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Our next team game is Sunday, Oct 3 at 1:00 pm at the clubhouse.  This is a Club Appreciation Game with extra masterpoint awards, but no extra fee - just $7 per player.  Sign your team up HERE.

2021 Alert Procedures

Please become familiar with the new alert procedures.  Read more HERE.

Introducing Our TD's

Click HERE to view a picture directory of our volunteer game directors and their contact information.

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Bob's 9:15 am Monday Mini-Lessons

Join Bob Hertzog Monday mornings at 9:15 am on ZOOM for his popular free mini-lesson.  Then play in the 299er game on BBO beginning at 10:05 am.  Bob's lesson September 27 is "Responding After RHO Takeout Double" You may preview this or any of Bob's previous lessons by clicking HERE.  To join the zoom lesson, go to and enter the meeting code 833 1262 4235 and pass code 770586

Last updated : Sep 26, 2021 17:17 PDT
Northwest Tucson Bridge Club Schedule for Sep 20 - 26
Start (MST) Where? Mon 9/20 Tue 9/21 Wed 9/22 Thr 9/23 Fri 9/24 Sat 9/25 Sun 9/26
9:00 am   At Club            299 P&L    
10:05 am On BBO 299            
1:00 pm At Club 749          
1:00 pm At Club OPEN OPEN OPEN *TEAM* OPEN  

  *OPEN Pairs games at the club this week are Club Championship rated, for extra masterpoints. 
  *Thursday TEAM game is a Grand National Team game awarding double masterpoints 1/2 RED & 1/2 BLACK

Last updated : Sep 17, 2021 07:30 PDT
Northwest Tucson Bridge Club Schedule for Sep 27 - Oct 3
Start (MST) Where? Mon 9/27 Tue 9/28 Wed 9/29 Thr 9/30 Fri 10/1 Sat 10/2 Sun 10/3
9:00 am   At Club            299 P&L    
10:05 am On BBO 299            
1:00 pm At Club 749          
1:00 pm At Club OPEN OPEN OPEN   OPEN *TEAM*

  *OPEN Pairs games at the club Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday this week are International Fund games.
  *Friday & Sunday games are Club Membership/Appreciation games with extra point awards, no extra charge.
  *Tuesday 749 & OPEN game may be combined, depending on table count.

Last updated : Sep 24, 2021 10:13 PDT
Spokane & Charity Online (BBO) Game Calendar
Start (PDT) CLUB Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:10 am Tucson Charity 1299
12:50 pm Tucson Charity  599  1299  749  1299  749
1:10 pm Tucson Charity 299

   To see result of past games for Tucson Charity or Spokane DBC games, visit their club website:

Last updated : Sep 9, 2021 11:11 PDT
Mon September 27, 2021
Zoom ID 833 1262 4235 Password 770586 9:15AM
Director: Bob Hertzog
Mon September 27, 2021
299er Game $5 BBO
NW Tucson Bridge Club 10:05AM
Director: Bonnie Hertzog
Mon September 27, 2021
OPEN Game $5 BBO
Spokane Duplicate Bridge Club 10:10AM
Director: Charlie Bennett
Mon September 27, 2021
599er Game $5 BBO
Tucson Charity Bridge Club 12:50PM
Director: Ruth Houkom
Mon September 27, 2021
OPEN International Fund Game $8 AT THE CLUB. EXTRA MPs!
NW Tucson Bridge Club 1:00PM
Director: Bob Murray
Tuesday 749er at the Club

Play in our Tuesday 749 Limit Game at 1:00 pm.  Come at 12:30 for a free mini-lesson by a "guest teacher".  Most games award extra points when available by ACBL.  Register HERE for the next game with a partner.  If you want help finding a partner for this or any game, click HERE.

299 Play & Learn - Fridays at the Club!

Friday mornings at 9:00, come join us for a 12-board play and learn game at the club.  There will be analysis and tips by Bob Hertzog after each board. The cost is $5.00, and we guarantee you a partner if you do not have one!  PLEASE REGISTER HERE, even if you do not have a partner. Questions?  Please email