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New Alert Procedures

ACBL has revised Alert Procedures, effective Jan 1, 2021.  You should become familiar with these changes and comply in online bridge with your self-alerts.  A good write-up was included in Jan 3 Club Newsletter and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

How to Find Our Games
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   Frequent players should easily find our games during registration period by merely clicking on Competitive / ACBL Virtual Club games.  If NOT, read more. ..........

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Please don’t try to register just 5 minutes before the start of the game.  At TD discretion, registration for NW Tucson games may close 5 minutes before start time to allow for optimal game setup without sitouts, substitutes, or robots.

Game Calendar for April 19 - 25

Please note that with daylight savings time,  Arizona time is the same as Spokane time, but three hours earlier than East Coast.

Start (PDT) Mon Apr 19 Tue Apr 20 Wed Apr 21 Thr Apr 22 Fri Apr 23 Sat Apr 24 Sun Apr 25
 10:05 am 299 399 299 499  
 10:10 am 1199
1:10 pm 499 499 499 499 299
1:15 pm  
1:20 pm 1099 1199 1199 749
1:40 pm OPEN OPEN   OPEN
6:20 pm OPEN OPEN

To view game results immediately following your game, choose RESULTS on the menu bars, then BridgeWebs Format
To view official ACBL Live results, choose
ACBL Live Results - by Club  (available about 1 hour after game ends).

Visitors WELCOME !

We are a friendly club, partnering with Tucson Charity and Spokane DBC for a wide variety of LIMIT and OPEN games.  If you plan to play for the first time in one of our games,  please pre-register HERE (Please give us a few days to process your request.)

"Kay's Keys" to Better Bridge - Free Classes on Wednesdays

Kay Afdahl, Platinum Life Master, Presents short (20 min) topics to improve your game.  Wednesdays at 12:30 pm prior to our 499er game.  Today, April 12 Kay's topic is "Preference"

Go to and key in meeting code  835 0486 1506 and Passcode 800300

MONDAY at 9:15 am - Bob's Free Mini-Lesson on ZOOM

Join Bob Hertzog every Monday morning at 9:15 for his FREE 30-minute bridge lesson.  April 26 lesson is "Entries - Declarer's Plan".  You may preview it or any of Bob's previous lessons by clicking HERE.  Then play in our 299 game at 10:05.

To join the zoom meeting, click HERE and provide the meeting code 861 9164 8511 and the password 554709

Tue April 20, 2021
399er Game $5 BBO
NW Tucson Bridge Club 10:05AM
Director: Jim Wolf
Tue April 20, 2021
OPEN Game $5 BBO
Spokane Duplicate Bridge Club 10:10AM
Director: Charlie Bennett
Tue April 20, 2021
499er Game $5 BBO
Tucson Charity Bridge Club 1:10PM
Director: Bob Griffin
Tue April 20, 2021
1199er Game $5 BBO
NW Tucson Bridge Club 1:20PM
Director: Kathy Klammer
Gary Mitchell Teaches Miscellaneous Doubles

Gary continues his monthly teaching webinars --the next one is Wednesday May 5 from 9:00 am to 11:00 am, followed by a Q&A session.The topic is "Miscellaneous Doubles". The cost is $20. 
Read more and pre-register by clicking

Future ACBL Promo Events

Keep these dates in mind:

  • May 15 – 16:  Grass Roots Weekend - Double MPs
  • May 24 – 30:  Silver Linings Week - 2x Silver
  • June 19 – 20:  The Longest Day - 2x Mpts



  • MUST HAVE:   ACBL#, BBO Login ID, and BB$ 
  • Sign on  BBO at  
  • Find our game under Competitive/Virtual Clubs, OR search "Tucson"
  • Register early and invite your partner.  
  • Be online 10 minutes prior to start of your game.