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Tucson Players - Play the Spokane / Columbia River Games !

Tucson players:  You can see from the calendar that our new alliance now offers many more OPEN Game choices.  We encourage our players to try the Spokane / Columbia River games.  They offer Open games at 11:10 am 7 days a week and a fast pairs game Mon-Thr at 7:20 pm.

Last updated : Dec 3, 2020 09:20 MST
Weekly Game Calendar and Game Results For Nov 30 - Dec 6
start Mon Nov 30 Tues Dec 1 Wed Dec 2 Thr Dec 3 Fri Dec 4 Sat Dec 5 Sun Dec 6
 10:05 am 299 399 199 499
 10:10 am 1099
  1:10 pm 499 499 499 499 299 499
 1:20 pm 1099 1099 1099 749
3:05 pm 1099 x

To view ACBL Live results, click on your game in RED. These official results are posted about 2 hours after end of game.  Use back arrow on your browser to return to this webpage.

Last updated : Dec 3, 2020 16:12 MST
Visitors WELCOME !

Now, ANY player may play in our combined virtual club games games without restriction (other that masterpoint limits).  If you plan to play for the first time in one of our games,  please ask to be our Friend on BBO by clicking HERE.  The new ACBL Visitor Policy is posted HERE.

Last updated : Dec 3, 2020 11:19 MST
Gary Mitchell Mini Lesson - Saturdays - 9:15 to 9:45 am

We are happy to have Gary Mitchell share his bridge talents with us. Join Gary in a FREE Zoom mini-lesson every Saturday at 9:15 am.  His lessons will focus on DEFENSE.  Dec 5 lesson is on "Opening Lead vs NT". To join, go to and enter the meeting code: 792 1155 4782 and passcode 4BmSD1.

Last updated : Dec 3, 2020 11:23 MST
MONDAY at 9:15 am - Bob's Free Mini-Lesson on ZOOM

Join Bob Hertzog every Monday morning at 9:15 for his FREE 30-minute bridge lesson.  Dec 7 lesson is "Splinter Bids".  You may preview it or any of Bob's previous lessons by clicking HERE.  Then play in our 299 game at 10:05.

To join the zoom meeting, click HERE and provide the meeting code 839 4491 6379 and the password 956886

Last updated : Dec 3, 2020 11:22 MST
"Kay's Keys" to Better Bridge - Free Classes on Wednesdays

Kay Afdahl, Platinum Life Master, Presents short (20 min) topics to improve your game.  Wednesdays at 12:30 pm prior to our 199er and 499er games

  • December 2 - Once is Enough
  • December 9You're the Captain

Go to and key in meeting code  835 0486 1506 and Passcode 800300

Last updated : Dec 3, 2020 11:22 MST


  • MUST HAVE:   ACBL#, BBO Login ID, and BB$ 
  • Sign on  BBO at  
  • Find our game under Competitive/All Tournaments, search "Tucson"
  • Register early and invite your partner.  
  • Be online 10 minutes prior to start of your game.
Last updated : Nov 18, 2020 16:22 MST
Thu December 3, 2020
OPEN Game $3.75 BBO
Columbia River Basin Bridge Club 7:20PM
Director: Charlie Bennett
Fri December 4, 2020
OPEN Game $5 BBO
Spokane Duplicate Bridge Club 11:10AM
Director: Charlie Bennett
Fri December 4, 2020
299er Game $5 BBO
Mike's Game 1:10PM
Director: Jack Shoemaker/Mike Smith
Fri December 4, 2020
749er Game $5 BBO
Tucson Charity Bridge Club 1:20PM
Director: Ruth Houkom
Fri December 4, 2020
OPEN Game $5 BBO
NW Tucson Bridge Club 1:35PM
Director: Barbara Starrett
How to Find Our Games

Normally for club members:
      To find games starting in less than two hours
      Including NW Tucson, Tucson Charity, and all Spokane games

      From Home on BBO: Click on Competitive
Then Click on ACBL Virtual Clubs
Games should appear

Alternatively, to find ANY game
       From HOME on BBO: Look in "Featured Areas"
       Click on Virtual Clubs

       Scroll to the very bottom, click on "All Clubs"
       Use Search to find "Tucson", or "Spokane", ...
                                                      ... or "Columbia"                     

Compliance with Online Game Rules

To be fair to all players, please comply with rules concerning convention cards, self-alerts and slow play.  We are sure our players try their best to comply with the rules of the game. Occasionally, unfamiliarity with the online software may cause an appearance of non-compliance.  The TD's are there to help and will assume the best intentions by players.  If you need more information on these or other BBO issues, visit our BBO resources on the grey menu bars or send us a note at