play on Thursday, then save your questions about difficult hands or auctions. Joe Olivier will lead in a Zoom video conference after the game to answer your questions. Conference Code:  878 6091 1637

Tucson Alliance

Our local Tucson bridge clubs have joined together to provide you with extra games.  These games will be held the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month and the format will vary.  You will find them listed on BBO under “Tucson Alliance”.   We hope you will join us and enjoy playing with your bridge friends all around the city.


Many of you played in one or more of our "Longest Day" ALZ benefit games held June 20 - 21.  All proceeds for those games went direclty to Alzheimer's Association.  Over $6,000 was raised in game fees and personal donations.  You may still donate online through the end of July.   
To donate directly to Alzheimer's Association, CLICK HERE.